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Ct River baby!!!!!!!

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Ct River

Shad and Carp and Stripers o my

o yeah

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Muskie Adventure Tours "Salmon River 2015"

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Salmon River Lake Ontario
Whats up guyz,
The weather was awful this year, Rain, Snow, Wind and just all around RRRRRRRRRR

But, we did manage to catch a few Kings, 4 in total and that number should be about 10. Even I made a Rookie mistake but was able to redeem myself just minutes later.

Remember that 30lb Braid is not enough........... Badlarry will tell all of you about that heartbreak if he hasn't already.

In closing, It's getting COLDER out which means a few things.

1. Carp will be putting on their last big feed
2. Chugga Chugga Chu Chu Res will be on fire soon
3. My Favorite part.. Get the AUGER's READY!!!!!!!!!

Yes Sa!!!!!!!


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Muskie Adventure Tours " Kivas are still Working"

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After Carp fishing the Lake on Saturday morning, I figured to give the Rock another shot, she has been giving it up all summer. Well she did it again, after a few weeks of quiet time.

A bucket full of perfect size Kivas and away we go.

I believe this was the second cast, not bad at all. we ended up with half a dozen larrys and 1 small pickerel and a Small Pike which jumped clear out of the water with my Kiva in his mouth and then so nicely spit it back at me hahahahahaha

This spot should start giving up Big Pickerel as it gets colder


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Muskie Adventure Tours "Worth waking up at 3:30"

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Da Lake

As most of you guys and gals know, the Carp train is still in full force, I mean look at the pictures that have been posted so far, some absolute Beauties.

This morning I took Badlarry with me to give him another shot, last time he landed a half lb Rock Bass, almost broke my net hahahaha The 20lber I caught was the reason my net broke.

Up to this point I have caught and released 12 Carp this year, from 6-20, with my youngest brother Shadow getting 2 at 29lbs and a few in mid 20lb range, definatley the right time.

So this morning we bait up and the Carp were active right away, jumping 5 ft out in front, perfect, guess where our corn is hahahahahaha

As luck would have it, my rig goes off and the line is screaming, this was on my Mono Rod, the Mono has been out fishing the Power Pro with leader, keep that in mind!

Turn over the bail and this beast moves me forward as my drag starts to take over, ZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ and away we go, 2 Big runs, halfway across the cove she went, 75 yards or so, I know this baby has some weight.

Maybe she was tired or just wanted her picture taken because I figured the fight would of taken just a touch longer, I am not complaining, maybe 7 minutes later she is in the net, head barley fit in it, my big net broke so we used Badlarrys Bass net hahahahaha

I have a great video of the release also, pics are ok, they dont do her justice, she was an absolute Beast and she got to swim away.

Thanks again Badlarry, you will get one, either here or at the River WOOOOOOOOO

Not much time left, then they move away and so do we!!!


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Muskie Adventure Tours " The Carp keep on Rollin"

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Lake Quinsig

Stop me if this sounds repetitive hahahaha

I get the phone call, Muskie, are you Carp fishing tomorrow? And as always this time of the year, I answer "Hell Ya" hahahaha And so begins the next Adventure, I must say that I am getting pretty good at this.

Early Dark Thirty is the time and the Lake is the place, and she didn't disappoint this morning, once again she helps with the conversion process.
Levi was the next person to jump on the Carp Express, so sorry you got the fever, it don't go away, ever. We bait up with Corn and it wasn't 10 mins and I have the first run, wow what a pull, zzzz zzzzzz on the drag and NNNNOOOOOOOO out came the hook, only 5ft away, what a Big Head on this beast, the hook went into the trees behind me. S.O.B. RRRRRRRRRRRRR

That's ok, I did get another shot. Not 10 more mins and out goes the Power Pro, get it tight, set the hook and zzzzz zzzz zzzzzz, this time we on!!! Levi grabs the net, little early to be going for the that, these babies make 4 power runs, you need to remember that, so I do what I love to do, I hand Levi the Rod and say“here you go, your turn" With either amazement or disbelieve, he takes the Rod and then the fun begins hahahahahaha This Carp was 3 times bigger than his previous P.B.

His Carp was 32 inches and 15+lbs, this makes 3 people in a row that have all caught trophies with me, I also caught another Carp, little guy again, maybe 6lbs, still lots of fun to land, especially when they are foul hooked, he came in sideways, thought I had a Marlin hahahaha
The Carp were out in full force again, this should last about 3 weeks, you don't want to miss this!!

So ends another great morning before work, I'm gonna need a vacation from fishing hahahahaha and sorry guy's I'm booked tomorrow morning!! I'm sure most Carp spots are doing great, keep em tight guys and gals.


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Muskie Adventure Tours "Carping with Chowder"

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Lake Quinsig

I get a message late yesterday asking if I had any tips or words of wisdom about Carp fishing, because this person had been trying but with no success yet. My response was plain enough, Yes I have words of wisdom, meet me tomorrow morning. Hahahahaha Earlier this am, I went to the River with no luck, water a mile high and full of floating debris, so not going back there yet, only one other place I want to be....

Funny story about this meeting, a number of years back I put a 25lb Carp in my tub for the night so I could register it and release it in the morning, forgot to tell the wife hahahaha so Chowder had seen that picture and when he messaged me, he reminded me of that, not many people saw that pic or knew of that story.

Early Dark Thirty is here and so are the Carp, this is the second time here this year for me at this spot, and things have not changed a bit, pphheewww, no pressure here at all to produce Trophy size fish, no pressure at all, and if there was, all gone by 5!!!!! Yeah Baby.

