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Name:Fresh by day. Salt by night
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Details:I hit my new favorite pond on Saturday morning around 6:30 am. I started off throwing a black buzzbait with no results. I switched over to a tiny torpedo and picked up a fat sunfish. I was alternating between the buzzbait, tiny torpedo and a variety of rubber worms with no luck at all. I headed out to a pad field at the end of the lake as the sun was up and there were no clouds. Nothing. Not even a dink. The wind started coming up strong and I decided to pound the shoreline with my plastics. I switched to a black/blue craw and I finally get my first hit of the day. Of course I lose it about half way to the boat. Now I am talking to myself and actually wake a guy up who was napping on his dock. I'm using the wind to drift along the shore line and as I come into a cove I see the wind has a pile of stick/grass/schmegma right at the beginning of it. I'm thinking theres gotta be a bass sitting there picking off anything that comes by. I cast right on top of the pile and slowly drag the bait into the water. BAM! Fish on and I know it's a good one. After a nice fight I lip him and get him onboard I'm thinking 4 pounder. Right on 4 lbs 5oz. After snapping a couple of pics I thank him and send him on his way. I spent the next hour and a half throwing at any stick/schmegma pile I could find with the wind blowing the water at it...no luck so I wrapped it up knowing I was going striper fishing later that night. After a nice nap and a little Dinner I take my nephew and meet up with my partner Darren to hit the Harbor. We launch his boat "Meatballs" around 8:45 and the weather couldn't be more perfect. We are gonna be fishing with live eels for the first time this summer. We get to the spot and Darren is eeled up and fishing. I get my nephew set up and he's fishing. I eel up and announce to the boys "last one in is gonna get the first fish". Not long after I get a bump. I say I'm getting a hit. Darren says are you sure it's not the eel, It's been a while since we used them. Perfect timing I set the hook as he's saying them and my line starts peeling of the reel. I wish I could have seen my own face cuz I know my smile was ear to ear and I had a big fish on. After what seemed forever I got him near the boat. When he saw the boat he went on a second run. I use 20 pound braided line with a 60 pound mono leader so there's no horsing these big boys. Patience is the name of the game. I fight him back to the side of the boat and D grabs him for me. We get him on the scale and he goes 22 pounds. Awesome!!! We all caught fish that night, 2 for me and one each for the other guys. All keepers. (we only kept one for my nephew to bring home). A great day on the water
Location:Fosters Pond and Boston Harbor
Trip Date:7/30/2011
# of Hotspots:2
Hotspot Details: 1. mouth of cove Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:1
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Largemouth Bass
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):4 lbs. 5 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:Craw
Bait Details:Yum black/blue craw
Location Details:Windblown pile of sticks and schmegma
2. Deer Island Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:4
Water Type:saltwater
Type of Fish:Striped Bass
Fish Length (Avg):30 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):22 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:Live Bait (Other)
Bait Details:Live eels
Location Details:
# of Photos:2
# of Fish Caught:5
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