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Welds Pond---3x3#... The dream is gone. Details
Name:Welds Pond---3x3#... The dream is gone.
Created By:live4fish
Details:I found my way into Welds after working with some folks from the town recs dept.

Seems they gave me bad info. I even had a police officer show up one day and I insisted it was legit and dropped the name of the environmental folks I spoke with.

One of the people from the town that told me where to access the pond was on vacation last week and sent a follow up today telling me it was 100 percent off limits.

I hit the pond yesterday morning at 4:30 AM.

Jigged up about 20 perch for pike bait at another location. I needed to change the water a couple times and lost a few perch each time, so I had to perch fish longer than I planned. It's fun though with a light rig. I also jigged up a 3# bass and a HUGE bluegill--funny as hell.

I headed out for an hour or so of bass fishing... Wham: Back to back 3-pounds-plus bass. A few other goodies and couple picks.

I heard the story of the 8# bass from OldFisher many years ago... I swear, I fished this place hard the last few weeks. At least 10 bass in the 3-4# class. Nothing bigger.
At least 50 perch. Many, many bass. Many, many pickerel
(no gators, but some were respectable). I don't know if a big boy is there, but I won't be back as it it's 100 percent illegal. I was loosing a little faith in big fish there...

If you check it out on a map, I went right to the spot I knew the biggest fish would want: A deep water heaven at the entrance of long, almost stream-like section of the pond that is about 2-3' deep loaded with bait fish. I casted to the left and got one 3, casted to the right and got another 3.

If you can get in there, I HIGHLY recommend it. I may proposition a landowner to pay for access...

It was awesome fishing. Pond muck for frogs and senkos, and awesome places to chuck spinners and cranks (which I seldom get to do anymore where I have been fishing).

Besides the pictured bluegill, I caught 2 more that were bigger over the last couple weeks...

No sense keeping it secret now. It gets a fair amount of pressure anyhow from folks that know landowners.

Post script: How good is it? I brought a friend on my kayak who hasn't been fishing much this year. We planned to shore fish a couple spots and use the kayak for transportation as it's not a tandem. In route, I said cast there: bam, big bass. Cast there, another big bass...
Location:Welds pond, Dedham
Trip Date:8/10/2014
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# of Fish Caught:498
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Largemouth Bass
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# of Fish Caught:498
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