After about 20 minutes I check my lines and as Chowder is doing the same I hear that O so familiar sound, MUSKIE, I'm on!!!!!!! And yup, he was, his first battle ever with these beasts. The drag is singing and I reel the other rods in and grab the net, because we are going to need it. Great job Chowder with the fight and congrats on your first Carp. 34 inches 20lbs Trophy baby. And he did the dance and he took a lap around the hill hahahahahaha You deserved to, Carp fever, and then 20 mins later I was doing the dance WOOOOOO 32 inches 18lbs Trophy and then a small little guy hahahahaha

3 total Carp with plenty of action going on, thanks for the message Chowder, always worth the time. And then 7 am came and so did the wind, which helped with the evacuation process.


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Muskie Adventure Tours "Farewell to the Chu."

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Wachusett Res

I must say goodbye to the Res for a couple months or on Special requests.
This is no reflection upon the luck and Fish I caught or was apart of, She gave it up this Spring and I am sure that she is not finished.

Early Dark Thirty is upon us and we are all in the water, myself, DR, Aaron and Guy, couple of other people came and went, but just us for the most part. I have moved my spot to the left about 15 ft this year and it has paid off just nice, even my brother, who even moved farther over, killed them, we seemed to be just far enough out and over to miss the weed line.

5:20 am and I have my first trip of the rig, line goes 5 ft and stops, I know this trick, this has Smallie written all over it. I pick up my Rod and wait, then the wait was over, line peels out and I get the line tight and say Hello to my Smallie, nice fish and great fight, not quite 4lbs, I will never complain, again on a Pike shinna.

Slow morning after that, trips about one every 40 mins maybe, slow, but we are at the Res. Around 7:30 just after changing my bait, the rig goes off and out then stops, seems to me the Smallies are in and the Lakers are out, line moves out, I set the hook and my drag goes ZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ and the next sound was NOOOOOOO RRRRRRRRRRR. Felt the hook come right on out, dam, dam, dam.

After kicking myself the rocks and rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I get over it and hope for one more chance, which I did get and take full advantage of, thanks for the shinner DR, hahahahaha, u were correct, I did catch another one hahahaha

9 am, just me and Aaron, picking up our rods, in fact, I was reeling the first one in and I see the line screaming out on my other rod, this is acting like a Laker all day, set the hook, zzzzzz, and wella, 4lb Laker, time to go.

Thanks again for a great spring, hell I even caught a Splake (male brookie and female laker) this year.

Here is the reason I am leaving her alone:

The Carp are in the RIVER!!!!!!!

I say no more


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Muskie Adventure Tours "Alcatraz"

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Return to the Rock

The wind has finally changed and is out of the East, time for the Rock, honey hole that has been quiet for a few years. I say not this year, hope she thinks the same way.

This place we never fish in dark, or before 7:30 for that matter, we arrive about 1030, few loose ends to take care off, and we arrive only to see that they are building a new school and have fenced off every place to park and walk, great, fantastic, more than one way to skin a cat..

The rain has begun and we find a spot to park, we always do good in the rain at the Rock, no need to think any differently today, good karma only. As luck would have it, the walk was only 5 mins instead of 10, ok so far, and the water is up, perfect.

The Rock looks great, ready for our return, felt right being back with the hope of a great year ahead of us.

She didnt disappoint or make us wait either. We say our farewells to the Bait and away we go, and right of the bat, Ham catches a small pickerel, which we would have prayed for last year, and I am losing already. So began the Beating I had to take hahahaha

I did manage a 2lb solid LMB, but that had no chance with Log of a Pickerel Ham dropped on me as we were picking up, matter of fact we were out of BAIT.

It got to the point that Ham was using DEAD shiners on a Bobber, 16 inch LMB and then to add insult to injury, I picked a floater that a fish had spit out and gave it to Ham, bobber spins around, this was only 6ft from shore, and WHAMO, A Beast, 26 inches right around 5lbs. We havent seen a Big Pickerel from there in a few years, we will catch her again, thick with a big head, dead shiner on a bobber, in the rain, just like it should be.

Cant wait to lollipop of few Kivas back there soon, See you again in a few weeks.


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Smallies Chu and Lakers Won hahahahaha

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Wachusett Res

Easter Sunday

Well first off, glad you were back Chris, and great job this am!!! I needed ya. If there is anyone with any thoughts of Lake Trout Fishing, NOW is the time, get your ticket for the Laker Express while you can, maybe 2 weeks left, if you're lucky.

The Res has been on fire since she opened last week, and has no signs of slowing down either, at least not today, again she delivered.

Early Dark Thiry is the time and 4:59am is creeping our way, just enough time to line a bran new Rod and Reel, Penn Fierce 8000 with 9ft Rod, didn't take 5 mins before she was screaming, and away we go, doubles in the dark and we are running low on Bait, usually one dozen Pike shiners is enough at the Res, it was until 6, and then next dozen we needed to get didn't last till 7:30, these days do not happen, she is on FIRE

First fish to say hello this am was a Very Large Smallie, 6lb class, cause he was way bigger than the two we caught at over 4 and 4½ lbs. And of course it was on the new rod, dam.He will get another chance..

Lots of hit and drops and strips without any runners, makes me think Smallies but I believe it to be a touch to early for them yet, Nope, wrong, Smallies are in, and today may have been the first day they showed up, and they were taking Shinners, must be good and hungry.

