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Username: nefisherman92
First Name: Alex
Last Name: Martin
Member Since: 08/19/10 02:39 PM
Last Login: 07/02/17 03:55 PM
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City: Newton
State: Massachusetts
Zip: 02465
Country: USA
Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Airsoft, Paintball, History, Military.
About Me: I was born in Newton Ma and have lived there all my life. My Dad took me on my first fishing trip to lake Cochituate MA. There I caught two Rainbow trout. Ever scince then fishing has been one of my passions.
Favorite Fish
to Catch:
Smallmouth Bass
Favorite Type
of Fishing:
Spin Rod
Water Type: Freshwater
Favorite Lures: Powerbait plastic worms. Mepps Black Fury No.3. Gary Yamamoto Yamasenkos.
Fishing Rods: Bass Pro Mega Cast. Shimano Scimitar. Shimano Talus. Shakespeare Tidewater. Shakespeare Ugly Stik. Abu Garcia Volatile. Pflueger Trion Combo.
Fishing Reels: Penn Senator. Pflueger President. Shimano Stradic. Pflueger Trion.
Fishing Techniques: Pull plastic lures past, through, or over weeds for largemouth bass. Stop and go close to surface where weedbeds are on the bottom. Cast Senkos to likely bass spots and let sink.
Favorite Fishing Spot: Manning Lake Gilmanton NH

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Changing it Up at Chauncy

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 3
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Lake Chauncy

I HAVE been getting out up north lately, and have been catching quality bass as well. As usual for this time of year however, I'm so busy running back and forth between NH and work that I haven't had time to post.
In the meantime, I have been searching for a good "bass hole" to hit up after work. Whitehall is to busy this time of year, the Sud seems to have become a moving mudhole, and you couldn't pay me to go near Walden this time of year.
Chauncy is there however, so I decided to follow up on my trip last year and see what that has to offer. As it turns out, a lot!
I started out my afternoon trip tangling with pickerel. I hooked about 5, and managed to land three. 1-1.5 pounds I'd say was the average, but one that let be right as I was hauling him up looked to be pushing 2!
Someone started tubing around the lake though which seemed to kill that off though. I kept tossing my texas rig around and got a small bass out a little deeper.
I moved up the shore a but more and saw some splashes at the surface near where some other guys were fishing. I kept my distance from them, so I tossed a texas rig at the corner of a large weedbed and BAM, a nice bass about 2 3/4-3 hit it!
I hung around that area and fished until it got dark, during that time, something that felt kinda small whacked my texas rig. Turned out to be a decent size Hornpout!

Might need to make this a regular weekday stop from now on.

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Mixed Bag on Manning

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 3
Views: 2312
Manning Lake, Gilamnton NH
6/1/2016 - 6/2/2016

I had a few days off from work this week, so I went up north to do my usual thing with the smallmouth. Spent my midweek "weekend" splashing senkos around the rock pile. Thought the persistent wind tried to ruin me, I managed to pull in about 8 fish this time, most over two pounds. This time a few quality largemouth even joined in on the action! All in all, a good trip.

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My first Lakers and Salmon!

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 1
Views: 3296
Wachusett Resevoir
4/2/2016 - 4/15/2016

As some of you may know, finding Lake trout has been a small quest/ unhealthy obsession of mine for the past few years. Normally this means insane adventures up north during the ice fishing season, but since that was a bust this year I finally decided to pull the trigger on fishing at the Wachusett Reservoir. So for the past few weeks, fishing there in the afternoon has basically been my second job of sorts. Dad also has been coming along each day. We started off catching only a few small salmon on the more northerly side of things. Then last week, Dad drew first blood on a laker a bit more to the south! encouraged, we moved in that direction and have been fishing along that side for the past few nights. Dad caught another decent fish, but I kept getting skunked, and increasingly frustrated.

That all changed tonight.

Tonight started off like any other, we showed up around 4:30 or so and started tossing (and losing) a few spoons. As the sun went down, I had lost all but my 3/4 oz little cleo to the snags. I made a short cast, absent minded, and started reeling and BAM a chunky fish hit the lure! About a min or so later, I had landed my first lake trout ever, a 20 inch 3 pounder! Ecstatic, I cast again after securing that fish, While I did that, Dad's rod started bending and he pulled up a small laker as well. After tossing that one back, I cast out and SLAM, my rod really bent and something hefty made its prescence known! After fighting it for a couple minutes, during which my reel seat almost came apart (note to self, replace cheap ass rod) I hauled in a 5 pound 22 inch Laker!

