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06/03/09 10:47 AM

Hey Dave,
Though I grew up fishing every day there is still so much more to know. Like fishing spots and lures things like that. Can you help?

06/01/09 10:05 PM

6/1 front pic is of little sandy 20-30in my shiners face. 20 ' out raveged

05/31/09 01:00 PM

Dave, Izzy out here in Groton, looking for a good catfish spot. Just started the season this weekend first time out here in CT. Any suggestions?

05/30/09 09:37 PM

Thanks for the welcome,I'm looking for fishing charts of Dauphin Island can they be found here

05/28/09 12:55 PM


05/27/09 09:20 PM

Hi Dave,

I Accidently came across your website and Wow! This is what I've been looking for to find new places to do some Trout fishing in the Southern part of NH. I've done a lot of Trout fishing up in the Littleton area but haven't found many places down here in the southern part. I'm sure this website will help me find some good fishing spots now.


05/27/09 09:48 AM

Good morning, hope all is well with you all, and the fish are biting. I have done some spring fishing for trout and one adventure to lake eaton (unsuccesful) but is was fun anyway. I do enjoy camping in the Adirondacks and fish lakes and streams. Well enjoy the summer and purhaps we can get together and do some fishing.

05/25/09 01:11 AM

Hey Dave, Do you know a good pier in Gloucester to fish from? Going flounder fishing soon.

05/20/09 09:45 AM

Hey Dave how is everything ?? I was wondering if it was possible to upload videos on the sit i was unable to locate any info on how to do so if it is possible.. if you can tell me how it would be greatly appreciated.. I have some great videos to share with others who love the outdoors !!!!!

05/19/09 09:06 AM

Hey everyone its fishing season again!!!! I just need to ask who here if any besides me catch and release the larger fish we catch??? I believe they have earned the right to grow larger lol!!!!

05/18/09 11:09 PM

Well fella's , I've got the next 2 and a half months off form work. My place of business is undegoing renovations, so......... anybody wanna go fishing?

05/18/09 08:52 AM

Dear Dave:

I love the site. I wish there was more interest in fly fishing in the Northeast. Keep up the good work.

05/17/09 05:09 PM

Living back in Hvarehill and ready to catch some bass. Laughing

05/15/09 09:17 PM

Hey Dave that is awesome about the prizes you are giving toward the tourney That bagabass is organizing thanks

05/13/09 07:34 PM

alot of small stripers with a few keepers and some blues are running at the west end of the canal,all and all alot of action and alot of fun,even the schoolies give a hellava fight!

05/13/09 02:55 PM

Hey Dave, noticed while I was looking at some Locations that most of the "Long Pond" s for MA have a wiki excerpt that describes Lond Pond Plymouth. Not sure if that something you can edit only. Let me know if I can help.


05/12/09 11:28 AM

Thank you and awesome site, very useful and can meet some good people here. You have done a great job. Dale

05/04/09 10:02 AM

Thanks Dave,

I'll also try to get some photos taken and posted in the near future.

Don & Wanda

05/03/09 03:12 PM

This site is awsome Dave ...can't wait to hear from my freinds..


05/02/09 01:54 AM

Hi Dave, Well Trout season opened up out here in Ca and you should see what my daughter brought in. Her 1st smallie! I'm so proud! here's the pics. How Ironic, trout season and she ends up with a Bass. Tight lines all.

05/01/09 02:08 PM

cool thanks for having me

04/28/09 09:37 PM

thanks for having me.

04/27/09 09:48 PM

thanks dave.

04/27/09 03:27 PM

thank you so much,this site is so awesome!!

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