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Wachusett reservoir...reverse the curse! Details
Name:Wachusett reservoir...reverse the curse!
Created By:badlarry
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Details:Maybe I should hire Curt Schilling to reverse my curse at Watchusett can't seem to catch a break.Plus I hear he needs the money!Hit the Chu with my good friend Muskie.Arrived around 4:30 headed down to spot around 5.Crisp Cold morning not what you would expect for late April but hey that is the way this spring is going.Not much wind relatively calm for the Chu. Around 5:30 or so first action.Shooting the breeze when I look down at my pole bouncing around. At first thought it was the 6in live perch I had on there but then my pole started being pulled toward the water.Looked at trip indicator before picking up pole and thought that was strange not even tripped.Pulled back to cross the eyes and a huge smallie goes air born!Seconds later by by smallie another near miss.Had to be all of 5lbs that was a huge perch but guess I will never know.Had another nice run and couple other trips but nothing like that freight train!My heart didnt stop pounding and hands were shaking for like an hour.

Muskie: Lets start by stating that using a 2 1/2 oz NON LEAD Weight (BHB/MAT) and a Live bait around 6+ inches and casting that out into water anywhere from 6 -70 ft deep and then when the line goes out, and having to wait for the weight to catch up, is not the easiest thing to do, sounds like old hat but Mono acts different than the Braid.

So here we go, Here is the SECRET:Live Yellow Perch!
3-7 inches, if you have to ask then don't even try!! End of story

430 and Badlarry is on time, with his Rods, this time. hahaha 455 we cast out and go thru the regular ribbinz, This is a great site we all belong to, and Guys like Badlarry and AEM make it great to fish with other members, who also have thier own GREAT SPOTS!!

5:25am and Badlarry's rod is trying to jump in the water, not cause the clip is tight or the Bait is huge but the Rod Tip is FROZEN hahaha We both scramble to let the line out when we hear and see a HUGE Smallie, finally the first sign of a real wachusett smallie, come right out of the water. Almost pulled bad larry in the water, couple of gooood pulls and then puuuf, crap, nooooooooooooo. Then, that was awesome!!!!!! Even without the Fish, we both were speechless, and no hey you missed it or any making fun of. That made my morning and I 'm sure Badlarry's too. That Fish was going on his wall but had other plans instead.

Always great to fish with fellow members and maybe your luck changes on thursday, maybe
Location:wachusett reservoir
Trip Date:4/22/2013
# of Hotspots:1
Hotspot Details: 1. another miss Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:0
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Smallmouth Bass
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:
Bait Details:Goliath size perch
Location Details:
# of Photos:1
# of Fish Caught:0
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User Discussion:
Really trying for a Laker.Smallie just a bonus.In my other go to spot don't even use bait all my smallies caught on senko's of all things.Have never caught a Laker and wan't to cross it off my species list.Other than perch my friend says he has never caught a smallie on shiner but other friend has.
04/23/13 06:56 PM

Lure is much better and efficient than bait when comes to smallmouth fishing. On a very slow day, bait can out fish lure by a few. Perhaps lure doesn't catch anything and bait catches one or two. Other than that, lure is always outfishing bait by far. Well, at least for me is like that.
04/23/13 11:33 AM

Yeah yellow perch are great for Lakers and Smallies.Smallies hate them cause they eat their eggs.Use large weights with slider and a like 14 in leader or so.
04/22/13 08:23 PM

Atleast you didn't have to got work!!!!!
04/22/13 08:23 PM

First day of vacation a memorable one thats for sure!
04/22/13 08:21 PM

You catch a few perch and keep them in a bucket? Fish em on the bottom?
04/22/13 07:32 PM

I am starting to wonder if my Guide Skills are depleeting. Not a chance, stick at it, time time time and man, you have put in your time. That was one of the Biggest Smallies I have seen from the RES. 5+lbs the tale begins at.
04/22/13 06:28 PM

Also just a beautiful body of water and as a shore only fisherman for now, enjoy the lack of boats.
04/22/13 06:23 PM

I've never come back to a body of water where I haven't caught anything.Usually I just blame it on the lake and say just no fish here.But this place I've had so many big fish bite and me miss them have no one to blame but myself and a little bad luck.
04/22/13 06:19 PM

There's nothing quite like that feeling of knowing you lost a good one. That adrenaline rush is what keeps us coming back for more.
04/22/13 06:13 PM

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