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Username: smokecity
First Name: Justin
Last Name: Beale
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State: Massachusetts
Zip: 02703
Country: USA
Interests: fishing /sports
About Me: love to find new fishing spots
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largemouth,smallmouth,you name it
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spin rod
Water Type: Freshwater
Favorite Lures: plastic worms/ rapala/jigs
Fishing Rods: 6'6" Ugly Stick Heavy
6' 6"Ugly Stick lite pro
7'2 Carbon Lite Medium
Fishing Reels: Shimano 2500FD
Okuma Epixor 40A
Okuma Epixor 25A
Fishing Techniques: Weightless Worms
Favorite Fishing Spot: CAPE LAKES
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1st annual Ma Fish Finder Tournament

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Morefish lands a 5.90 Dec 13th

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 4
Views: 1146

Me and Matty, Jimmy and Davey Hit a lil cartopper spot in hopes of some basin(Lunker take all).Tough bite allday I got a 1lber to start Matty was getting a bunch of pickerel with one arouns 3 3/4lbs. Davey pulled in a 2lber which was looking like big fish of the day until Matty hooked into a nice 6lber great fish for this time. Slow bite but nice day for late in the year.Still biting!!!!!!! Might head back out this sunday hope is alive haha Threw in a couple more pics from late in the season enjoy

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Smokecity Lunker Tours 6lb 14oz Monster

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 11
Views: 1459
mixed ponds
Whats up boys its been a long winter and im sure everyone is enjoying their time on the water.The last 2 weeks water temps have changed by 20 degrees and finally for us the big bite has been on. The last few trips of fishing have been good unfortunately i lost a 5+large and about a 4lb smallie today which is a s***ty but i did managea 5lb 2oz larry so not so bad.Matty morefish got a 5lb 8oz and a 4lb 1oz largemouth also the same day .It was his first fish of the day lol i cant say nothing last year i got my PB 6lb 5oz my first fish of the day good start!!!.Which leads me to what happened today.We bring Eddie V. with us today and last time he was out with us i got a 6-4 and a 5 even.This time Bobby pulls a 6lb 14oz slob I took a few pics of this fish and will throw in a few of the others from the trips with Kev and Jimmy hope you guys enjoy.To see what lurks in those waters keeps me fishing everyday!! See ya on the water

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The Carbonaro Effect

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 16
Views: 1648
Magic Mountain Pond

We started the morning in the dark i tried topwater and nothing so went to old faithful and pulled a nice 3.1lber.Shortly after thats when magic happened. I don't know if anyone had this happen before but geeez what a surprise!!!. I get another decent fish on and call for the net Bob gets ready i get the fish next to the boat its a nice 3lber again he scoops it with the net and another fish goes in with the 3lber a 4lb 14oz hog was trailing and got scooped with the net what a magic trip almost couldnt believe it.To see him pull up the net with 2 fish weighing 8lbs total wtf!!!!!Is that some lucky s*** or what!!!!I have seen big fish trailing hooked fish many times but never have i seen one get scooped up like that it was awesome and nice fish to boot !!!Actually biggest of the day haha i did add a 4lb 3oz .Finished day with about 20 bass and 2 nice pickerel one was 3lb 12oz and 3lb 7oz. Top 5 bass were 4/14--4/3--3/1--3/1 and a 2/12 about 18lbs with many 2lbers also good day with wind picking up but one i will never forget Carbonaro effect 2 for one magic lol

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Two High 4's 4lb 10oz & 4lb14oz and 25 to 30

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 7
Views: 1354
honey hole

Good day got out at 1pm fished till 7.Matty started the day with 4lb 10oz slob setting the bar high. An Hour later I picked up a 4lb 14oz Lil blood but she was fine. I had 4 pickerel around 3lbs and had one snap me off the was huge 4+. Matty had another 4+ bass to the boat and final run broke him off.all in all good day many fish with a few good ones.

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Personal best and 3rd 6lber of the year!!!

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 14
Views: 1852
The Goldmine
Matty Morefish asked if I wanted to fish this weekend and only day I could was Sunday so I told him meet me at 5. My alarm didn't go off and heard my text from him at 540 oh s*** .I jumped out bed and right in the car met up with him in record time haha.we get on the water and have wind in our faces so instead of battling it right away went straight to the source and figured we would fish the break and boy was it a good choice my 2nd cast I reel up slack slow and feel a light tug so I set the hook.I'm in a bunch of weeds so I keep pressure but can't get the fish to come up .It heads towards the boat but still can't tell what it is.The fish goes under the boat and hits the bottom and I feel the thump I pull it out from under and the fish surfaces its a hog!jumps out a the net on first attempt then secured on 2nd try wow what a beauty I weigh it and its a personal best by 1oz 6lb 5oz and my third 6lber of the season.On top of it all its the first fish of the day awesome. To make a long story short finished the day with about 35 bass all about 2lbs except 2 with a 3lb 13oz and a 3 1/2 lb pickerel to boot. What a day thank god I needed this one after a few really bad weeks of hell. Thanks to Matty for asking me to go out also

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6lber and a 5lb 4oz along with a few decent fish!!!

