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Muskie Adventure Tours "Salmon River 2013 Comments

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User: badlarry
Comment: Didn't realize it at the time but that 2nd fish I hooked into spooled out my 150 yds of line to the backing! Noticed it when I took the line off and put on my other rod good thing I tied that knot well or I would have lost all my line.
Date: 10/12/13 07:27 PM

User: fishermanmike
Comment: just got back from the staircase on mon. we killed it. i can't even count how many salmon we cought. going back in a couple weeks to try and get some steelies! photos soon!
Date: 10/10/13 12:17 PM

User: deaffisherman
Comment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a5vDfkGqng&feature=c4-overview&list=UUMCgaJBKttIoTB-lV4dk3tg
Date: 10/08/13 11:02 PM

User: deaffisherman
Comment: I dont know why my video didnt pop up on edit trip. Anyway, its my first time to use gopro camera. So, I thought you might like to see how we did walk down the river.
Date: 10/08/13 11:01 PM

User: muskiebigfish
Comment: We're back!!! And what a Story I have to tell.......
Date: 10/06/13 05:37 PM

User: muskiebigfish
Comment: Wooooooo It's time again. Back to the River we go!!!!
Date: 10/04/13 06:51 AM

User: deaffisherman
Comment: badlarry - that's no problem! You can have my whole luck for this weekend!!! Hope you will get one!
Date: 10/04/13 12:51 AM

User: badlarry
Comment: I'm def the under dog but like the pats I relish that role. Bring it on!
Date: 10/03/13 11:07 PM

User: badlarry
Comment: Thanks for the goodluck wishes mark hopefully some of your luck will come my way cause I know I can't match your skill! Tight lines fellas!
Date: 10/03/13 11:03 PM

User: badlarry
Comment: I'm a gambler been beating the odds all my life my money is on me double down!
Woo hoo put yer game face on thanks for the backin fishngolf haha!
Date: 10/03/13 11:01 PM

User: badlarry
Comment: I'm a gambler been beating the odds all my life my money is on me double down!
Woo hoo put yer game face on thanks for the backin fishngolf haha!
Date: 10/03/13 10:59 PM

User: aem1031
Comment: Remember to set your drag just right. Don't make the mistake I did, it cost me a nice King!

Keep it on the fairway, it's going to be tight space and watch out for the morons who will cut your line the second they get a bite! DR knows all about that one!
Date: 10/03/13 03:28 PM

User: muskiebigfish
Comment: The King has spoken, we all in trouble!!!!
Date: 10/03/13 02:41 PM

User: muskiesbrother
Comment: Hey Huskie, Ms. Salmon called, she wants her eggs back. I told her to talk to the guy from Michigan. (The Michigan reference is about the guy working at the fish cleaning station who traveled all that way to work "Salmon Season."
There are no guarantees about putting a fish on the beach, and you know where to look to get a view of a t-bone steak. All I can say is trust your knots, eat your vitamins, and GET THE NET READY!!!!!
Date: 10/03/13 02:08 PM

User: muskiebigfish
Comment: Vegas just called, 100-1 on Badlarry WOOOOOOO
Date: 10/03/13 01:31 PM

User: fishngolf
Comment: Ballzy write up MuskieBigSalmon...should get nomination for "trip write up" of the year....
Good luck to all you warriors this weeknend too!
Once again, my money is layed down in Veags all on BadAssLarry...
Safe travels and tite lines to all.
Date: 10/03/13 11:32 AM

User: aem1031
Comment: Good Luck boys!
Date: 10/03/13 08:53 AM

User: deaffisherman
Comment: Good luck to ya, badlarry and broosky too!
Date: 10/03/13 08:32 AM

User: badlarry
Comment: I'm going to lose it if I hook into and land one of these beasts its almost sammy time!
Date: 10/02/13 08:53 PM

User: dr
Comment: AEM hit it right on the head.....Great trip with great people!

Congrats to Muskie on that beautiful Salmon!!!

See ya next year Sammy!!
Date: 10/01/13 05:41 PM

User: aem1031
Comment: All I can say is WOW! Great time with great people! No fishing around here can prepare you for the fight these things give and nothing around here can compare to the River! I will be back there again!
Date: 10/01/13 09:26 AM

User: bassturds
Comment: Awesome trip guys sounds like you guys had fun!!!!
Wish I could if gone
Date: 09/30/13 08:16 PM

User: azmlii
Comment: Awesome! I can't wait for this weekend!
Date: 09/30/13 06:56 PM

User: muskiebigfish
Comment: Can't wait to go back this weekend!!
Date: 09/30/13 06:28 PM

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