Three fish in about 15 minutes. Not a bad nights work. If you want know the exact location, weeellll.....

If you helped me find spots earlier this month (I think you guys all know who you are) PM me and I'll let you in on some details. As for the rest of yall, good hunting!

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Back to Walden

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 1
Views: 2895
Walden Pond, Concord MA

I went back to Walden Pond this morning with my Dad. Started off fishing in that same corner where I had all the action on Wednesday. Bite was a tad slower today, but I still managed to catch another rainbow!

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On Walden Pond

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 2
Views: 3167
Walden Pond, Concord MA

Since it looks like it's going to be awhile until we get any decent ice fishing this year (if any), I decided I might try my hand at some late season Trout. Since Wachusett is closed for the year, I took a trip over to Walden Pond, hearing that it had recently been stocked. I stuck with a basic Powerbait rig and waited patiently. I had more than few hits, but only managed to land one fish. I'll definitely be hitting this spot again!

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Adventures on Fairhaven Bay (Our First Pike!)

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 3
Views: 4498
Sudbury River, Lincoln MA
9/3/2015 - 9/24/2015

I may have been quiet on the site these past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been getting out there. Truth be told, not a lot has happened fishing wise since my June smallmouth bass crusades. Our Striper trip to Long Island sound was somewhat uneventful (we caught a few nice Blues and one short Striper), and I spent most of July and August stuck at work. Late last month however, in desperate search of new Bass territory, I followed up friend’s reports and started hitting the Sudbury River with my Dad.
Fishing from our Kayaks, we happened to stumble our way into Fairhaven. While casting around for Bass, Dad suddenly shouts “Hey, I think I got a fish.” He reels it in a little more, and suddenly his Bass rod bends over like a yoga instructor! After fighting this large mystery fish for a few minutes, a Northern Pike comes boiling out of the water on the end of his line! Turns out he snagged it just above the eye while tossing around his trout size Acme Phoebe. After fighting the fish for a few more minutes after that, I work the jaws of my grippers around the fish’s lower jaw. And just like that, Dad catches his first Northern Pike, on a trout lure using 8 pound mono test with no leader.
Energized (for obvious reasons) I headed back to Fairhaven the next night with a few surface lures and crankbaits hoping the fishing gods might be half as kind to me. My efforts that night would only land a few small Bass and a black crappie of all things. At one point however, I did tangle with a decent pickerel (which was characteristically able to torque itself of the Heddon Torpedo), and what may have been a small Northern.
Moving on to last Sunday, Dad Myself and our friend Tim headed out to Fairhaven hoping for more action. This time, we all pulled up one bass, mine being 1.5 pounds (on a Heddon Super Spook Jr.) Dad’s being 3 pounds (on a Salmon wobbler of all things). I also somehow managed to pull in another Black Crappie, this time on a Crème worm.
Fast forward to today, this did not get off to a hot start. I woke up late, not getting to the river until 9am. I threw the whole gamut of hard lures, pulling in another small Bass in the process. After much frustration cleaning the weeds of the lures, I switched to the soft plastics. Out of complete frustration, I tied on 5 inch black Yamasenko on a worm hook figuring “what the hell, it works up north.” As the increasing wind pulled me up river back toward the launch, I was about to throw I the towel when I figures I might as well fish my way back to the launch.
Not far from the bay, my rod suddenly won’t come back up with my hand, and starts moving all of its own accord. My first thought was “Oh great another rooaaawww JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE HELLL IS THAT @#$%ING THING?!?!?” This is what thoughts turn to when torpedoes with fins suddenly leap out of the water. One massive splash and power run later, and I knew I had a pike. Since I had the fortune to have 12 pound test instead of 8, I was able to dictate the terms of the fight a little bit more. This still meant letting the fish make long runs and pulling it back to tire it out, Eventually I was able to wrangle it’s head above surface and work the grippers around the jaw.

One 35 inch 6.5 pound pike in the books! My first Northern and so far one of my best freshwater fish period.

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