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05/10/11 08:31 AM

Just wanted to say good luck to all on the fishing this year. Hope the big one is in your boats for 2011. Later


05/05/11 04:11 PM

The NJ Department of Environmental Protection today launched the state's free web-based saltwater fishing registry.

This registry allows New Jersey to comply with a federal mandate to have a system in place to collect better data from recreational anglers and better manage fishery resources, at the same time exempting anglers from fees and keeping saltwater fishing in New Jersey free.

To view a DEP news release about the New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program visit http://www.state.nj.us/dep/newsrel/2011/11_0062.htm on the DEP website; to register with the program visit http://www.saltwaterregistry.nj.gov , also on the DEP site.

04/22/11 05:53 PM

Hi Everyone. It's the season again for catching the largemouths or whatever you prefer, hope everyone has good luck and a great year. Been out a couple times to 800 Broadway in Haverhill, a small pond and caught a few but nothing big. Seem to be biting slow but I prefer to fish that way, so all is good,lol. updates and pics coming soon. Again, wishing everyone a successful year and great bassin.

04/13/11 09:33 AM

Hi Dave, hope all is well. I got some good Bass already this year! One question, I know an update was done to the site. I posted a trip, and when I finalize it, about half my write up dissappears every time, even after editing an re-writing the missing part. Let me know.

04/12/11 06:41 PM

how do I sign up for this years tournaments ??

04/06/11 03:26 PM

thanks Dave now can leave that other group i don't want. Smile

03/20/11 12:04 PM

hi i'm asking early to find out where the catfish have moved to since the lake came up, i caught a lot of nice cats in parshall bay, also below the newtown bridge in the river well both places have collapsed like no cats are biting have they moved & where did they move to has anyone got an idea i would like to know WHERE ARE THEY thanks garry

03/20/11 08:05 AM

Thank's;think i'll enjoy this site

02/25/11 06:05 PM

Dave the SC Anglers guide needs to be updated to "http://www.dnr.sc.gov/fishing.html"; They don't appear to have a over all fishing guide like CT does although they do have a trout guide.

02/22/11 09:09 AM

thanks Im gettin ready to fish the Hockanum River for fat browns on black and silver rooster tails

02/20/11 09:56 AM

Hi Dave,
I pick up the info obout your site at the Fishing show in Hartford this weekend..
I hope to use your site as a helpful tool this year.

02/18/11 06:11 PM

Dave, You doing some testing? Seams to be ALOT of new members with cryptic user names from Alabama and "Other" today! Can't be all from my little add on facebook!!!

02/16/11 07:52 PM

looking for someone to repair a Mitchell 302 reel. I need a new rotating housing

02/12/11 01:58 PM

There may be a glitch in the Bass Pro Shop "Tackle Box" feature. I have been trying to add Pro-Tech jig paint to my tackle box. Although, when I click on the add to my .... I get "Item already added to your Tackle Box." when I go look at "My Tackle Box" it doesn't show up.

12/31/10 11:41 PM

Thanks Dave.
Im getting back to fishing after a long absence from the pastime.
Im really curious about an odd thing: carp.
Do you know where they can be found in the region from Cola to Aiken?
Ive heard Gills Creek, although I dont know just where that would be.
Got any thoughts?

12/31/10 01:57 PM

A safe and Happy New Year to you all.
Spring is right around the corner.

12/28/10 01:19 PM

Hi! This 6' rod with the mid/light reel is a brand new setup for me. I want to get a feel for the action so I'm interested in places around eastern/northeastern mass that have a lot of hits. I'm not looking for the big one, just some small bass and panfish to get a feel for the gear. Suggestions?

11/18/10 08:14 PM

Thank you!

Much appreciated, Dave.

Happy Fishing in 2011!

09/19/10 07:06 PM

went fishing in N.H. on the Pemigwasset River(pardon the spelling) and caught my first smallmouth bass. It was over 4 lbs. Pictures to follow at a later date. This was on Labor Day Weekend.

08/24/10 08:02 PM

Go Fish my 2 big ones had a ball bring them in!!!!!!!!!!

08/04/10 11:34 AM


This website really Rocks!

Do you think you would be able to add some kind of link or method to tag friends and groups by location?
I do a lot of traveling and I think it would be great to quickly glance at the list and determine who I know in the area so that I could meet up with to go on a fishing trip.

Thank you

07/23/10 07:32 PM

Hi Dave,
seams so hard to find other guys to talk to on line about fishing.


07/23/10 08:23 AM

Hello Dave,

My uncle always told me to keep a log book everytime i go fishing so that on days i was having trouble i could just match the conditons to my log and have the answers there. Here is my problem.I always have a pen and a small note book with me. but writing down the info the same way everytime isnt happining do you know where i could find a formated note book for fishing? like one where i just had to fill in the blanks? if not do you know any one with the time and will to make it happen?

Thanks I could really use an orginized book.

06/09/10 02:33 PM

this site is good i am liking it allready.let me know if you hear of any carp tournaments coming up.

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