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Calico Bass(White Crappie) Details
Name: Calico Bass(White Crappie)
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Pomoxis annularis
Common Names: Sac Au Lait, Papermouth, speckled perch
Ideal Water Temp: 68 - 75 degrees
World Record: 5lb-3oz Enid Dam, MS July 31, 1957 Fred L. Bright
Description: The white crappie, Pomoxis annularis Rafinesque, 1818, is native throughout the eastern half of Canada and the United States, and has been widely introduced in the west as well.

Similar to the Black Crappie except it is usually lighter in color and the markings are much more symmetrically arranged though if in doubt check the dorsal fins. The dorsal fin of the white crappie has six spines. The maximum recorded length for a white crappie is 53.0 cm (21 in), with a maximum weight of almost 2.35 kg (more than 5.18 lb); it can live as long as ten years.
These species prefers slower-moving water, often turbid, whether a backwater of a small creek or a large lake.

When spawning, the white crappie deposits its eggs on plant surfaces or in poorly-defined nests in shallow water.

This very prolific fish may overpopulate small bodies of water under 40 ha (100 acres) in area. Angling for Crappie is popular throughout much of North America. Methods vary, but among the most popular is called "Spider Rigging," a method characterized by a fisherman in a boat with many long fishing rods pointing away from the angler at various angles like spokes from a wheel. Anglers who employ the Spider Rigging method may choose from among many popular baits. Some of the most popular are plastic jigs with lead jig heads, crankbaits or live minnows. Many anglers also chum or dump live bait into the water to attract the fish hoping the fish will bite their bait. Crappie are also regularly targeted and caught during the spawning period by fly fishermen, and can be taken from frozen ponds and lakes in winter by ice fishing.

- Connecticut State Record 4 lbs 0 oz caught by James M. Boos in 1974 at Pataganset Lake, East Lyme
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Farm Pond Metler's Lane Farm Pond Metler's Lane
Had a great two hours of fishing! I normally don't put fish on the stringer unless I'm planing on eating them.
After I released the fish back into the farm pond, I kept catching them one after another. I probability could have filled the stringer at least two more times before quitting.

Added by jimbuoy from the trip entitled Farm pond Metler's Lane

   Unexpected Unexpected
Added by lorekeeper77 from the trip entitled Night of the Living Pout - Part Deux

Spot for that moment Spot for that moment
Added by meloyd from the trip entitled Another Good Day At The Lake

   Crappie Crappie
Added by chrokee from the trip entitled Oldham Pond, July 14, 2013
Avg. Rating: 5
# of Ratings: 1

Lake Murray Crappie Lake Murray Crappie
James Michael with a 15 1/2 in Lake Murray Crappie
Added by mahimahi22
Avg. Rating: 5
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# of Comments: 1

   truman dam truman dam
Added by meloyd from the trip entitled Truman Dam

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