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10/09/17 03:21 PM

Caught lots of Schoolie Stripers a few weeks back off Reefs near Ram island and Bluff point, No keepers though, and one nice 17" bass at Billings Lake in mid-August. Just bought a 14' boat and trailer so, more fishin on the way soon i hope, Stan in Groton Go Fish

08/23/17 04:01 AM

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06/28/17 08:25 PM

Hey so I went on this sight cause I live on the east branch of the ware river in Rutland and I wanted to know about a species I've been catching but can't identify, but on your list I think the info is slightly off. First thing there is no mention of the bullhead catfish that lives here or the bottom feeder I haven't been able to identify. Also on the list I saw large mouth bass but I've never seen any here. It could always just be on the other end but I found it odd. Would like to see those changes

04/22/17 07:18 PM

I'm looking for a small pond where I can catch some carp
I live in Warwick Rhode Island
I'm new to here and from the uk

04/07/17 01:53 PM

Dave, I like this website. How do I join or start a group of fishermen to go out fishing that would be in my area?


04/07/17 01:35 PM

Thanks Dave, Just getting to this now that good fishing weather is here. New to fishing kind of, was avid fisherman from age 12-24 then life got in the way and now I am retired and taking it up once again.


03/22/17 10:52 AM

Thanks Dave for the warm greeting.what I'm really interested is doing some tournaments with my son . Do you guys run them ? If so how do I sign up and get involved ? Thanks again Rob Bova

03/02/17 02:24 PM

Hi Gentlemen

I'm originally from South FL, moved to MArlborough, 5 years ago..Now, living on Cranberry E.Wareham, past 2 mo's .
My back yard is UNION POND.
No activity as yet, water temp,low 40's.
I'm ready to see something with scales in Union Pond
Neighbors tell me.. too many of the locals are meat fisherman,they fish everyday.. release nothing.
Won't mention a name ..you know who you are.. last summer too you k 11 fish all in the 8-10#. range, totally unnecessary.
Give the Bass a chance to reproduce..as fish this produce 100's of thousands of young annually.
I for 1 would like to see UNION POND become CATCH/RELEASE,only !

01/05/17 09:23 AM

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Member - Jonny Mikk

12/25/16 05:13 PM

I am new to ct., I am from Mich originaly, and am looking forward to some good crappie, perch, and even walleye if I can locate a lake close enough to where I live now. I am in Groton with my wife.Do you have any good advice as where to go fishing at. Thanks Stan in Groton

08/29/16 07:00 PM

Thanks Dave!!

07/06/16 05:30 AM

Hi I'm new to ct I was born here but came up to spend the summer I was hoping you would share what kind of bait to use around Norwalk if I'm fishing from a dock

05/24/16 09:45 PM

check out all my pics

05/16/16 02:35 PM

Hello Dave,
Thank you for the greetings and friend request. I do not fish but am interested in stock a small pond with fish to both clean and add to the esthetics of the area. Could you point me in the direction in which I might get info on what species would best suit my needs? Thank you once again for your warm welcome.

Take care,

Kwan Haeng

04/08/16 04:38 PM

I have heard good things about your site I have looked it over I see Peco lives near me and fishes kayak might contact him thank you again can't wait for warmer weather

01/29/16 12:13 PM

hi dave, just getting back to fishing after long time, have fished all my life, looking for some spots close to home {Braintree} just bought a fishing kayak any suggestions would help thanks terry

12/04/15 11:42 AM

Hi Dave,

I Live in orange county and don't know how to find all the locally stocking dates for trout at any of the local lakes. Can you guide me to a site that will inform me of the lakes and dates?


10/18/15 07:01 AM

Hi Dave,

Yesterday I hooked something huge on Chickamauga lake that eventually broke the line. All I got a good look at was the tail. Can you give me any tips on how to identify the fish?


07/21/15 11:49 AM

Dave, what are you doing to "advertise" your site? I see there are not that many people here and I think this site would turn out to be a wonderful place for anglers of all sorts to "get together" and trade "stories" and fishing information.... Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you accomplish this goal....

06/29/15 10:49 AM


thought this was funny and interesting

05/26/15 03:50 PM

Thanks Dave, just moved here from Texas and I am going to try and find THE good places to fish.

11/19/14 09:56 AM


10/01/14 07:03 PM

Love the site! Thank you! GREAT Job!
we need to spread the word more in RI!

08/26/14 09:58 AM

Thanks Dave
this is a first rate site and I can't beleive I haven't found it years ago

I found it accidentally because I am fishing Chaumont Bay for the first time in mid-September and was looking for info.Couldn't find info but found a first rate map,for which I thank you

K belong to several fishing and hunting clubs and will be sure to let my firends know about the site.

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