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Muskie Adventure Tours "The Brooksy Conquest" Details
Name:Muskie Adventure Tours "The Brooksy Conquest"
Created By:muskiebigfish
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Details:I made a post asking who wanted a Trophy Carp and low and behold Brooksy answered the call. He is a different Man.

1:30am and away we go, Exit 5 down the Pike came quick, couple lefts and here we are. About 2:45 we take a walk down to the spot and can hear the River, wwoooossshhhhhh, looked like the Merrimack in Newburry Port, trees and all kinds of great stuff to get hung up in your lines.

Water was a mile high and screaming, no matter, we are hear for a reason, Trophy Carp and also the chance at Big Cat too. 3:20 first trip of the Rig and then another, No fish yet.

3 rods were set for Carp and 1 for Cat's, the Cat rod was getting plenty of attention and even got stripped a few times, No Cat's on this trip, notice I said Cat's...

Few more bites and half Heart attacks for Brooksy, we go down River, find a nice little spot, rig up and as soon as Brooksy casts his Cat rig it starts bouncing right away, I get the other rods set and we dont wait 10 mins when all 3 Carp rods trip at 2 at the same time, O Baby, re cast, and Brooksy's rod starts baning the stops, my Rod is flying, not for long!!

I grab my rod, turn over the bail and see that Brooksy reeled the other rod in, so we all clear, This is a Big fish on my rod, I already have a 30+lb Carp this month, so I hand my rod over to Brooksy, then the FUN beagn, atleast for me. hahahahhaa

There were a few sounds and words I've not ever heard come from Brooksy's mouth before, must of been Swahelie for "Holy Carp" hahahahaha

I will let him tell his side of the Story, Great Fish and a Great Fight Congrats on your New P.B.

The only fish we landed, always worht the TRIP


So about all I can add to that without typing a 300 word essay from my phone lol is that I almost had a massive coronary that morning, not sure if it was from all the excitement and action or the fact I was going about 20 hours on no sleep and had left straight from work to get paul and head to the spot and I was jacked up on Heineken and skoal but damn my heart was not doing well lol. What a great time with a friend and a great fun and challenging place to fish. Thanks a lot to paul who 15 seconds after hooking into this fish insisted I take the rod and fight it in, at first I said no its your fish but he insisted so I took the rod and for the next 5 to 10 minutes hung on for dear life while squealing like a japanese school girl being fondeled by a creepy old white man with a squid ;) so I had been awake at 6am on Friday morning then after a day of watching my kids went and worked my 3 to midnight shift, ran home for a shower and bite then on the road at 1am to get the muskie and start the adventure tour! I was awake on adrenaline all night and morning and a blast was had! Gotta do it again soon!

Location:Ct River
Trip Date:6/29/2013
# of Hotspots:1
Hotspot Details: 1. Muskie Adventure Tours "The Brooksy Conquest" Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:1
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Mirror Carp
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):29 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:Other
Bait Details:Garlic
Garlic with Corn
Location Details:Water was a mile high
# of Photos:7
# of Fish Caught:1
Trip Views:This trip has been viewed 5074 times.
User Discussion:
badlarry dont worry he was b****in about the back lol. it was ultimately one of the main reasons we didnt hang for another couple hours hahaha
07/01/13 11:20 PM

I asked who wanted a Trophy and Then delivered!!! My brother stopped saying No when I asked "Who want's this?" This type of Fishing will change you as a person.....
07/01/13 10:09 PM

Hmmmmm... what happened to the bad back haha! I see cause I don't carp fish u don't talk to me no more!
07/01/13 08:44 PM

Nice trip boys! Great write-up!
07/01/13 05:58 PM

Finally calmed down lol. I still didn't get the chance to upload the youtube vids yet but hopefully later today I may have them up and as soon as I do they will get posted on here
06/30/13 11:32 AM

How's the Ticka doing? hahahahahaha
06/30/13 10:36 AM

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