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From Trip: Annual Cod Trip
Trip Date:7/26/2012
Hotspot Title: Wollfish!
# of Fish Caught: 2
Fish Length (Average): 25 inches
Fish Length (Max): 26 inches
Fish Weight (Average): 10 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max): 13 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type: Other
Bait Details: Both Wollfish were also caught on cut clam baits. These fish are most certainly the hardest fighting specimens I have ever tangled with on one of these trips. The rod bent right over and the spool went slowly as they fought for every foot of the 250 feet they were pulled from.
Location Details: Both of these wollfish were caught at the same stop. I was not the only one pulling them up, as another angler pulled up a decent size one right behind me. It's such a shame we can't keep them these days, as they make great eating and good sport. This is the smaller of the two that I caught.
Longitude/Latitude: -70.526733398438, 42.373256560250006
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