5:30 and I see my rig trip, the line go out and then stop. Typical Smallie move, WRONG, hahaha, I wait maybe a minute, pick up the Rod and flip over the bail. As soon as the line got tight, off we go, set the hook and ZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ and then of course, YEAH BABY ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZ. This Fish was mad, even thrashed on the top for a minute and then went side to side in full view.

8lbs x 27 inches Looked like a Boat Oar Paddle.My new PB.

Then the next couple of fish acted the same way but they were Smallies, that's the way they should act. Chris's was 21 inches at 4½ and mine was 19+ at 4lbs. The Fish seem to be in the shallows, again, hit the Res if you can, drop me a line if you need any info and I might even be able to meet you there.

Happy Easter


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Muskie Adventure Tours "Leicester Little League Derby"

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Sargent's Pond Leicester, Ma

If there was ever a day to Convert you "Open Water Only" guys, today was the DAY!!

First off, thanks to Patrick and Brooksy for playing, and Dom and Nate and Harry.

And also to those I did not know that were there. 50 degrees with a little wind every now and then. No snow on the ice and it was solid when we started, turned slushy as the day went on and all the Sleds that made it look like the Daytona 500 for a bit.

We begin the Adventure with me just getting all the gear on the Ice and Patrick texting me, I think I am here, yup, he was, and so after the Hello's and great to see you again, we trek out across the frozen tundra of Sargent's Pond.

This is Patrick's Iron Maiden voyage on the Ice, he even RAN today, haha. After an 8 minute walk, which normally would be a short walk, the guys know what I mean about that, hahaha, we make home base as Dad would say, You would be having a great time with us Pop, just happens to be a point with a nice shore line up to the left. We set up the Ice Cube, 4 person tent, and then fire up the Auger, vvvrrroooaaammmmm.

I punch 5 quick holes about 35 yds from shore in a straight line, 15 ft between them, and hand Patrick the scoop because this is a 2 person operation, plus there was close to 17 inches of ICE!!! PLENTY SAFE

Side Note: Your freezer doesn't have that much ice, sorry Uncle Mike and Dad hahahaha

We get 3 set up and away we go, I even RAN, said I wouldn't do it, I explain the technique we use and wella, small pickerel, Bait in other places... Ok, new shiner and off to the next tilt, forgot to mention that I am in 10 ft of water hahaha no weeds, in a nice channel come to find out, but there is a price to pay to have what we found out to be one of the best spots if not the best. Before we walked to the next tilt the flag was up again, yeah baby, Patrick's turn. Maybe I should of told him that we were not fishing for TUNA, cause when he set the hook, I believe it went into the ice from 10 ft down, the hook set should be a nice little wrist motion as apposed to a Mike Tyson upper cut hahahahaha. He did get it down Pat, hahaha and it didn't take long

We caught maybe 12 fish before I could set up the 5th tilt and drill 5 more holes, other people were also catching around us, great start to the Derby. We hear some hooting but the Fish seemed to small all around.

That changed, a tilt to be named later went up, wink wink, and I caught what ended up to being 3rd place Pickerel and it's not even 8, we already lost count of the fish we caught, at this point close to 20, and the jigging hasn't started yet. I drill 5 more holes for tilts and 4 for Patrick and his line of Doom.
And again just like the last row, pow, pow, pow and away we go, it might have been 10 am before we could get all our tilts in the water. I never put my Hat or my Gloves on all day, I usually don't need my gloves, even during cold days but today was a day to take layers off in, only get a few every year like this. Patrick caught a big Slab Crappie, too bad it wasn't a category, he would have won that.

Patrick assaulted the Fish with his jig rod, with a Perch that was picture worthy hahaha The Honorable Pope Muskie Paul John has converted another hahahaha Then the kids showed up about 10 and they all had fun!! Dayton 500 for the sleds and as mentioned earlier, our tilts were the outside lane for them. Hahahahah vvvrrooaammm vvvrrrooaaammm No more flags No more Fish hahahaha O well It's for the kids anyway!!!!

Brooksy and Harry had a few flags and Fish inside the track, while Dom and Nate continued what Patrick had started, at least 14 fish on the jig rods hahaha and I can't take credit Patrick showed them how and WHAMOOOOO

End result: 3rd Place Pickerel
Honorable mention Perch
1st Place in Total Fish Caught

Well over 40 Fish total and I have a great Tan on my Bald Head and a smile a mile wide. Thanks again to everyone and there will plenty of Ice left even after this weekend, it will be cold all next week, this weekend should be great. That dam Ground Hog was right, need more gas for the Auger. Anyone else want to give it a go....


Patrick has the pics

---- Patrick ----

I had a blast. I definitely like hard water fishing.

It was all we could do to get the tilts in the water, they were tripping so fast.

It was kind of funny when I tried setting the tilt line the first time and pulled the bait out of the fishes mouth. What can I say I was excited.

My favorite was the jigging. The Swedish Pimple with a meal worm got the fish a biting.

Muskie thanks again for showing me the ropes.

Oh and your nephews were catching the hell out of the kivas.

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Muskie Adventure Tours "We found the Muffin Man"
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Flint Pond
Flint Pond was on fire for 2 solid days.

Thanks for playing Ralph and Todd, can't wait till the next time!!!

Special guest Player "Eastciderida" great to see you again James

Can't remember how many Flags or Fish for that matter, we meet at the Ramp and away we go.

James gets the action started right away, nice 2 1/2 LARRY, and anothe and another. We get into the action when Chris lands a 19 inch 4 lb Larry. Great fish

lets just say 50 perch and 5 Pickerel and 25 bass

Side note: I did have my 12 inch DEAD SUCKA go out and out and out, I waited and waited. Never had the HOOK. RRRRRRRRR O well, I will get you this week!!!

