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06/01/10 02:27 PM

Anyone out there from western Ma?

05/21/10 01:59 PM

any tips on catching a pike in the summer time

05/19/10 03:02 PM

Hey Dave,
When I was 12yrs old I went fishing in New Mexico.
We drove from Colorado (pueblo) I believe , and went to a place called 7 lakes in spanish or indian, I dont know. We could drive on a very rough road to the first 4 lakes but the last 3 lakes we had to hike to. The top lake was pretty high up there and look like a glacier melted right into the lake. I had the best day of my young life fly fishing on these three lakes. But for years I have been searching to find this place, but no luck. I opened a small business in Albuquerque and my guy there said the fishing around there has been great, so I was hoping you could help me out to find this place I have been searching for for so long.

05/17/10 09:00 PM

Hey Dave another great day on the water for us, make sure you check out the pics i posted from our last tourney.

05/13/10 01:44 PM

where are some good catfishing spots around booneville arkansas

05/12/10 07:39 PM

Hi Dave!My laptop broke last year and i had the site on my favs.When i bought a new one i had a hard time finding the site again.So glad i did i was distraught!Very glad to be back!!!I've got some friends i'm going to turn on to the site!Catch you later as i plan on being on site quite alot now that i'm back!I was very surprised to see that i've had 2600 views to my page!Thats more than my myspace page!
Happy fishing my friend,
Denny Crook

05/10/10 07:54 AM

Lurking for now, so not accepting friends at the moment. Maybe later....ttfn

04/30/10 01:22 PM

Thanks for the site Dave. Look forward to showing off my grandsons first catch.

04/22/10 09:41 AM

Hello matey, been fishing latey??? wanting to go today...........

04/21/10 10:03 AM

Hello! I'm new at this. Just "learning the ropes."
I live in Baltimore. I had planned to drive down to Cambridge, MD today, to fish off the state pier over the Choptank River. But the weather turned out damp and chilly, so the old bones are best kept indoors. We are buying a second home on Lake Norman in North Carolina, where I hope to try for one of those 50 pound catfish!
Bob Whitman

04/20/10 12:17 PM

thanks for the welcome. I hope to meet and make new friends. I am hoping this is one way to start

04/17/10 09:00 AM

Hey Dave,

Ok. I typically use Firefox. I edited 3 times with same results. Viewed it in explorer as a large block. When I edited in Explorer it took the paragraphs. So it looks like it doesn't want to with Firefox. Once I edited in Explorer it looks fine across the board..It just seems to mush it all together when written using Firefox. Hope that helps Smile

Thanks again for your time,

04/16/10 09:09 PM

Hey Dave,

Got a question I'm hoping you can help me with. I just posted my first trip in a bit and I noticed the trip wizard has changed which is a good thing. It was a heck of a trip as well, though I digress Smile

Anyway I tend to write a lot in the description area and I noticed this time it put all text as a solid block. I used enter, spaced it out and such in the text area but once i hit view finished trip it got rid of the spaces and put it all together.

is this the norm now, as it can be murder on the eyes for long write ups, or did I blindly miss something?

Thanks in advance and tight lines!

03/31/10 09:43 AM

we just moved here and dont know much about it.. just looking for a little help about havnt had much luck

03/30/10 06:42 PM

Hi ,dave,thanks for taking to me. I am kinda new to computers so be patient. I heard about you from simonTHe carp master I think you call him up in haverhill>I just poke around a little and see whats on your site.home water wachusette,for awhile saco river-bay, I am now back in worcester.ttylBruce.Ifyou see the carp master tell him the guy on the bike says HI!

03/20/10 07:28 PM

Great site, I enjoy blogging.... Check out my adventure today, crazy stuff

03/17/10 07:46 PM

Hi Dave as I stated in my profile I am a avid catch and release Carp angler Euro stlye. I was looking for info on Hussian lake in Orange cty NY

03/04/10 12:49 PM

Anyone from Roxborough or manayunk area?

02/19/10 10:21 AM

Thanks, getting cabin fever but don't know whats running this time of year. No boat so fishing from shore or off rocks & docks. Whats with the robot paranoia?

02/16/10 06:43 PM

I bought a Shamino Curado 200E7 reel today, looking for a good spinner bat, or crankbait Rod to go with it. What do you think about the kistler micro magnesium 7' rod.

02/10/10 12:06 PM

thank you i love this website it is my favorite

01/19/10 07:56 AM

Hey Dave I am really from california I am staying with my daughter's house for awail in greenwood in. hopefully until mar or april I am looking for help like where to fish and can I fish now or is it to cold as you can tell I like topwater and little of others but for now strip bass or wipers and so on and where the good tackle shops around

01/01/10 07:43 AM

Happy New Years all. My new years resolution is to catch a 5 lb smallie this year.

I am opening Progressive Defense Systems this coming week and still offering free classes on Saturdays in Dorchester. Our class is getting pretty big and we are traveling and teaching Internationally in March. Anyone interested in seeing the videos or joining our class for free, contact me. Free to all MA Fish Finders! Check out the vids...

Be safe!


12/09/09 09:02 PM

Hi Dave,
I'm a new comer to this web sight and trying to find other fishermen my age,68 to hang with or just talk to about fishing in East Hartford about I live alone and am handicaped to a point just can't find any one around here to go fishing with.

I like fishing the river and lakes in this area shure would like to here from any body about fishing.

Thanks Ed Roberts.

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