"Get Hooked on New York"

The old it's a turtle not an 8 pound bass trick Comments

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User: bass--man
Comment: I had a buddy sell a snapper to a Chinese restaurant for 25 bucks!
Date: 06/16/14 01:33 PM

User: shawneramone
Comment: I have no idea what you mean
Date: 06/13/14 10:11 PM

User: pocketfisherman
Comment: Not like popping those pickerel, murderer!
Date: 06/13/14 03:51 PM

User: shawneramone
Comment: Even if it were legal to kill them I wouldn't just so I wouldn't get blood everywhere and have turtle bodies floating around my favorite ponds
Date: 06/13/14 06:25 AM

User: pocketfisherman
Comment: This ain't the South, so leave them alone I say. Unless you're gonna eat em? Is that even legal up here?
Date: 06/12/14 09:53 PM

User: shawneramone
Comment: Oh no turtle head!!!
Date: 06/12/14 07:26 PM

User: live4fish
Comment: Should we humanely kill them if we catch them? I had one hitting my frog last night; this little area held three big snappers I spotted. If this was the south, people would eat em...
Date: 06/12/14 07:46 AM

User: samf
Comment: I hate when turtle head takes over
Date: 06/12/14 07:02 AM

User: bassmaster7
Comment: Saw 2 huge ones last night when we went our right as it got dark....

Its been a slow bite this season, could that have anything to do with it?
Date: 06/11/14 11:30 PM

User: shawneramone
Comment: I have the unhooking/release on video Kman
Date: 06/11/14 08:59 PM

User: kenwood
Comment: I had a huge snapper nail my frog a few years ago. Scared the living piss out of me, thing hit so fast and hard.

Luckily I didn't hook him, but he had the bait in his mouth and wouldn't let go. I had to use my oar to convince him to let go.
Date: 06/11/14 07:09 PM

User: kman
Comment: I'm sure he just cut the turtles head off
Date: 06/11/14 05:30 PM

User: stump
Comment: nice shot of the turtle and good job removing the hook. That's always the fun part. ;)
Date: 06/11/14 04:04 PM

User: kizel13
Comment: Never saw any snappers where i go in NH until this yr i saw 3 maybe there taking over?
Date: 06/11/14 02:14 PM

User: shawneramone
Comment: I agree. I've been seeing a lot of turtles this year
Date: 06/11/14 01:40 PM

User: thelucky
Comment: I have never seen so many snapping turtles until this year. I think there is a plague of turtles going on or something.

Only hooked one so far, and that was on a swimjig. I have no idea how that turtle caught up to that. Had another snapper on Monday laying eggs right in the middle of the boat ramp. Thing wouldn't budge, had to carry the boat over her.
Date: 06/11/14 11:36 AM

User: pocketfisherman
Comment: Well THAT goes without saying, d'uh!
Date: 06/11/14 09:30 AM

User: shawneramone
Comment: Maybe awesome turtle man Rog
Date: 06/11/14 07:20 AM

User: deaffisherman
Comment: umm, are you fished at my backyard? because I think I caught that exactly same snapping turtle? I have picture of it. :) but no access to posting it.
Date: 06/10/14 10:04 PM

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