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wilson resorvoir Details
Name:wilson resorvoir
Created By:rod
Details:Well where do i start, It seems like my first trip to the lake for the year always seems to be adventurous. Decided we were going to the lake today several days ago. Checked the weather and it was suppose to be upper 50's, like 57 degrees with light winds and a very slight chance of rain. Doesn't sound too bad huh!? well we leave my house with a friend and the boat and head to the lake, it is about an hour drive, Well we get to the lake and stop at the bait shop and get some shad gizzards. we get the boat on the water and start towards the dam, well i look down at the volt meter on the boat and it is only showing 9 volts. well this isn't good so we head back to the truck so i can get my tester to test the battery and the alternator and we determine that every thing is working fine. well we get back out on the water and by this time it is starting to rain fairly good, Well here is the bad part i guess. i had my rain gear on and gloves because the rain was cold. Well my buddy didn't bring any rain gear. he said he was okay without at the time being. well we head back to the damn and by now it is seriously raining. we talk to a few guys on another boat and ask them how the fishing there is and they say pretty slow that they only caught one walleye in about 3 hours. I could tell by this time that my friend was cold. i asked him how he was doing and if he wanted to give it up for the day and he said yes and that he was now wet and freezing. well we haul butt back about 2-3 miles to the boat ramp and load up and go home. I sure hope our next trip is better than this one.
Location:Wilson lake
Trip Date:3/11/2012
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