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September Slam Comments

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User: muskiebigfish
Comment: way to work BIGGZ
Date: 09/05/13 01:08 PM

User: c_libby
Comment: Nice job gentlemen!
Date: 09/03/13 07:43 PM

User: samf
Comment: i meant too lazy to tie anything else on haha. the knot and line held up very well.
Date: 09/03/13 02:34 PM

User: pocketfisherman
Comment: I lost a nice bass after not re tieing when I knew I should have, punching pads. Like you said Shawn, if you think it, DO IT! I learned the hard way.
Date: 09/03/13 01:12 PM

User: shawneramone
Comment: I've learned my lesson the hard way. If I even think re-tie then I have to do it. Haven't lost a pig but I lost too many bb's when the line snapped on a cast
Date: 09/03/13 11:04 AM

User: samf
Comment: i didn't lay off the buzzbait. too lazy to re-tie. i kept throwing it in search of that 1 pig. once the bite died down the sporadic fish i got on it were quality.
Date: 09/03/13 10:48 AM

User: biggz53
Comment: I laid off the buzz boat as the weather cleared throwing texas rigs and once or twice sam had blow ups and id follow up and get the fish.
Date: 09/03/13 09:49 AM

User: shawneramone
Comment: I actually did that Saturday. Still the master
Date: 09/03/13 07:43 AM

User: samf
Comment: i had them blowup the buzzbait. i threw back the buzzbait and they slammed it. haha jk
Date: 09/03/13 07:39 AM

User: shawneramone
Comment: I had one blowup on the buzz. I threw the jig back and caught him
Date: 09/02/13 10:17 PM

User: samf
Comment: I love those green chemicals and chunks. Bzzz bzzzzz bzzz black buzzbait. A few followed it to the boat.
Date: 09/02/13 10:02 PM

User: shawneramone
Comment: I can't believe that every pond we go to has been getting the chemicals. Pond P sucked today
Date: 09/02/13 09:54 PM

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