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Yellowfin Tuna Details
Name: Yellowfin Tuna
Water Type: saltwater
Latin Name: Thunnus Albacares
Common Names: Ahi
Ideal Water Temp: 70-84 degrees
World Record: 388 lbs 12 ozs
Description: This species of tuna is easily identifiable by its two long yellow fins. It is found in the open waters of tropical and subtropical seas worldwide. It is an epipelagic fish ranging in the top 100 m (330 feet) of the water column. It has been reported to be up to 239 cm (94 inches) in length and 200 kg (440 lb) in weight. The fish is also known as ahi tuna, after the Hawaiian word for "fire", due to the smoke from their fishing ropes rubbing violently on the gunwales of their wooden canoes while pulling the fish in. They are becoming a popular replacement for bluefin tuna because of the yellowfin's low conservation threat level and the severe depletion of the number of bluefin tuna.
The second dorsal fin and the anal fin are both bright yellow, thus the common name, and can be very long in mature specimens, as are the pectoral fins. The main body is very dark metallic blue, changing to silver on the belly, which has about 20 vertical lines.
Yellowfins tend to school with fishes of the same size, including other species of tuna, and larger fish are often seen with dolphins, porpoises, whales and whale sharks. Yellowfins eat other fish, crustaceans, and squid.
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my first tuna 2007 my first tuna 2007
the canyon, 45 minute fight 90 lbs
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   Tuna Tuna
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Yellow Fin!
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