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Muskie Adventure Tours "Salmon River 2013 Details
Name:Muskie Adventure Tours "Salmon River 2013
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Yeah Baby!!!!!

What a great time, Thanks again to Chris, Eric, Dan and Mark and his firends.

Lot's of HYPE has been built up, as the rest of you members know bye now hahaha and it lived up to all of it.

We were on the Pike a little after 7and at check in before Noon, this is after we stop at the Hatchery to show the boy's what they in for hahahaha The same thing happened to them that happens to everyone..... You lose your mind To actually see these beasts, 3 feet in front of you and then you spot a Giant Steelhead, the Pink jumps out at you in between all the Kings.

Ok, enough of the tease, off to Woody's Bait for the secret Bait, what is that you ask, a Secret. hahahahah
Just ask them, they tell ya. After the last few minor ends, Beer and Dorito's, we arrive at the Bluff.

We are here!!!!! Un packing the car takes a few minutes, so we are ready for the assault around 3pm sharp. It can be tight when the Salmon are running, I always get to my spot early, just in case, and did have to tell someone later that night that I get here before people like you to not have to go threw this crap, please move. I can't be any nicer.... He moved..

The Bite was to be around 8pm Friday night, 720 or so the action started and man did it get crazy. I hooked into my 1st fish and couldn't reel fast enough, I think Coho heart is pounding up jumps the Fish and away it goes bye bye I turn to my left, every else is doing the same thing. 8 pm comes and the Fish are on time.

Chris is into a Big Big King, the line is straight out from the tip of his 8-8 Black Beauty Rod 150 yards, 10 mins and then nothing, I think it smoked his reel, again. Eric and Dan had the same things happen. There was 3 Kings caught that night and we are ready to meet Mark (Deaffisherman) at noon tomorrow.

Quick early session in the am, couple of bites, no Fish and off to meet Mark.

If you ever have the chance to Fish with Mark, DO IT!!!!

Mark and James and Steve are waiting for us, They are taking us to the RIVER!!!! We usually fish the mouth which is still Lake rules. Couple of quick pointers and away we go, AWESOME

To see the Fish in the water was incredable, Mark hooks into a Big Steelhead instantly, for about 7 mins then bye bye. Chris hooks into a King and this Fish brings him 1/2 mile up ther river, I know cause I had to run back for the net, and then back up. The Fish was so big it jumped into the trees and that was the end of that tail RRRRR The technique is different in the River, I did manage to hook a King and crapped myself almost, 2 feet from me, in the water WOW pop out comes the hook

We recieved World Class Lessons from Steve and Mark, thanks again and we will see you again, soon I hope.

We had back for dinner, Baked Ziti, thanks to my sister n law Duke MMMMMMM and off for the Sat night fights hahahaha.

Our spot was taken.. No kiddin, we were late.... No matter, this place is huge Great Lake hahahaha Ok, so we'll fish the beach. I knew it, I was right. 22 boats set up in front of us, they must think the same thing...
Might of been 8 pm again and the first batch of bites happen, double and triple hits, Salmon jumping everywhere and then I hear from Dan "MUSKIE" So the battle begins

Turn over the Bail and the o so familiar sound ZZZ ZZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ YEAH BABY left and right, in and out, get the net, but not yet, this will be a few minutes. Jumping here and there can bearly see it against the nightfall and then finally Eric grabs the net and we all start hugging like we won the World Series. Nothing better.

Dan played leap rods a few times after that, but no more fish. We fished in the am on sunday, couple bites again. I will say the weather was in the 70's and caught one of the best tans I ever had this late in September WOOOOOO

Thanks again guys for playing, what a great time, and for those coming this weekend with us, get ready!!!!

Location:Salmon River Lake Ontario
Trip Date:9/27/2013 - 9/29/2013
# of Hotspots:1
Hotspot Details: 1. Muskie Adventure Tours "Salmon River 2013" Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:7
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:King Salmon
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):36 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):22 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:Other
Bait Details:Egg Sacks in Lake
Flies in River
Location Details:Perfect Weather all weekend
# of Photos:6
# of Fish Caught:7
Trip Views:This trip has been viewed 5569 times.
User Discussion:
Didn't realize it at the time but that 2nd fish I hooked into spooled out my 150 yds of line to the backing! Noticed it when I took the line off and put on my other rod good thing I tied that knot well or I would have lost all my line.
10/12/13 07:27 PM

just got back from the staircase on mon. we killed it. i can't even count how many salmon we cought. going back in a couple weeks to try and get some steelies! photos soon!
10/10/13 12:17 PM

10/08/13 11:02 PM

I dont know why my video didnt pop up on edit trip. Anyway, its my first time to use gopro camera. So, I thought you might like to see how we did walk down the river.
10/08/13 11:01 PM

We're back!!! And what a Story I have to tell.......
10/06/13 05:37 PM

Wooooooo It's time again. Back to the River we go!!!!
10/04/13 06:51 AM

badlarry - that's no problem! You can have my whole luck for this weekend!!! Hope you will get one!
10/04/13 12:51 AM

I'm def the under dog but like the pats I relish that role. Bring it on!
10/03/13 11:07 PM

Thanks for the goodluck wishes mark hopefully some of your luck will come my way cause I know I can't match your skill! Tight lines fellas!
10/03/13 11:03 PM

I'm a gambler been beating the odds all my life my money is on me double down!
Woo hoo put yer game face on thanks for the backin fishngolf haha!
10/03/13 11:01 PM

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