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Yellow Bullhead Details
Name: Yellow Bullhead
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Ameiurus natalis
Common Names: Yellow Catfish, Yellow Hornpout
Ideal Water Temp: 80-90*
World Record: 8lbs
Description: There are 3 types of Hornpout/Catfish in NH.: The Brown Bullhead, Yellow Bullhead and Margined Madtom. The Yellow Bullhead is found in the Merrimack River and several other waters. Hornpout are bottom feeders and usually feed at night. They eat nearly anything, alive or dead, and may be easily taken at night or on cloudy days by fishing at or near the bottom with worms, minnows, corn kernels, crawfish, hellgrammites or dough balls. The Yellow Bullhead usually runs about 6-10 inches in NH waters and less than a pound, but may attain 18 inches and 3 pounds. The NH state record for Yellow Bullhead is 2 pounds 8 ounces from Pecknolds Pond in Chester, NH in 1980.
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John Salerno of Bow NH ...nailed a big slobby pout......he was let go....15inches...
Added by vin
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   Dark & Drippy Dark & Drippy
Added by lorekeeper77 from the trip entitled Night of the Living Pout - Part Deux

Another AMR First Another AMR First
Added by lorekeeper77 from the trip entitled Fish Mania!!!

   Yellow Bullhead on Hotdog chunk Yellow Bullhead on Hotdog chunk
Added by jsguitar

Added by raddcarl5
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   Yellow Bullhead Yellow Bullhead
Yellow bulheads caught on nightcrawler.
Added by rifenhimer
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