Sunday was the same with my Nephews and Youngest brother.

As Muffin Man said " we crushed it"

Thanks again to everyone who played and Happy New Year, we are off to a great start


P.S. Who's next.......

Muskie Adventure Tours "ICE, It begins TODAY!!"
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Flint Pond
Man O Man, it felt great to get out this morning! After getting jobbed last year and breaking my ankle the night before a DERBY, Thanks for playing last year Biggz, this year be great also.

Me and Chris are on the ICE and set up before 8, wanted some light just in case. HAve to be smart early in the year.

First Flag goes up at 9:20am, nice perch, keep in mind we are fishing for Pike and Tigers with BIG DEAD BAIT, but we also had 3 Tilts with live Shinners.

We happen to look up and notice a Mature Male Eagle, What a sight, we have seen Eagles at 3 diiferent places this year. Then we hear his mate, the 2 of them took up the sky, and all the dam seagulls were plastered to the ICE, not moving a bit. That would of been worth my right arm to see the Eagles take a Gull.

20 mins later we have our 2nd Flag, good runner and then the drop, ok, im not cold anymore, hahahahaha
+9 this am at Flint. BRRRRRRR

Chris did catch a 2lb LMB also, then it was time to leave. No Pike or Tiger today.......Always tomale!!!

First day:
3 Flags
2 Fish
1 great time with my Brother

PLease be safe guy's, First ICE is always funny, and getting WET is never FUN!!!

I believe this is the Start to a great ICE Season, looking forward to meeting a Catching Fish with a bunch of DIfferent Members this year.

Jeff and J, you guy's better get ready!!!!!

PSSSS. The Boag is ready, are YOU!!!!!!



Muskie Adventure Tours "Closing Day at the Res"
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Wachusett Res

Another Closing Day has come and gone, not a bad year, but a little slower than I’ve seen in the last 8 yrs. Good and cold this morning, +9, making ICE fast enough that we could hear it being formed. This spot has been quiet for the most part all year, but it was out of the wind and is my favorite spot to fish at the Res.

Lines are in the water around 5:30 and nothing till 7:30, the 1 and only bite we had, we were picking up to leave. In fact, I had one rod broken down and away when on my walk to the second rod did I see the line was screaming out! It’s about damn time, hahahaha, haven’t caught but 1 little Pickerel since we returned from the Salmon River, but that’s the Res.

Pick up the Rod, turn over the Bail and away we go, and go and go and go. Evidently this Laker was on the track team, long distance, he ran about 75 yards of line off my reel, glad he went the right way around the Float, I would have been screwed!! There was no telling how long he had taken the bait before I noticed, but it seemed like 5 minutes to get my line back.

We see the Fish for the first time as soon as it passed the Float, my next thought was ok bigger than I though, we need the net, and bingo, its picture time. Couple of quick pics and away goes the Lake Trout. 5lbs 25 inches

Side note, normally that fish would have made the ride back to my house to meet my WIFE!! Hahahaha It was closing day, and after I kissed it on the forehead and said that today was your luck day, we watched it swim away, hopefully to get to 40+lbs.


Shallow Water Surprise
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Wachusett Res

The wind was very nice to us this morning, thank you. Good and cold at the Res, Ice in the Rod tips and on some lines..

5:30 and we are wet, 6:10 or so and Tom is at it again, he is pretty good in deep water, we were in close today, didn't matta, but he did lose his first piece of metal this year, she givith and she takith.

I just happen to run up to the lot for a moment to meet BadLarry, who had to go home cause he had his girls KEY'S in his pocket... Curses broken and he forgets everything hahahahah and I hear Eric yelling my name, run around the bend and low and behold, Tom, again, with a nice Smallie. 3-13 Great Job and great fight.

Eric caught a Laker 3-12 about an hour later, again, nice fish. BadLarry had a few bites and myself and Doc Nadda O well, always tomorrow.

Maybe 10-12 bites with 2 fish, sound about right at the Res, and she is warming up. Scarhill tomorrow if you feel like playing Gate 14 rt 70 side 5:30 we start the walk...

The Curse is Broken!!!
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Wachusett Res

The end of an era has come. BadLarry did it!! Woooooooooo

They say that the Muskie is called the Fish of a 1,000 casts, so in that light, The Chu could be almost called the “Res of many many years”. Hahahaha

First and foremost, Congrats to BadLarry, he finally did it, meaning, after this long and epic 2 year battle against one mean girl, he caught one!! Not sure what he did, to make her mad, but it must have been bad, hahahahaha. I know people that have fished the Res for 20 yrs with no fish, and almost knew another. Nope, He did it!!!!!

As all of you guy’s know, BadLarry fishes with us a ton, he doesn’t miss a trip, hell, he even came to the Salmon River and hooked and landed his first King Salmon,18 Lbs!!! This year was gonna be different for him, and yes, it was.

There is a ton of pressure on anyone that decides to come and play with us, but, we are just as full of Craulup as anyone hahhahahaha That’s what makes this site so awesome!!

Its getting late in the afternoon and I get a Text, we talk about the particulars about the Res at night, Badlarry only has so much time before the sun goes down, have to be out 1 hour after sunset!!! Talk about the Wind and the Bait and off he goes, his first thought would normally be right on point, but his second choice was perfect.

Scarhill is were he finally got laid at the Res hahahahha Sorry He has fished here plenty of times and seen enough fish to know where to cast. Couple of trips on the rigs and the Bobber gets striped, time to cast for the last time. Hey, why Is my line tight, hey, that’s not my bait, wooooo It didn’t even trip the rig hahahahahaha nice and easy.

