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I hate this sign
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Added by: shawneramone
07/28/15 07:35 AM
I hate this sign
I understand some places need to control weeds but some places do it so the residents have zero grass. This particular place kills all the grass and then leaves it to float around for a while and then sink to the bottom to become fertilizer. Every year
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07/28/15 10:21 AM
People are dumb!
07/28/15 10:07 AM
Right Kman? Make some poison coffee or something.
07/28/15 09:47 AM
nice, we can drink it before its good enough to water the grass.
07/28/15 09:46 AM
So agrrivating!!
07/28/15 08:03 AM
Pond in my town too polluted to swim my whole life until 5 years ago and has tested clean enough every year since.Residents complained the weeds smelled and state did a weedkill 3 weeks ago.See how they like the smell when those dead weeds start rotting!!Weeds create habitat and they clean the water, residents are just big dummies.

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