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White Catfish Details
Name: White Catfish
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Ameiurus catus
Common Names: forked-tail cat, catfish
Ideal Water Temp: 76 to 85
World Record: World and 18.88 lbs, caught in the Withlacoochee River, Marion County, Florida, in 1991.
Description: Description – The sides are blue-gray to blue-black and may be mottled. The tail is moderately forked, and the anal fin is shorter and rounder than that of channel or blue catfish. Whites have only 19-22 anal fin rays. The chin barbels are white or yellow. They have a blunt, more-rounded head, and they lack black spots on their body.

Subspecies – None

Habitat – Usually found in slow-moving streams, river backwaters, reservoirs and ponds. They will tolerate a siltier bottom and higher salinity, and prefer water temperatures of 80 to 85 degrees.

Spawning Habits – As with other members of its family, they are nest builders, and the male guards the young for some time after they hatch. Both parents help excavate the large nest, usually on a sand or gravel bar. Spawning occurs in the early summer when waters reach about 70 degrees.

Feeding Habits – Although fish are their major food, whites also eat larval aquatic insects, small crustaceans, fish eggs and aquatic plants. They may feed at night, but are not as nocturnal as other catfish.

Age and Growth – Whites grow more slowly than other catfish species. Fish as old as 11 years have been documented. They seldom exceed a weight of three pounds.

Sporting Qualities – Among the catfishes found in Florida, the white is second only to the channel catfish in popularity. Live bait, especially minnows and worms, accounts for most caught whites, but they also will take cut and prepared baits.

Eating Quality – An excellent food fish, whites are prized for their firm, white flesh.
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White cats at the Common St canoe launch White cats at the Common St canoe launch
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Small white catfish Small white catfish
At concord River
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