I will let him tell the rest, but from Muskie Adventure Tours and I’m sure the rest of MAFF, it’s about time!! CONGRATS WOOOOOOOO



Muskie Adventure Tours "Return to the Salmon River 2013"

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Salmon River Lake Ontario
10/1/2013 - 10/4/2013

This trip has to be, bye far the best one yet. Last week we had a bunch of action, the weather was great, the Salmon were jumping every few minutes, not this week, every minute, with rain looming.

Adventure begins Friday morning about 9ish, gas up, pump up the boy's for the ride, and here we go again... on our own WOOOOOO White Snake baby ahahahaaha They Great..... Bruiser
Well said guys truly one of those bucket list moments that lived up to the hype. Loved every minute of it. The hatchery and the sights were worth the trip alone. I have fought a lot of bass in my time but cant come close to these fish. Never had a fish tire me before i could turn it. About a 30 min after i landed my first king or maybe an hr the light saber show starts again. I pick up pole flip bail and set hook game on! Right away i realize this is much bigger than last king. Starts sizzling my drag like bacon! Then starts runnin up the river so i follow ducking under rods and stepping over others it was a site to see.finally i think it is tiring start gaining line nope off she goes again ripping off twice that of which i gained.Well the right thing to do is reel your crap in when someone yells fish on. Of course everyone in our group did but the only other guy on the shore didnt and my line got tangled in his and that was the break the fish needed cause i kept the pressure on! That old bastard possibly cost me a shot at glory maybe dethrown the king! Oh well great fight n just another story! Muskie said the way it fought maybe a giant steel head. We will never know never got it close enough to see. Special thanks to the muskie bros n patrick n brooksy for making it the trip of a life time. Damn a yr is so far away!
As soon as we hit Auburn, POW, RAIN.. Realy 300 miles left and we have this to deal with, gonna be a long weekend. Pouring out for a bit, we get to exit 2 Pittsfield when Chris's phone goes off. We leaving, bad weather moving in and we're not staying, good luck. They live in Pittsfield, not good, maybe they playing with us, we've been fishiing with them a few years's. Nope, they left, Too bad....

Due to bad looking clouds, we didn't go to the hatchery until Saturday, so we set up camp as fast as possible to get to our spot. 4 pm and our lines are in, let's do this. Lot's of Big Salmon jumping everywhere, not even National Geographc see's this stuff. Ask the guy's what they really thought

The bite starts, and so does the Clone Wars, Glow sticks flying off the rods, rods pulled out of rod holders and it's not even 8 yet. I missed a Big Steele Head I believe and Chris was hooked up also a few times, then quiet, until Patrick's Light Rod starts to take off like a rocket in the tube. Maybe 5 minute fight, no matter on that, 22lbs x 36 1/4 inches later, his first ever King (Chinoock) Salmon and the only one we landed friday night.

Saturday morning we have fished filleted and head to then Hatchery. Wow, i still love that place, and so does everyones else!!!

Couple of hrs in the afternoon, the lunch and off we go again, still no rain during the fishing tine!!

Ive seen some funny stuff fishing before, but this takes the cake. Chris and I are having a beer, watching our rods when a 14lb Salmon tries to eat his rod holder, how do we know the weight, Chris caught it with his bare hands ask Patrick and Me, we saw it, looked like a Killer Whale chasing baby seals, she ran out of room, he is fast for the King

As Vegas was hoping, Badlarry landed a 18lb 36 1/4 inches King Salmon, Patrick landed a 22 lb 35 inches King Salmon, Chris got (2) 21 Lb 37 inches King and a 14Lb 32 inchhes King and Muskie caught a 41 inch 26lb Hook Jaw King Yeah Baby!!!

We missed a few fish and Brooksy missed 2 and that was it for that trip!!!!!!!!

Thanks for playing guy's, hope you all had fun!!!!!


Brooksy edit: so the trip was a blast and the sights to see alone were worth it but Saturday was a soul crushing day for me. Baitrunners were flying on freespool threw out the night but no matter how close I was to the rod seems like noone ever home on the other end when I go to set the hook. Had one screaming run later in the night that I set the hook on and splash! Big ass salmon flys out of the water like air jaws then line goes limp as I'm reeling in, no more fish or 4 oz lead weight :( fish swam into my main line not the leader so I got bit off. After a long night of missed bait runs and watching everyone else catch fish right next to me I start getting aggrevated that I'm gonna be the chump that goes home empty handed. 1030 comes and the guys are packing up to go back to camp, I tell chris n bad larry I'm not leaving without a fish and I may not be back to camp til after they wake up in the morning. Chris says you sure brooksy? Yup I'm sure, after midnight is my normal fishing time so maybe my luck change, ok brooksy be carefule dude. No sooner does chris wish me luck then my freezpool starts buzzing off line as me chris and bad larry watch. I pick up the rod, set hard and bam! Fish on! Finally! Chris grabs the net like a cheetah and jumps over past me to start waiting for my fish.
I'm walking upstream into the river while this fish is peeling drag like a shark then it happens... about 60 seconds in rod goes limp, fish gone :( guess its gonna be a long night for me afterall.

