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08/13/14 12:08 PM

I was fishing last Saturday, and I caught a medium size largemouth bass. Warning (do not fish near the boating area, that side has a lot of flies and mosquitos!my cousin had mosquito bites all over himself) a good fishing spot would be near the swimming area (opposite side of the boating area.i believe it's called big sandy pond I THink I don't know lol.enjoy!!

07/16/14 04:13 PM

Hi Dave great web-site.I Have now found some tournmants I can do.I Love all the information available.It is helpful to know where to go in a new area.Dave

07/11/14 09:46 AM

Good morning .
My name is Chu, I am very interested in the website.
I grow Shiners in my back yard. they are very healthy and I hope it will be easier for people like to use shiner as the baits. Can you give me some idea that how can I let people they know about my small shiner farm.

07/07/14 02:10 PM

Hi Dave

I live on Lake Manchaug. the fishing has been really off this year, maybe to many tournaments. we are looking to venture out to other nearby lakes.

we use crank bait, live worms, fake worms.

Take care

06/27/14 09:51 PM

Anyone know of any good carp ponds between watertown and winsted.
Would like to turn the kids on to this fish.

06/23/14 09:52 AM

Hi ,

Thanks for the welcome. I have always liked fishing
recenty have gotten back into it.
I am trying to find directions to Lake assunpink.
I live in Sayreville NJ

ANy help

05/11/14 11:52 AM

hey dave need to find a place for trout near newport

04/16/14 10:53 AM

We supply wholesale fishingflies at diacount prices.view our site for more.

04/16/14 10:46 AM

We supply wholesale fishingflies at diacount prices.view our site for more.

03/31/14 08:03 PM

I am sorry I was hoping I could find a site that had fishermen that might be interested in buying a fishing cabin in Tahsis, BC, home of great fishing. I have one for sale for $14,000.
But I can see this is not the place for that.


03/24/14 12:30 PM

I have just discovered this site and i do believe it is AWSOME
I am looking forward to being an active member
the robot check is bugging me a bit

03/16/14 01:36 PM

hi dave o interesting site was just browseing the web looking for lakes with boat ramps in ma. when I found this site. so I signed up. just bought a basstracker175. first boat I've owned . this looks like a great site to talk with other fisherman.

03/12/14 08:00 PM

still not able to get on the "mobile" site

03/08/14 08:26 AM

Thank you

we are going to fish on Ashmere Lake today but lately have not had very good luck other that very small perch.


02/08/14 12:05 PM

My name is Jerry Morse .I've been freshwater kayak fly fishing for a couple of years and love it. I fish local ponds west of Boston since I live in Lincoln. I've been going alone but realize that for safety's sake,its not a good idea so I'm looking for some partners for safety as well as companionship. I'm retired so I have few demands on my time -other than fishing.
I'd be interested in meeting some other kayak fishermen. My phone number is 781 259 1105.

01/30/14 03:59 PM

That sucks, last night the association plans on using herbicide in one part of lake in April,under strong protest MOST were homeowners on the lake that just found out about two days ago in a letter. Well I hope our club does not put in 35k of trout in this year,screw them let the Alewives take over again .ill catch plenty of Bass regardless!! We will see what happens .

01/24/14 05:22 PM

WOW guys , just received a letter from my club Lake Quassapaug Sportsmanship Club about a new association that was newly formed about a year ago and we have two club members on the board who care for the this vibrant fishery . Well the notice said that the new Lake Quassapaug Associatoin plans on useing a herbicide in two coves to eradicate weeds this spring!! Our members on the board strongly opposed it but the ASS. still plans on going through with this, there is a meeting on Jan 29 and I hope all members show up to oppose ,not only the fact that our club is the only club that stocks the lake and maintain the fishery for years but has ANYBODY BUT A LAWYER HEARD THAT THIS WORKS?? It's a cheap way out!!!anybody out there here that this works? It doesn't!!im fired up there going to ruin what the club has work for years to maintain in this beautifull 300 acre lake,if they start this it won't stop it's cheap just to remove weeds in two coves with all those bait fish.feel free to email this association at www.lakequassapaugassociation.org thanks for your time guys and any suggestion for up coming meeting please feel free to let me know.

07/25/13 05:04 AM

Hi all. Haven't been on the site for a while due to some injuries I was unable to go fishing. I went for the first time 2 days ago and even though I didn't catch anything it felt great to feel my rod in my hands! I feel like a beginner again but it sure felt sweet baiting my hook and taking that first cast! Hope everyone is having a great summer with plenty of time to do what we love..FISH ON!

07/23/13 09:08 PM

Thank you Dave I think this site is GREAT! Good job and wonderful idea for all of us BubbaHeads!!

07/09/13 11:46 AM

Thanks, and glad to have information that may help my son and myself in finding a good fishing spot. Recently purchased a jon boat and 9.9 Johnson to investigate the fishing spots. So far, we have been to Arkabutla three times, Tunica cuttoff once and Sardis once. The water being up has effected our fishing but did catch 8 catfish at Sardis. I am interested in finding out from other fisherman where they are catching the fish and this may help. Also just purchased a Hummingbird 170 fish finder and trying to figure out how it helps and hooking it up. Anyone out there that has info, let me know.
Joey Haynes
Horn Lake, MS

06/17/13 09:02 AM

I am an absolute beginner. Been fishing a couple of times now, and I'm hooked, though not many fish were... We have a small 16' boat, and have been to Webster Lake and Cochituate. Have only used spinners. Any suggestions for bait/lures and locations for a beginner?

06/12/13 05:20 PM

Dave, Maybe you can help me. I am doing some research for a book on Elmer Crowell. He mentions running a shooting stand , the "Three Bear Camp"on Pico Point for Charles Hardy. Saying it was a half mile from his camp on south shore of Pleasant Lake. I'm trying to get my 'bearings' and locate these hunting spots. All this took place during the 1880's.... Any ideas?

06/07/13 12:35 PM

Looking for some new info please. Can anyone tell me some good places on Lake Champlain to fish for Largemouth/Smallmouth bass? Going up for a week starting next Friday morning for the LCI and then vaca. I will be staying on Isle La Motte for the week.


06/02/13 12:24 PM

Hi Dave, just wanted to thank you for making such a great site. im trying to get a few more friends to start using the site. I think its a great idea, and again thank you.

Steve Fennessy

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