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White Buckets at Ponki Details
Name:White Buckets at Ponki
Created By:berkleegrad
Details:If you fish at Ponki please make a mental note of this report. We need to stop these guys.

I hit up Ponki yesterday for a few hours of relaxation and even managed to catch three small pickerel. Sadly, my relaxation came to an abrupt end when I realized that some dick heads were running a commercial fishing operation. On several occasions this year I have seen two guys fishing from the island. They paddle out in a small, dark green inflatable raft and set up several rods with bobbers and live bait. I have even spoken to them once when I saw them haul in a really nice pickerel and asked them to hold it up so I could get a look at it. Of course, everything they catch goes into the white bucket.

Judging from the language they use to speak to one another I would guess that they are Russian or eastern European but they speak perfectly serviceable English. And based on what they told me about events and other places they have fished, I infer they have been living in the U.S. for well over a decade. The point is they are not ignorant of the rules and regulations of fishing, therefore any disregard for them is obviously willful. I did, however, feel the need to remind them that the state has a mercury warning posted at Ponki and they should seriously consider limiting their catch for health reasons. Lotta good that did.

Anyway, I will say that I have never witnessed them take anything undersized or do anything illegal...until yesterday. As I paddled toward the island I saw that one guy was on the island, the other guy was paddling around in the raft, nothing amiss but not their usual behavior. As I got closer I saw the guy on the island was tending four rods. Then I saw the guy in the raft throw something overboard, a big white float, an empty milk jug; he was using it as a bobber. I looked around and realized there were a total of six of these "bobbers" situated over about an acre or more of water. Needless to say, I called the ranger station at Blue Hills to report them. I didn't stick around to find out if the rangers actually showed up.

I know these guys are at Ponki a lot so there's a pretty good chance that some of you will also run into them. I would suggest that you keep the number for the ranger station in your phone. With some luck maybe we can give them a very expensive day of fishing.
Trip Date:11/17/2012
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User Discussion:
I run into a lot of Eastern European people when I fish, and they all keep what they catch. No matter what it is or the size.

Trying to argue with them is pointless. From their culture the only reason to fish is to put food on the table. And a lot of these guys this may be the only way of putting a meal on the table. Even if you tell them the dangers of mercury or for me fishing next to a sewer discharge, they don't care. All they want is a meal.

I had some succuess with guys letting spawning fish go, thats if I trade them a smaller fish I catch. But for them they see fish a food. And I can't really hate them for that. I think we may be one of those few cultures that actually fish for recreation, they all probably think we are crazy for letting them go.
11/20/12 10:58 AM

Wish they would fix the access road. Last fishing trip cost me a tie rod !
11/19/12 07:20 AM

At least Ponki is part of GBH Reservation so there is a manned ranger station just across from Houghtons Pond.
11/18/12 09:46 AM

The big problem to stopping things like that is getting a quick response. Who knows how long it takes for the rangers to show up and the EPO's forget about it! They basically have to get caught in the act which is a slim chance!
11/18/12 08:57 AM

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