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Smallie Surprise

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Some place Special

In a last minute decision, I met up with DR at one of his honey holes that he was kind enough to share with me. Got a little bit of a late start but one we got there, we wasted no time and out on the water we go.

I had a new baitcast I wanted to break in and a new spinning reel to put to use. About 20 min into our voyage, I tossed out a wacky rigged senko as far as I could cast it. As soon as it hit the water, the line start going and going fast. Clicked over the bail and fish on. Told Dan, " I got one, but its not big" as soon as I said that we saw the explosion out of the water and the tail dance. Dan's response was what are you Holy S@$t!

After an awesome fight that definitely worked my new reel, Dan helped me get it in the boat. Put it on the scale and read 4 1/2 lbs on the dot. After a few quick pics, I put her back in the water and away she went. We were a bit nervous cause she was bleeding pretty good from where she was hooked, but she swam away so feeling pretty good that she survived!

After that I kicked back, enjoyed my beer and still on cloud 9.

Unfortunately it was our only catch, even with the other bites we got.

Thanks again to DR for sharing the spot. Get ready for NY and the Sammy tour!

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Sunday Fun Day part 2

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Some place Special

Part 2 of our trip from Sunday. The 1st was at Gate 8 with the Muskie Adventure Tour crew(see Muskies trip bookend smallies @ gate 8). Nice job again boys on the smallies!

We set out to one of my new little honey holes that has been producing pretty well over the last couple of weeks. This place didn't have much about it online or on this site other than the 1 review that said is sucked and loaded with kivas! Guess what, I landed a hog last week just shy of 5lbs and nailed another yesterday that was a hair smaller than the other.

We spent about 3 hours or so on the water working senkos under the cover landing a whopping 3 LMB. 1st 2 were in the 1lb-1 1/2 lb range and the 3rd(pictured) was a beast! We spent the last hour or so throwing the frogs on the slop only getting a couple of hits.

All said and done, not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning!

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MAT goes to OZ
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Some place Special

TNFL this week took place at OZ. This was one of my spots and the others have never fished here before. To be honest, I fished here many times, but never really did my research on the place. I only knew of a few good spots and that I had pulled a pair of 5lbers here last year as well as my PB pickerel.

It was the ongoing 2 on 2 with Badlarry & myself vs. the Muskie brothers. We met up around 5ish with Badlarry making a fahionably late enterence about 5:20 or so. After our short walk to the first spot of the evening and goofing off for a few minutes, we got into it with a few bites here and there. I got the 1st LMB coming in around a pound. Badlarry followed with a smallie about the same weight. Then Badlarry hit of 4 more LMB with the biggest about 2lbs. I got one more LMB that was the smallest of the night. Yay, I won the small fish award! We finished with 7 total. Not one was picture worthy.

Muskie & Chris were not doing so good. Muskie had some Kivas with little man syndrome taking shots at his topwater frog. Chris pulled in about a dozen good sized kivas too. However, Muskie was going for big risk, big reward. When we saw the carp jumping pretty close to shore, Muskies got wide-eyed and went for the gold. He got a few hits, but missed.

Eventhough we got nothing big, it was still a ton of fun and as always great to get out with other MAFFers and to explore a new body of water.

Muskie: Great evening to go in the water and fish!!
Felt great on my feet, man o man, especially with a COLD 40oz of Coors Light mmmmmmmm

They put it to us last night!!! My ass is still red hahahahahaa I need some Solar Cane hahahaha

Chris caught 8-12 1/2 lb kivas not bait size.....
and I got the BIG GOOSE EGG again., but I found the Carp.... The first time Eric and Dave got to see it happen!!

Those are not BASS, nice smallie yesterday also Badlarry

Final score Alot to Nadda hahahaha

Great job guy's

TNFL at the Sud

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 10
Views: 2097
sudbury res

Wow! What a great turn out for TNFL. It's catching on!

We all met at the gate and chatted it up for a few while eveyone got their gear together. Started down the trail and as soon as we got to the shoreline, BAM, it was like the lights coming on and the roaches scattering. No wasting time here with the possible bad weather approaching.

It started off pretty slow. The water was a bit choppy, but we all started getting a few nibbles here and there. Muskie missed on a couple freight train hits.

1st fish of the night was Badlarry getting redemption, 1lb LMB. He followed it up a few minutes later with a 1lb Smallie. A short while later he landed another nice LMB in the 2lb range(pictured). Nice Job Badlarry, way to throw it down!

