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City: Manchester
State: Connecticut
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Country: USA
Interests: Fishing,poker,cooking and eating,beer,NFL,kayaking,keeping and breeding tropical fish-no specific order
About Me: Just moved here from Chicago 7 years ago
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Deep Water Jigging
Water Type: Saltwater and Freshwater
Favorite Lures: What's working
Fishing Rods: Uglystick Tiger-Lights, Tsunami Airwave, Shimano Trevala, G Loomis 50#, Custom E-Glass 8' Eel Rod, Custom 8' RainShadow, 10' Surf Caster
Fishing Reels: Shimano Baitrunner, Okuma Bait-Feeders, Avet SXJMC 5/3, Release SG, Diawa Sealine 30, Shimano TR 100G
Fishing Techniques: Whatever's working
Favorite Fishing Spot: connecticut river-hartford/east hartford
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John The Fisherman

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04/10/12 11:52 PM

Hello every one, the plan to 2012 is go fishing with new friends and create a blog in this group about kayak fishing in CT, RI, MA, NY that will inform and educate everyone who wants to join the adventure. Tell them the good places to catch a fish so they love the sport as much as we do.
Plus we want this group to grow and to go next level, maybe we can find some sponsors for a tournament in the future, so we need your help on it, like us on the top of the page so can get known by other and tell to your kayak friends about this group.
There is a adventure in ours plans, get a bunch guys and go from perhaps Groton, CT to Fishers Island, NY for a day of Fishing, all from our kayaks, maybe in the beginning of this summer, so lets us know about your opinion on this and your ideas.

11/23/11 05:21 PM

Happy Thanksgiving Day to All!!

07/18/11 08:19 PM
Quote: "Yep,that's it and that is about what I paid for them too. But when you get it there will be straps connected to the bladders, I cut those off and connect ratchet straps to the end rings. I also use ratchet straps to hold the kayak,connected to the next set of rings. Also the straps that hold the bladders get attached with the car doors open,not through the windows....................Good meeting you yesterday Paul. Hopefully we all can do that again sometime.-Everett"

I just realized, that set-up probably won't work on my car. It's a 2 door hatch-back. I don't think the tubes would be far enough apart to be nice and stable like yours. I'll have to check into it. Thanks for the feed back though. By the way, I rattled tbob's and lung's chage a bit tonight.

05/11/11 07:03 AM
Quote: "Yeah for sure man,we're on! I just checked and still have your number. What's a good time to get a hold of you? I'm working crazy hours,on my way to work now. I'm usually in bed by six. Best day for me to fish is Sunday,that's the only day I know for sure I have off but I might have Saturday too this week. Let me know when I should call. I'll be home today around 1:00 pm."

Yeah call me today..I work crazy hours too from 6-3..I should be around..860-335-0977

06/03/09 06:59 AM

its call Jarivoties, its a large pond lots of weeds. Lots of bass and pickerel. its off of Rt85 near gay city park.

05/10/09 03:52 PM

yeah we went out last night and I caught a 27" and a bunch of schoolies @ 20 and under right behind the old Dexters building inbetween the 91 bridge and the 140 bridge in Windsor . I Hope to go out tomorrow. U gotta try these lunker city 3/4 oz jig head with a 4.5 shaker tail I 'll put money on it that you'll get some good fish


01/19/09 07:32 PM

get the potatoes in the can then when she yells pull em out one by one, for real get the potatoes in the can and cut em into chunks like a half inch cube or what ever its not a science but what ever works for you.

01/15/09 09:47 PM

Hey man,
You asked me about kapusta Its potatoes, Saurkraut,baked beans, onions, keilbasa, and bacon, you cook everything in the bacon fat, freaking yummy then you go home and dutch oven your woman its wonderfull

Take care

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