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White Bass Details
Name: White Bass
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Morone chrysops
Common Names: silver bass, striped bass, white lightining
Ideal Water Temp: below 70*
World Record: 9lbs 7oz 26.25"
Description: The white bass looks quite a bit like a shortened version of its larger relative, the striped bass (Morone saxatilis). It has the same silvery white sides and black stripes. It differs most noticeably in being shorter and stockier with a smaller head, and the dorsal fins are set closer together. They can be distinguished from the yellow bass (M. mississippiensis), by its more silvery color and regular, unbroken stripes as well as by its protruding, pugnacious looking, basslike lower jaw (in the yellow bass the jaws are about equal). It can be distinguished from the white perch by the latters lack of prominent stripes on the sides (though stripes may be present in very small juveniles).
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wiper, white bass, crappie wiper, white bass, crappie
flat deep bottom
Added by rod from the trip entitled cedar bluff fishing

   white bass white bass
weed flats on the south shore west of minooka boat ramp
Added by rod from the trip entitled not as good as last weekend. But

white bass white bass
Added by rod from the trip entitled fall fishing

   16 1/2 inch white bass 16 1/2 inch white bass
caught in Red Rock Lake
Added by madman

fish fish
from the west end of the lake drifting all the way to goose flats. also caught walleye and wiper here and several drum. 
Added by rod from the trip entitled 3rd times a charm

   3/25/08 - Fellows Lake - Springfield, MO 3/25/08 - Fellows Lake - Springfield, MO
16in 2.6lbs - This White Bass was ready for spawn. Real big belly
Added by meat7gtk from the trip entitled 3/25/08 - Fellows Lake - Springfield, MO
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