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07/02/09 04:17 PM

Have a great holiday weekend!!! Be safe on or near the water, wear a PFD and keep the booze at home!!

07/01/09 11:37 AM

Hi Dave,
Where are you from?


06/26/09 01:48 PM

Sorry about this but I was adding a new recipe for trout and it somehow saved it 3 different times. So now it shows 3 of the same recipes for 15 min roasted trout! I tried but can't delete the other 2. Sorry about the foul-up. I think it happened when I tried to backspace to the tab and it said it had to resend the info to get there. I said ok and then there were 2! Won't try it that way again! LOLS

06/25/09 07:29 PM

Hi Dave,

Nice to meet you...

Looking for the lakes to fish? I have own boat,

Spending mid July on lake Carmi... Any suggestions?

Bill West

06/24/09 04:44 PM

Hey guys just added some pics...come check them out

06/21/09 10:51 PM

Hey Dave
I am excited to be part of this site. I made a mistake - how do I change my user name.


06/21/09 01:22 PM

Happy Fathers Day to all who are lucky enough to have beautiful children!!!!

06/20/09 12:19 PM

this is one of the better ideas i've seen come to light . thanks for making it happen . jay

06/19/09 01:34 PM

Fishing at the end of my street I caught 5 stripers all schoolies with one being 20 inches, using a top water plug.

06/19/09 01:30 PM

recently fished Monponsett Pond in Halifax and caught six large mouths in less than a half hour. right now I am under the weather, but when I feel better I am going back

06/19/09 08:07 AM

Hi Dave..Just wanted to say thank you for the main page post of our first ma.fishfinder tournament...The pic's and video was great...Oh and this site rules..........Hope to see you at the next one.

06/19/09 08:02 AM

hey how are you doing

06/18/09 07:53 PM

well now that we all can show off the fish we cach to each other hope to see some damn fish guys..lol talk to you guys later

06/14/09 12:30 PM


06/13/09 08:41 AM

Hey Dave how are you doing this morning? Great I hope, well you see Dave i'm taking my eight year old son Jayden on his first fishing trip and it's been so long since I myself have been fishing I was wondering where I should start at. So if you could inform me of some great fishing spots where we can catch strippers or tatoug "dont know if I spelled it right" in providence that would be great. My dad suggest I go to BeaverTail.

06/11/09 01:41 PM

Hi Dave, Got a ? Is there a way to change my username? Thanks Ed

06/10/09 07:23 PM

Thanks Dave, I like the looks of the site, I got the info from backpage.com Thanks

I hope I have some great trips catching fish the rest of the Summer

06/10/09 09:00 AM

FYI....as of june 15th connecticut salt water fishing license required $10 .....Good for ct ,mass, and ri, but not n.y. not required for party boats

06/09/09 11:47 AM

Dave, My daughter made the front page of The Fishsniffer, it is s statewide fishing magazine in california. I wrote the article and she was awesome!! I am so proud of her. check it out!
http://www.fishsniffer.com/bassbeat/ 6-8-09

06/08/09 10:52 PM


Ran across your site while surfing the net, only took a few minutes for me to decide to become a member. I will be sharing your site with the other members of my club ( Happy Hookers Bass Club) out of Milford at our June meeting.

Great site !


06/06/09 10:23 PM

try the farmington river in Windsor, CT. I've caught A LOT in that river. I would recommend using a small roostertail or spinner

06/04/09 09:00 PM

Thanks again and really looking forward to contributing to this. Enjoying the site very much.
Chuck B

06/03/09 01:44 PM

thanks for the invite i love fishing and work as a chef by trade any recipes needed ilook forward to fishing this year last year was not good.

06/03/09 12:43 PM

Thanks, great site.

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