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User: biggz53
Comment: That is low. When I went there this spring I was talking to one of the home owners on the water. He said they draw down for docks every year, but every 2-3 years they draw the water down a couple of feet. Probably just one of those years, he said it was to help treatment of invasive plants but Im not sure.
Date: 11/11/15 01:32 PM

User: thorn168
Comment: Wow that is really low...did you happen to see any Nestle tanker trucks filling up with water?
Date: 11/10/15 04:19 PM

User: stump
Comment: I've heard of the drawdowns just never seen it this low. Also without a fish/ depth finder I never realized how shallow that Lake is, big lake. Kind of nice now I see where all the deep spots are !Fish finder for xmas!
Thx for the info
Date: 11/10/15 10:50 AM

User: jamesd
Comment: They usually do a water draw down so people who live on the lakes/ponds can get there docks out.
Date: 11/10/15 10:42 AM

User: fisherman2401
Comment: Ya I have fished there since I was young and it is lowest I have ever seen it. By the way I hate that sickness when you are sick until you call in that's the worst. Hopefully you will make a full recovery ;)
Date: 11/09/15 07:45 PM

User: don51
Comment: Maybe the town or whatever does a water draw down. A lot of lakes this happens to in anticipation of winter flooding.
Date: 11/09/15 07:19 PM

User: bloomagoo
Comment: That's crazy low, like someone pulled the stopper.
Date: 11/09/15 06:39 PM

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