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Opening Day 2016 at Sudbury Reservoir Comments

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User: frambrett
Comment: I was at the Sud Rez last night for the sunset top water bite (got 3 small LMBs on a popper, nothing over 12 inches) and I saw in the distance two guys paddling either a canoe or two person kayak at dusk, headed for the cove off Parmenter Road. This was a first, since boats are strictly banned. Can't imagine it's worth the risk of getting caught.
Date: 08/06/16 07:40 AM

User: eaglefishing
Comment: I go to the 9/11 Memorial Field which is on Acre Bridge Rd, Southboourgh. You can walk along the path further into the rez area or you can fish from spots right there. It's quite quiet I usually see at most 2 other fishermen. It has a nice inlet area that from what i've seen just by looking in the water is filled with baitfish. I have only been there once for bass i usually go there to catch Perch.
Date: 04/07/16 06:48 PM

User: frambrett
Comment: Where do you like, eaglefishing? I've fished a few other spots - off the Rt 85 causeway, and off Framingham Rd, but the Parmenter Rd section is my favorite - it helps that it's closest to where I live, and quiet, but also it's been most productive for me.
Date: 04/07/16 06:10 PM

User: eaglefishing
Comment: I've going to the sudbury rez soon! i go to another spot though, the rez is awesome
Date: 04/07/16 01:04 PM

User: badlarry
Comment: Yah I was out when the front went through yesterday. Caught one small one lost another while I was snagged on someone's line almost lost my craw crank but managed to retrieve it from water. Started sleeting sideways so I scooted out of there lol
Date: 04/03/16 05:38 PM

User: frambrett
Comment: I've got some soft crawfish plastic baits - will have to throw them next time I'm at the Sud, and get a craw pattern crankbait as well.

I lost my perch pattern crankbait there today, which I will replace quickly - have caught a lot of fish on it. Only thing I caught today was a massively fat female yellow perch that was oozing roe.

The weather was a real challenge today - high winds, snow squalls, only in the 30s. I'll PM you for a time to get together there later this month when it really feels like April, LOL.
Date: 04/03/16 05:28 PM

User: badlarry
Comment: I've been killing them on a craw pattern crank got a 19in n a 17 right after. Place is loaded with perch so makes sense they would heavily feed on them. Also has tons of cray fish too. I've caught many bass with claws in their throats. Love the Sud let's get together n slay em there sometime
Date: 04/03/16 04:41 PM

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