The guys head back to camp and I stay, got hammered on the beach with a nice older guy that lives in a beautiful house behind our spot, joe was his name and he was fun to chill with. And kept me company for an hour til he could no longer stand up, wished me luck and stumbled home. I moved spots a few times threw out the night then id guess around 3 am I settled into a spot and put bells on my rods and passed out on the beach for an hour. Wake up freezing and fish for another hour and a half with a few short bait runs but nothing solid. I head back to camp at 530 am freezing , wet and sandy and sit down to a delicious breakfast of cold steak and potatoes that chris had cooked the night before.
After literally a solid 14 hour shift ( 7 of which I was totally alone on a beatiful pitch black beach of lake ontario) and I accept the fact that the stars just weren't aligned for me and I was deztined to go home broken and beaten down but surely not fir lack of effort. I guess I gotta wait another year now to go try n gain the crown lol. Sorry for the long edit but this part of the trip was solo so noone else was there to tell the tale so here it is.
Thanks guys for a great trip regardless of my awful s*** luck haha

AZMLII (Patrick) Edit:
It was indeed a great trip with a bunch of great guys.

The bite was hard the first night, but with a lot of luck and a lot of help I managed to land my first King Salmon. I brought an 8'6" Shimano Salmon and Steelhead rod that was too light for the fishing we were doing, and an 8' Ugly Stik bigwater rod. Of course the Salmon hits the light rod. Fortunately it was close to shore and I had the guys coaching me all the way. Set the drag light, let the fish run, but when it's not running reel as fast as you can. If you give the fish any slack it will spit the hook in a second (that's how I lost my other fish on Saturday night).

Also, seeing the hatchery, and those big fish jump is a sight to behold.

Thanks again to Muskie and Chris (muskiebrother) for hosting this trip and guiding us. Another thanks to Chris for cooking up some great chow.

Also, while Chis retains the crown, Brooksy should get the warrior prize, he is one hardcore fisherman.

I'm already thinking about next year.

- Patrick (AZMLII)

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Muskie Adventure Tours "Salmon River 2013

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Salmon River Lake Ontario
9/27/2013 - 9/29/2013

Yeah Baby!!!!!

What a great time, Thanks again to Chris, Eric, Dan and Mark and his firends.

Lot's of HYPE has been built up, as the rest of you members know bye now hahaha and it lived up to all of it.

We were on the Pike a little after 7and at check in before Noon, this is after we stop at the Hatchery to show the boy's what they in for hahahaha The same thing happened to them that happens to everyone..... You lose your mind To actually see these beasts, 3 feet in front of you and then you spot a Giant Steelhead, the Pink jumps out at you in between all the Kings.

Ok, enough of the tease, off to Woody's Bait for the secret Bait, what is that you ask, a Secret. hahahahah
Just ask them, they tell ya. After the last few minor ends, Beer and Dorito's, we arrive at the Bluff.

We are here!!!!! Un packing the car takes a few minutes, so we are ready for the assault around 3pm sharp. It can be tight when the Salmon are running, I always get to my spot early, just in case, and did have to tell someone later that night that I get here before people like you to not have to go threw this crap, please move. I can't be any nicer.... He moved..

The Bite was to be around 8pm Friday night, 720 or so the action started and man did it get crazy. I hooked into my 1st fish and couldn't reel fast enough, I think Coho heart is pounding up jumps the Fish and away it goes bye bye I turn to my left, every else is doing the same thing. 8 pm comes and the Fish are on time.

Chris is into a Big Big King, the line is straight out from the tip of his 8-8 Black Beauty Rod 150 yards, 10 mins and then nothing, I think it smoked his reel, again. Eric and Dan had the same things happen. There was 3 Kings caught that night and we are ready to meet Mark (Deaffisherman) at noon tomorrow.

Quick early session in the am, couple of bites, no Fish and off to meet Mark.

If you ever have the chance to Fish with Mark, DO IT!!!!

Mark and James and Steve are waiting for us, They are taking us to the RIVER!!!! We usually fish the mouth which is still Lake rules. Couple of quick pointers and away we go, AWESOME

To see the Fish in the water was incredable, Mark hooks into a Big Steelhead instantly, for about 7 mins then bye bye. Chris hooks into a King and this Fish brings him 1/2 mile up ther river, I know cause I had to run back for the net, and then back up. The Fish was so big it jumped into the trees and that was the end of that tail RRRRR The technique is different in the River, I did manage to hook a King and crapped myself almost, 2 feet from me, in the water WOW pop out comes the hook

We recieved World Class Lessons from Steve and Mark, thanks again and we will see you again, soon I hope.

We had back for dinner, Baked Ziti, thanks to my sister n law Duke MMMMMMM and off for the Sat night fights hahahaha.

Our spot was taken.. No kiddin, we were late.... No matter, this place is huge Great Lake hahahaha Ok, so we'll fish the beach. I knew it, I was right. 22 boats set up in front of us, they must think the same thing...
Might of been 8 pm again and the first batch of bites happen, double and triple hits, Salmon jumping everywhere and then I hear from Dan "MUSKIE" So the battle begins

Turn over the Bail and the o so familiar sound ZZZ ZZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ YEAH BABY left and right, in and out, get the net, but not yet, this will be a few minutes. Jumping here and there can bearly see it against the nightfall and then finally Eric grabs the net and we all start hugging like we won the World Series. Nothing better.

Dan played leap rods a few times after that, but no more fish. We fished in the am on sunday, couple bites again. I will say the weather was in the 70's and caught one of the best tans I ever had this late in September WOOOOOO

Thanks again guys for playing, what a great time, and for those coming this weekend with us, get ready!!!!


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Muskie Adventure Tours "Carping for Gold in the Ct River"

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 8
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Ct River

It's getting late in the year, but the Carp are still here....

