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10/23/09 01:30 PM

Hi Dave, I wanted to let you know, I was talking to a game warden last week and he informed me that california will be dropping the DELTA ENHANCEMENT STAMP program next year due to legislation changes. ok it's not much money but is being dropped. Stamp covers areas from Shasta Dam, Oroville Dam, Folsom Dam and entire delta region. If you want to fish it you must have the stamp. GONE BABY GONE!!!!

10/21/09 06:34 AM

Dave....here is the photo now.

10/21/09 06:30 AM

Thanks for the welcome.....just back from a trip to the Madison in MT
Check the photo


10/13/09 04:12 PM

Thanks Dave O....

This looks to be a great way to keep up with the latest relative to fishing in CT...Now if only there was some ice.....M

09/24/09 02:31 PM

No prob I figured u didnt know I didnt want you to think I was complaining or anything just thought I would bring it to your attention.

Mike Tucker

09/23/09 11:24 PM

Hi Dave,
Thanks so much for your understanding.
We lost a great person who happened to love Fishing and being out on the water with his wife & friends.
I'm so glad we managed to get out 3 times for some fluke and all 3 adys were just beautiful, not a lot of fish but good frtiends & great weather made it grat times.
I will miss Steve a lot,
I want to ask his wife if she will sell me a fishing pole and a ice fishing tilt of Steve's so that when I'm out there a little bit of Steve will be along with me.
Thanks again for your understanding.
Fish Freaks (Ted Richard)

09/23/09 05:34 PM

Hi Dave,
One of my best friend passed away just weeks before his 55th birthday the other day.
He was steve1 at ctfishfinders and was in several groups Pike, fluke? His name was Stephen Running.
Please don't take dpwn his site yet, It really gives me a lot of pleasue to srr his photos and read his page.
Thank you,
Theodore Richard (Fish Freaks)

09/22/09 01:36 PM

Hey is anyone game for going out tomorrow during the day to hit some saltwater fishing or any type of fishing. I live in millis, ma just looking for someone to go with tomorrow til about 4ish Email me and let me know

09/21/09 07:59 PM

I put in my info for a great trip but was unable to figure out how too put in fish catch data???
Please help

09/17/09 11:24 AM

hi dave

09/15/09 10:21 PM

thanks dave. something i noticed: my overall score is insanely high and i just signed up today. it says i have -4 pictures too so that might have something to do with it.

09/15/09 01:43 PM

Thanks for the prompt response. I will double check what type of photo it is and mess around with it a little. I always use the same cell phone to take the pictures in a JPEG format and then I e-mail them to my personal e-mail. Next, I save to desktop and upload the same way I always have. But I will double check and let you know how it turns out. Thanks again!

09/14/09 01:21 PM

Hello Dave,
I am sorry to bother you but I am having a problem uploading some new pictures. I am uploading them the same way. Each time I attempt to upload a picture, I look for it and nothing is coming up. It says 79 pictures and will not allow anymore. Any help will greatly be appreciated. And by the way, those are some real nice pics...

09/13/09 10:25 PM

Hi dave, thank you so much for the warm welcome. I am new to ohio. I'm used to alaskan fishing. I have only lived here about 2 years now and have never gone bass or crappie fishing. I'm looking for a good place to go and done know the area. I live in delaware ohio. My father and I are planning to go fishing next sunday the 20th of Sept and I would love to take him somewhere that we can get some nice action. Do you have any recommendations? I'm in dyer need of help! Thanks, Aloha

09/03/09 10:49 AM

Has anyone ever used plywood inside the inflatable to get more stability?

09/02/09 02:39 AM


08/27/09 08:26 PM

thanks for the friend request!!!

08/21/09 06:18 PM

Hey Pitt,

I'm looking for a place to catch some brims and perch. I live downtown atl, so what's the nearest lake to make some major catches..



08/20/09 10:43 AM

I would like to invite you to join in the Canoe and kayak bass tournament big fish takes all. $20.00 per person. Rules are simple. You most paddle your boat, No live bait, You most have a digital camera with a view screen. I will supply an official ruler, you will lay fish on ruler take a picture and at weigh in I will compare pictures and prize will be awarded to the longest large or small mouth bass. This will eliminate having to have a live well. I can be contacted at dcoffin@rayginn.com or 860-818-3270 to get a spot. The field will be limited to 20 boats.

08/20/09 10:35 AM

4th annual MaFish Finder Tournament
September 20th Lake Boone,Hudson Ma
If you want in let me know!!!!
rules are posted on the message board under bass fishing 4th annual tournament.

08/16/09 04:03 PM



08/14/09 05:07 PM


08/14/09 11:05 AM

I just signed up today and saw this message. Who aare you?

08/14/09 12:50 AM

I just want to go fishing locally here around Worcester-know any good spots and where to get bait?

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