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Flathead Catfish Details
Name: Flathead Catfish
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Pylodictis olivaris
Common Names: Yellow Cat, Mud Cat, Shovelhead Cat, Opelousa Cat, Pied Cat, Mississippi Cat
Ideal Water Temp:
World Record: 123 pounds 0 ounces
Description: As the common name suggests, this catfish has a flat head, but other than that, it looks like any other catfish: it has smooth, scaleless skin, whisker-like barbels around the mouth, and long, sharp spines on the dorsal (back) fin and one on each side of the pectoral (shoulder) fin. Flathead catfish reach a length of 3 to 4 feet (0.9 to 1.2 m) and their weight can exceed 100 pounds (45 kg). Pylodictis is Greek meaning "mud fish", and olivaris is Latin for "olive-colored". Flathead catfish are typically pale yellow (hence the name "yellow cat") to light brown on the back and sides, and highly mottled with black and/or brown. The belly is usually pale yellow or cream colored. The head is broadly flattened, with a projecting lower jaw. The tail fin is only slightly notched, not deeply forked as is the case with blue and channel catfish. Young fish may be very dark, almost black in appearance. Flathead catfish prefer deep pools of streams, rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs, where the water is turbid (cloudy) and the currents are slow. Some baits of choice are hot dogs , I soak mine in maple syrup, spam , liver, and eels.
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My first flathead, 25 pounds My first flathead, 25 pounds
Added by bassorbass

   4 cats=238 pounds 4 cats=238 pounds
Added by bigkats

Added by imthatguy102
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   Delaware river Delaware river
5-6lb flathead cat
Added by wgpjim

22 pound Flathead Catfish 22 pound Flathead Catfish
Teresa Russell with a 22 pound Flathead that she caught while night fishing and filming her TV show.
Added by splitrailoutdoors

   just a little feller just a little feller
he was about 15
Added by catfishmatt

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