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 14
Views: 1583
Hog heaven

Me and bob hit up Hog heaven at 5am till 10am windy as hell battery was dead in 5 hours or we woulda stayed.Bob set the bar high early with a 3lb 11oz and then a 5lb 4oz slob and said that one will be hard to beat. I told him don't say that and a couple hours later i get that 6lb even. Both great fights and jumps .This is why i fish for these fish

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3 Amigos w/Roger(Team Northshore)

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 10
Views: 1411
Cartop Nation

We went to do a lil cartopping today Roger met up with me bout 5:30 we fished till about one.Action was kinda slow with bright blue skies but still managed the 3 amigos (2) 2lb 12ozs,2lb 11oz a 2lb 5oz and a 2lb+ bag filler not so bad with a bunch of pickerel in there!!!

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Decent end to a Bad start!!

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 8
Views: 1337
camp smoke

left at 5 am to head to wequaquet get there and see about 15 boats loading up tourney going on.UUhhhgggg guess i shoulda got up at 2 haha .Head to peters since its not to far we get a few but nothing great biggest maybe 2lb smallie.So we decide to to go somewhere else i call uncle kenny for directions to ramp and after a bunch of wrong turns arrive.Me and bob launch the boat and first spot i go and fish on!!!! Then on and on and on haha prob 30 fish in 4 hours with a 4lb 10oz chubba not too bad!!!!!

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Smokecity Lunker Tours---Hawg Edition

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 10
Views: 1430

Went out today for a lil fun with Zach from the Hawg Hunters!!!!It was windy and lil spotty showers but did well.Over 50 fish top 5 were 5lb 9oz,4lb 6oz,4lb 3oz,3lb 3oz, and a 2lb 14oz great day!!!!!!

you tube video


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Tale of 2 Hogs 6.4 and 5lber

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 12
Views: 1520
local spot

Decided to head out for a few hours from 9:30 to 1:30.Boy did it pay off with a 5lber and later in the day i pull a 6lb 4oz slob both awesome fights jumps runs under the boat and all and both landed great day lets keep it going whoooooo!!!we got about 15 fish total mostly keepers eddie v got a nice 3lb 6oz larry also what a day for a half day at that haha

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05/01/17 09:43 PM
6lb 10oz
6lb 10oz
This is where we been
05/01/17 09:43 PM
5.90 larry
5.90 larry
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12/17/15 08:52 PM

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12/17/15 08:52 PM
5 1/2
5 1/2
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12/17/15 08:52 PM
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12/17/15 08:52 PM
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06/05/12 08:35 PM

Hi Justin I'm new to site but I fished Lake Attitash with Mike on team Morefish, I'm not sure if you captured our lunker weight. It was a bit crazy at the weighin. Our lunker was 3.41 lbs. I saw the other top ten listed and was not sure if you had the weight.

Thank you and everyone for your time to keep everyone posted. Hope to make another tourny soon.

John N.

06/03/12 04:36 PM

Looking for some good smallmouth bass waters in Mass.

01/13/12 04:36 PM

p.s. in april we can use the other parking lot too.

01/13/12 04:34 PM

reguarding billington sea.we had 20 boats in the cran bog hawg tourney.if you post that many we may want to draw numbers for take off.

10/12/11 10:26 AM
Quote: "how is peters pond that is in sandwich right?was thinking about going there this weekend can i bring my big boat or just small?
Thanks mark hope all is well"

Most definite bring your BIG guns!! located in sandwich.don't pass up boat ramp area, hump stright across in cove off shore. hit all docks from all sides any and all bouys. tend to hold to weights on bottom! low vis line very clear water! early and later eving best lots of boat trafic!but ban be caught.
Good luck!

05/26/11 07:26 PM

If you want I can put you right on top of those Pike. I have a spot where I can pull 'em out every 5 or 6 casts.

05/24/11 08:33 AM

Hello Justin,
My name is Paul.BassStinger.Was wondering how i can check for open bass tournaments here.

03/03/11 12:58 PM

Hey Justin - that spot behind the Old Irish Alehouse - how has that been for you? I drive past there every morning and always wondered. In summer always see a guy with his car parked and a couple of rods in the water beside Mosleys. Tried it once right there but got skunked. Even got on to the boat dock further up river, and still nada. Is there Bass in there? In general I hate the Charles.

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