Head West young man is what the phrase used to be when panning for Gold, it hasn't changed.

Because of these cold mornings, I knew they would be back, Man we were so right.

The Fog made the River look like it was on FIRE!!!!
and it was....

Sunday morning we arrive about 5am, still dark, still cold and still early, the Carp were awake, scared the Crap out of me when we first got there, 4 ft in front of us, 3 footer clean out of the water, wooooo, JC wasn't ready. hahahahhaa

First trip not 15 minutes after lines in, drop and go, then the come back. ZZZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZ Man we got a RUNNNA and run it did, right into a fallen tree that someone just happened to cut with a chainsaw. Great Thanks and away goes my Fish, 25 lbs or so...

Got real quiet after that, move spots and again not 15 minutes and CLICK, the rig is out again. Ham has caught Carp before, but not like this. ZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZ what a beauty, 10 minute fight and Ham has caught and released his new PB 28lbs 36 inches scale and tape!!!

My nephew Nate, poor guy, 10yrs old, had a Monster Carp snap my 15lb flouro leader, that was a first, couldn't turn or slow this BEAST down, not for nottin!!!! This Fish was close to 40 if it wasn't. Next time pal, you'll get em.

Still a few weeks left, mid October they should be about done, Go Get Em!!!!!!

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Muskie Adventure Tours "Block Island"

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 11
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Block Island

Should of known this would be an Intersting trip..

Get to the Bait shop around 4pm, the guy behind the counter was breaking our balls, saying that you couldn't get out to the Island the day before, sure right, whateva... Guess he was correct, still a Tool of a person though.

Get to the Ramp around 4:30pm and board this 5 person boat, hahahahahha, little bigger than the dinggie we thought we would be in, Thank God, We needed it

Waves were 6-8 ft rollers, Great!!! Just hjappened to buy New Rain Gear the Day before, again, Thank God, we got soaked on this 1hr + ride out to Block Island, Looked more like Monster Island from Godzilla..

This place is packed with boats, fish were everywhere, cause no one got to feed them the day before.

Drop the first line in and pow right away, small Black Bass and then another and so on and so forth. the Captian ask's who's ready for an Eel, Chris steps up and not 3 mins has gone by, zzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzz snap, gone, good bye, broken hook.....Intersting, not our gear, and not any of you guys's either, rusty hook!!!!!! SOB

Well we fixed that!!!! We brought some of our own stuff!!! 3 mins later, zzzz zzzzz zzzzzzz and O Yeah Baby Chris is on, and this is his First Striped Bass ever, and it will be hard to beat. 44 inches 33 lbs delicious it was!!!!!! Great Job Chris

I landed a 12lb Blue Fish that almost jumped in the Boat twice!!! They fight great but you need a brick to Cook them. hahahhahaa

We lost alot of tackle due to the Blue's and the rocks on the bottom.

Great place to Fish, had a Meteor Shower all night to watch, what a show that was and a million other Cowboy's out there doing thier best to mess up the Fishing hahahahhaa just like home

It took 2 days to recover from the pounding we took in the Boat, never Fished in waves that BIG before, we earned those fish

The Captain missed 7-8 fish atleast, he figured he would set the hook and then give us the ROD....... Guess he didn't get the Memo on who we was taking Fishing...hahahahaha

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Muskie Adventure Tours "Bookend Smallies at Gate 8"

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Wachusett Res

Gate 8 Wachusett Res

4:36 and the Group is on the move!!

20 minute walk with my 10yr old Nephews, Happy Birthday Guys!!! They are 10 Woooooooo

We have all our lines in about 5:10 am, around 5:40 my nephew Nate has his first bite on a Senko, lost it right at the Shore, he does his own fishing!!!

Great try Nate, that began the action.

Everyone using Shinners got stripped in the am, us guys using Kivas had a couple of the Rigs trip but no runners. And badlarry, who was using Yellow Candy had nadda, I was using perch also.

around 5:45 I started casting a Jig I had BHB make for me, Bluegill pattern, which is available to the public!! With a creature for a trailer.

I'm standing in between Brooksy and Tomp, and POW, the rod almost came out of my hands!!! What a strike.

Couple of screams from me and from the Fish, wooooooo, yeah baby, on my Boag Hog Jig!!!! I haven't had 1 bite yet on this thing hahahahahaha and I made it for Larry's not Smallies hahahahaha Great Job J!!!!

Little bit later on Brooksy gets himself a Smallie on a Senko, this is the first time that Live Bait was out Fished by plastic, ever!!

so maybe 10 bites and stripps with 2 Smallies, better that NADDA, and always a great time with all these Knuckle Heads hahahahahaa

Welcome aboard Tom!!


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Muskie Adventure Tours "FireCracker Open"

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 9
Views: 1655
Wachusett Res

HOT Nice little walk with the boy's this morning hahahahaha

Me and Chris met Shawn around 4 am, Patrick (AZMLII) and AEM right behind that, Mark was a hair behind and away we go, and go, and go.......

We started the walk with head lamps on, when we got to the Rook we didnt need them hahahahaha

Water was down enough, plenty of shore line to walk and cast. We set up on the piont of the beach, get the Lines in the water, Shawn had the first Rig Trip, nothing, couple minutes later, Mark is fighting a Laker in my belief for a couple of seconds then bye bye fish, couple more bumps and then quiet till 8 am.

