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3 Bluefish, One Striper, JFK/UMASS Details
Name:3 Bluefish, One Striper, JFK/UMASS
Created By:jessekayboston
Details:Had a great night the other night. Fished the incoming high for three hours, and the outgoing for another two.

Used very fresh chunks of mackerel. By fresh, I mean, it looked like jello inside of these pieces. None of those flaky, white chunks. Check the Vietnamese fish markets in Dorchester. Many of them have fish that were caught that day. Plenty of fellas were using the old frozen, 2 bucks a pop, chunks from baitshops and only one of them caught. Freshness definitely made a difference.

No other stripers that night. Lost my line, hook, and weight twice from giant hooks.

Steel leaders are an absolute must. Most everything being caught around here are blues, all above 30 inches. Setting the hook as quickly as possible and keeping tension on the line is also important as those suckers spin back and will chop your line in half if you give them the opportunity to.

The striper was caught on the right side (if looking out onto the water) not far from shore. The blues were caught from the left, middle, and right.

The water was moving great. Sometimes I'll catch at this spot when the water is still, but when it's really rocking all over the place and you've got really fresh bait, you're bound to hit eventually. Just make sure you aren't goofing off so you can set the hook! Seen plenty of guys miss fish because they are busy chatting, dawdling about somewhere!
Location:JFK Library, Dorchester, MA
Trip Date:9/27/2011
# of Hotspots:2
Hotspot Details: 1. Bluefish Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:3
Water Type:saltwater
Type of Fish:Bluefish
Fish Length (Avg):30 inches
Fish Length (Max):35 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:Other
Bait Details:Chunked mackerel. Fresh. Baitshop frozen doesn't make the cut here...
Location Details:
2. Striped Bass Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:1
Water Type:saltwater
Type of Fish:Striped Bass
Fish Length (Avg):38 inches
Fish Length (Max):38 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:Other
Bait Details:Fresh, chunked mackerel.
Location Details:To the right if looking out at the water from the point...
# of Photos:2
# of Fish Caught:4
Trip Views:This trip has been viewed 4694 times.
User Discussion:
Get at least a 10 foot surf rod. A nice reel that will accommodate 40 lb test at min. I like 60+ lb braid because it makes it easier to get the fish in quicker. A lot of blues are running too, so make sure you have that steel leader... There are definitely way more blues being caught than stripers, so chances are, if you get hit, it will have sharp teeth and shred your line if you don't get it in quick enough!
09/30/11 07:45 PM

Stas, I helped a guy who was using 15 lb test mono on a freshwater rod reel in a 34 inch blue... The fish miraculously stayed out there for 10 full minutes as I untangled the bird's nest in his reel because the fish took it so hard. So, yes, it can work, but most times it will not. I was using 60 lb. braid on a heavy, 11 ft rod, with the drag set properly and a baitrunner... And I've had fish hit so hard that my line has snapped. At least 6 times in the past two weeks...
09/30/11 07:43 PM

Scoobystas - a 41 inch bluefish was just taken on the South Shore on 8 lb. test line. If you set your drag right and finesse the fish, you can do a lot with light/medium tackle.
09/28/11 04:27 PM

Nice catch man, thats fish for the next two weeks :)

What sort of tackle are you using? Can the standard bass tackle medium spinning rod handle the stress?? Thanks man.
09/28/11 10:58 AM

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