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White Sucker Details
Name: White Sucker
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: catastomus comersonii
Common Names: gray sucker, mullet, brook sucker
Ideal Water Temp: 50 *
World Record: 6lbs 8oz
Description: This bottom feeding fish inhabits cold waters and has a long round body. When the fish is fully grown it ranges from 12 to 18 inches in length and weighs between 2 and 6 lbs. Many fish feed on the white sucker but humans do not, it is not fished for food, mainly for bait and other purposes.
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Common White Sucker Common White Sucker
22", 4lb4oz
Added by fishma519
Avg. Rating: 5
# of Ratings: 1
# of Comments: 2

   November White Sucker November White Sucker
Unfortunately I didnt weigh this 22" White Sucker caught Nov 2011
Added by jsguitar
Avg. Rating: 5
# of Ratings: 1
# of Comments: 3

white sucker white sucker
Added by thorboy

   White sucker White sucker
I did not catch this one but its still a cool fish.
Added by brettinbrookline
Avg. Rating: 5
# of Ratings: 1
# of Comments: 1

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