Mark had to leave around 7:30, on his walk out, he ran into the DCR and let us know they were on thier way. They come out and checks, no probs and off they go, They did however ask Chris and Myself if we were Pro Bass Fisherman, them dam Boag Hog shirts hahahahahaha Thanks J. We should of thold them that Shawn was the Pro hahahahahaha

Guy casting to our Left hooked into a few smallies and when were gettin ready to leave, as it would have it, Partick hooks and Lands his FIRST Smallie ever, not just form the Res, but anywhere!!!! 2-5 17 inches Great job on the fight, pulled his drag a few times, his walk out was alot better than the rest of us hahahahaa

We did have 1 more bite, I think a Smallie took a kiva, it acted like one....

1 Fish 2 misses and 5 total bites 6 guys
Congrats to the Winnner of the 1st annual FireCracker Open Patrick Scott 'AZMLII"

Thanks to everyone that came and Shawn, had a great time with you, like we have known each other or a long time hahahahahaha

If you get the chance to Fish with Shawn, take it. Be well worth your time hahahaha

We must be getting close to Cult Status hahahahah


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Muskie Adventure Tours "The Brooksy Conquest"

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 7
Views: 5197
Ct River

I made a post asking who wanted a Trophy Carp and low and behold Brooksy answered the call. He is a different Man.

1:30am and away we go, Exit 5 down the Pike came quick, couple lefts and here we are. About 2:45 we take a walk down to the spot and can hear the River, wwoooossshhhhhh, looked like the Merrimack in Newburry Port, trees and all kinds of great stuff to get hung up in your lines.

Water was a mile high and screaming, no matter, we are hear for a reason, Trophy Carp and also the chance at Big Cat too. 3:20 first trip of the Rig and then another, No fish yet.

3 rods were set for Carp and 1 for Cat's, the Cat rod was getting plenty of attention and even got stripped a few times, No Cat's on this trip, notice I said Cat's...

Few more bites and half Heart attacks for Brooksy, we go down River, find a nice little spot, rig up and as soon as Brooksy casts his Cat rig it starts bouncing right away, I get the other rods set and we dont wait 10 mins when all 3 Carp rods trip at 2 at the same time, O Baby, re cast, and Brooksy's rod starts baning the stops, my Rod is flying, not for long!!

I grab my rod, turn over the bail and see that Brooksy reeled the other rod in, so we all clear, This is a Big fish on my rod, I already have a 30+lb Carp this month, so I hand my rod over to Brooksy, then the FUN beagn, atleast for me. hahahahhaa

There were a few sounds and words I've not ever heard come from Brooksy's mouth before, must of been Swahelie for "Holy Carp" hahahahaha

I will let him tell his side of the Story, Great Fish and a Great Fight Congrats on your New P.B.

The only fish we landed, always worht the TRIP


So about all I can add to that without typing a 300 word essay from my phone lol is that I almost had a massive coronary that morning, not sure if it was from all the excitement and action or the fact I was going about 20 hours on no sleep and had left straight from work to get paul and head to the spot and I was jacked up on Heineken and skoal but damn my heart was not doing well lol. What a great time with a friend and a great fun and challenging place to fish. Thanks a lot to paul who 15 seconds after hooking into this fish insisted I take the rod and fight it in, at first I said no its your fish but he insisted so I took the rod and for the next 5 to 10 minutes hung on for dear life while squealing like a japanese school girl being fondeled by a creepy old white man with a squid ;) so I had been awake at 6am on Friday morning then after a day of watching my kids went and worked my 3 to midnight shift, ran home for a shower and bite then on the road at 1am to get the muskie and start the adventure tour! I was awake on adrenaline all night and morning and a blast was had! Gotta do it again soon!

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Muskie Adventure Tours Carping on the Ct River

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# Reviews: 7
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Ct River

My first trip ever to the CT River, it will not be the last either!! It's great when long rides are worth the trip.
Morning starts at 2am, 45 mins to Darren and 30 more form there, just long enough to ge the low down on the last 5 days he has had Fishing with his wife in this spot.

Both are new to Carp Fishing but not to Big Game Fishing, this week they have landed 15, 18, 12, 30 and 28 lb Carp and have hooked into 40's.

Water is up and dark and moving fast, needed weights, looked like rapids out there.

5:10 Darren's first Carp 15lb and the lines have been in the water 20 mins, nice start couple more bites for him and finally I get a bite, nadda

6:00 My rod bends in half before the rig could trip, pop goes the clip and away we go. zzz zzzzzz zzzzz Hard right toward the underpass, then left into the rip, zzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz around the tree, take your time, then back to the right into the rip, glad I use 50lb Power Pro, back and forth and right into the net, 36 1/2 inches My new PB Thanks Chris. What a fight, couldn't see him till late in the fight, water too dark hahahaha not like the Lake

8:00 Darren lands a 35 1/2 inch Carp his PB also and then its time to come back to civilization, rrrrrrrrr

Great morning 7 bites 3 Fish Thanks again Darren
Lots of action on top, can't wait to go back

I have vidoe footage that I will be uploading also

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Rock Formation at the Sud

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The Sud

Dropped off my youngest brother again for work and off to the Batting Cages I go, warming it up for tonight and this Weekend!!!

Dead calm at the causeway with 1 little bump on my frog, look at my phone, 655 am, plenty of time to walk to the Rock formation.

Put on an old white Shad swim bait, 2nd and 3rd casts off the point I catch 2 small LMB Uuun pounders hahahaha

The 2nd bass swallowed my swim bait, RRRRRRRR, secret weapon for tonight, not no more

That put an end to my mornning and the TICK I found on my walking boot.

I do have BASS thumb and my hands stink of fish, the Ladies at work will love this hahahahahahaha

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