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04/24/09 04:02 PM

You seem very knowledgable on message board please check my last post to general questions and see if you might be able to help. Thanks.

04/22/09 08:22 PM

If I wanted to change my user name is that possible? If so can you send directions?

04/22/09 01:24 PM

thanks dave,looks like a great site,pretty sure im gonna like it here. got a lot of questions and hopefully some input . hello to everyone else on the site and thanks

04/20/09 04:55 PM

I am looking for a good place to go fishing around Morgantown,Wv. do yu know of any

04/19/09 02:36 PM

Christina here.....nice to meet you.....

04/13/09 08:57 PM

Thanks Dave, I hope to be using this site often.
I do have one question. Is there a website that would allow me to down load PDF files of Topo maps of Lakes and Ponds in CT. ? If so please send me the website info.



04/11/09 10:02 AM

I have a high res printer. The icon pictures come out grainy but the uploaded pictures come out great. The actual picture is even better than what you see on the website. The colors on your trout are beautiful.
Take Care,

04/10/09 09:02 PM

Hi Guys - I matted this picture for Dave O. It's a service I'd like to give all MA Fish Finder members. I'm disabled and am always looking for something to do. If you want a picture done, it's free, just send your name and address to retired1950@usa.com or you can send it as a private message. If you like the idea pass the word around. Post your picture on your profile page and call it "For Don"
Take Care,
Don Bolduc

04/10/09 06:50 PM


04/10/09 05:27 PM

Hi Dave - I matted your picture for you. It's a service I'd like to give all MA Fish Finder members. I'm disabled and am always looking for something to do. If you want the picture, it's free, just send your name and address to retired1950@usa.com or you can send it as a private message. Pass the word around if you like the idea.
Take Care,
Don Bolduc

04/09/09 03:28 PM


Pleasure to meet you. Im actually from Denver Colorado, but rather be fishing in Kansas. I hope this site grows with many more menbers and info. I ususally fish Cedar Bluffs and go for whites, wipers, crappie and walleye. This site should help me out as I hate driving 5 hours just to get skunked...the wind can be miserable there at times. However Kansas waters are the best for the fish I target. Not to mention the fish in Kansas taste better than the ones here. well see you on the forum and maybe one day on the water!

Long Lo

04/09/09 01:58 AM

Hi Dave, Long time. I really like the way the site is developing. I have brought a few friends here and They are suprised not to have found you yet. Great job Dave!!

04/08/09 11:52 PM

Hello Dave,

I'm a newvee to this web sight. It's great by the way. I was layed off after over 20 yrs in bank operations. Now I have time, my youngest & I would go fresh. We only freshed a few times in Jersey and once in Vigina. Prior we were salt only.
So, If you don't mind,I need to pick your brain.
Thanks for your e:mail


04/08/09 01:33 PM

Hay thanks there guy good to be here enjoying this site. looking forward to making new friends and sharing my knowledge with others. Thanks again for the great welcome, Excellent fishin

04/08/09 09:42 AM

Hi Dave - I'd be happy to work on any projects you have for the MA Fish Finders. I'm on disability and am always looking for something to do. Your sites are GREAT !!!
Take Care,

04/07/09 12:30 AM

Hi Dave,

Thank you for being there for people that are new to the site. I have a question -- My Father died in 2004. I have a lot of tackle and fishing poles. Can I try to sell the items on the site? Also are there fisherman on the site that could help me fiquare out the prices I should charge for the items?

Nancy U

04/06/09 12:42 AM

hi Dave id like to bring up the detail to your Minnesota map. Theres not enough detail, to access points and roads. id love to give some of my hot spots to this site and tips but the map is very plain. if u could contact me on this i would be very greatful.
thanks Adam

04/04/09 01:21 PM

Hi Dave,

Glad to meet you, I'm new here in ga and looking for a good place to fish in the lawrenceville area or not to far from here. Fishing for bluegills and crappies. Can you give me some places to go?

04/02/09 10:39 PM

The porgys are in New Jersey and heading this way........................... salt water striper fishing I cant wait

04/02/09 02:05 AM

Hi Dave happy to be here , i am trying to get reedy for my spring break which is next week and right now i just wont to go fishing but i have no ideal were to start i have not been fishing for a vary long time like when i was 10 or 13 or some thing with my godfather now that i am grown i would like to get back to it so can you help

03/21/09 11:43 AM

Great site, great work here, Glad to find it, thanks.

tight lines, Nat

03/16/09 11:02 AM

Hey Dave,
wolems wondering, I am having problems uploading photos it goes through the process, but never apears on my profile. Any help?

03/11/09 08:56 PM

Way to set up and run a great site! Thanks!

03/09/09 01:39 PM

thanks dave i look forward to doing alot of fishing this year. we just perchased a pontoon boat and plan on really going nuts this year. we plan on going to big bear, eagle valley, lake mead, cottonwood cove, marrysvale and pangutch. its going to be a good year.

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