For myself, after getting only bites at the 1st couple of spots, I ended up moving to another spot and about 5 casts in, I hit on a roughly 20" pickerel. About 15 min later, I hit on a chunky 2+lb LMB(pictured)

MRDavis(AJ) ended the day with 6 fish and the winner of this weeks TNFL, a beautiful 4lb LMB(pictured).

Muskie, unfortunately, this was not your night, but you know how it goes. The batting cages did not treat you well.

Regardless of the results and the friendly competition for bragging rights, it was a great trip and is an example of what MAFF is all about. Less than a year ago, the 4 of us knew nothing of each other and now we fish together quite frequently, learning about new bodies of water & spots, techniques, methods, etc. Glad I could be part of this event and look forward to the next Muskie Adventure Tours gathering and meeting some new MAFF members in the future!


Great fun and a great time hidding in the tree's from the wind and rain. And as luck would have it, I didn't catch the 1 that would win the week or for the weekend

Great to meet up with more fellow MAFF members

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Hump Day fun at the Sud

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 5
Views: 1977
sudbury res

Since Badlarry & myself couldn't attend the TNFL, we decided to meet up on Wed evening. Badlarry has been hitting up a new spot there and was kind enough to share and he did not let me down.

Showed up around 5:15ish and we start walking the trail. We were pitching under the trees with no success. Started casting straight out and started getting a few nibbles here and there. Fished until about 7:30 and I ended the evening with 3 solid bass. Smallest being around 2 lbs and biggest a hair over 3lbs. Badlarry had some good bites, but unfortunately he laid a goose egg. Maybe next time my good friend!

Muskie, you are next!!!!

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1st 2013 trip to the Sud

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# Reviews: 4
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sudbury res

Only had about 2 hours to hit the Sud on Friday. Was a bit windy, but still nice to get back out there. Met up with Badlarry to try a couple new spots. We both had a few nibbles here and there.

Got into one spot and missed a good bite right next to a tree limb that was sticking out of the water. Threw the senko back in same general area and she took it on the fall. The pic doesn't do her any justice. She had a buddah belly!

Only the 1 bass, but was my 1st of 2013!

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Closing Weekend

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 9
Views: 2676
Wachusett Res

Thursday Turkey Shoot - See Muskiebigfish's trip posted - Good times, lots of bites, but no fish.

Friday - Hit Scar Hill solo style. Water was glass and the action was pretty solid at first light. Got a 3lb laker. Was out of there before 9am.

Saturday - HIt Scar Hill again with Badlarry. Wind forced us to move from our normal spot. About an hour or so after first light a few bites and another 3+lb laker(pictured).

Sunday - Hit the cellar hole(35) and had quite a few bites, but no fish.

All in all, great weekend with a good group!

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Sunday @ the Res

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# Reviews: 6
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Wachusett Res

Headed out to Wachusett early Sunday morning. Lots of action at first light. Enough to go through about a dozen shiners in a little over an hour. Bite after bite, getting stripped until my last shiner. Put the bait on, cast out, set the rig and before I could even sit down and wait to get stripped again, the rig tripped & flag up. I ran over and the line was going and going. Set the hook and the fun began. Several nice leaps from this fish and once it was close to the shoreline, about 6-8 feet, the fight got a little more interesting. Got this baby on shore weight it up (just a hair over 4lbs) and then put it back and watched her swim away. It was nice to finally grab something and not get stripped.

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Early morning fun at the Chu

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Wachusett Res

Hit up the Chu with badlarry early Saturday morning. Hoping for something and not disappointed, ended up hitting 2 nice smallies, both caught on shiners. First ringing in at 4lbs & the second at about 4 1/2lbs.

Looks like we were in the right spot, right time. A guy fishing about 10-15 yards down from us hit a nice smallie(3-4lbs) and a couple lakers so it looks like the bite is on at the Chu.

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Sun morning @ the Chu

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# Reviews: 8
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Wachusett Res

Decided kind of last minute to hit the Chu on Sunday morning. Believe it or not, it was actually the wife's idea...FYI, my wife is not a fan of fishing, so I jumped all over the opportunity. We were only there for about 2 hours, but had the line tripped twice and caught a smallie on first cast with 6" senko. Not the biggest fish, but put up a hell of a fight.

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4 1/2 lb smallie
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07/29/13 12:27 PM

MRDavis & winner of TNFL 5/23/13. Nice fish, AJ!!!!
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05/24/13 08:48 AM

AEM's only LMB of the night
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05/24/13 08:48 AM

Badlarry's biggest LMB of the night
05/24/13 08:48 AM

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05/16/13 08:47 AM
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