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Added by: chrokee
03/14/16 09:54 AM
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04/09/16 07:58 AM
I think your weight calc of 5.3 lbs is probably pretty close - that fish is long vs. fat. You can estimate the girth pretty well - I caught a LM last fall that was really fat for its length, think I got the weight pretty close by estimating the girth in comparison to my PFD, also in the photo. There are girth charts as well. This season I've eliminated all guess work and invested in a digital scale. :-)
03/17/16 03:54 AM
Nice job!
03/14/16 09:36 PM
Like frambrett suggested I scienced the s#!7 out of it. I printed the picture and measured the length. I the measured the height of my eyeglass lenses in the picture and then in reality. Applied the ratio to the fish length in the picture and came up with 21.77 inches. Based on a chart I found online it came out to 5.3 lbs. I didn't estimate the girth so it may have been closer to 6.
03/14/16 09:02 PM
Nice fish. Whenever I catch a big one with no scale I just call it like I see it. A big one.
03/14/16 06:17 PM
Wow, what a gut on that fish. You should be able to estimate the weight by measuring the distance on your body, since you have that as a reference in the photo, then taking the length and approximate circumference and looking at one of the tables on the Web for estimating the weight of different fish species. I'd say between 5 and 6 lbs as a broad guess. Great job!
03/14/16 03:38 PM
That fish is LONG. Good work!
03/14/16 10:43 AM

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