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Username: fallentimber
First Name: Damon
Last Name: Hopkins
Member Since: 03/09/11 08:15 AM
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City: Spencer
State: Massachusetts
Zip: 01562
Country: USA
Website: www.BeaverFeverBaits.com
Interests: Woodworking, Sailing, Surfing, Taking my Daughter Fishing!!
About Me: Started fishing as a kid growing up, sort of fell out of the sport for awhile but now have a massive case of bass fever that I've been nursing for the past 8 years!!
Proud member of Team Beaver Fever. Plan on see us at regular and cartoppers!!!
CoOwner and Prostaff for Beaver Fever Baits, our own line of lead free terminal tackle and jigs, soft plastics and marine led lighting. Feel free to see us at Jim's Quik-Stop Tackle Shop, online at www.beaverfeverbaits.com, and hopefully coming to a tackle store near you!!!
Favorite Fish
to Catch:
Largemouth Bass,Smallmouth Bass, Pike
Favorite Type
of Fishing:
Water Type: Freshwater
Favorite Lures: Soft Swimbaits, Ribbit Frogs, Crankbaits
Fishing Rods: Baitcasters:
7' 6" Field and Stream TEC SPEC Telescopic Flipping Stick
6' 10" Field and Stream TEC SPEC Swimbait Rod
7' 0" Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Series (Heavy)
6'6" Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Series (Med Heavy)
6'6" Phleuger IM-7 (Medium)
6' 10" Falcon Pitching Stick
7' 0" Field and Stream Tec Spec Crankbait Rod
6'6" Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Series (Medium)
6'9" BPS Carbonlite ML Dropshot
6'8" F + S Tec Spec Finesse Rod
7'0" F + S Tec Spec Worm/Jig Rod
Fishing Reels: Baitcasters:
1 Quantum Energy PT Burner
2 Quantum Accurist AC500PT
2 Pinnacle Inertia Finesse
1 Diawa Excelor 4.9/1
1 Abu Garcia Pro Max
Phlueger Arbor Spinning
Shimano Stradic CI4 2500
Shimano Sahara 2500
Fishing Techniques: Bump and grinding heavy timber, weed mats, jigging the slop, burning weedbeds, whatever the pattern is!!
Favorite Fishing Spot: North Pond
Favorite Video:

Team Beaver Fever Hudd Slinging

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Daily Dose of Bassacillin

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Quabog, Brookfield Ma.

Been holed up in the house for weeks recouping, straight losing my mind!! Got to fish in the Nashua tourney but fished horrible and just couldn't get in the groove.
Well, after my helper called in today I decided to call it a day around 11:00 and ventured home. Sat around till I finally built up the moxie to take the boat out, despite the doc's recommendations, at around 1:00. I figured I had 2-3 hours to kill before I had to get my kid so why not throw in over at Quabog for a few.
I fish there 2 times a week on average, when scheduling allows, so I wasted no time and went straight to all my favorite spots.
Water temps in the main lake were running 78+ with stained water and HEAVY weed cover.
Caught a total of 15 fish in about 2 hours or so, smallest being 1.75lb and the biggest 5.6lbs (see photo) Next in line for weight was a 3.2lb. (see photo) Sorry for the pic quality camera on my phone is garbage!
All the fish came on either a soft swimbait (bass magic perch pattern), a ribbit frog (I believe their baby bass color), or 1/2oz black+blue brush jig with a pumpkin creature trailer. All were tight to cover or located on main lake humps. (yes there are a few....)
All I can say is fishing really is the best medicine, haven't felt this good in weeks!! Can't wait to get out again!

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First trip to Quabog

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# Reviews: 5
Views: 4480
Quabog, Brookfield Ma.

Finally dragged my boat out and got a chance to do a first outing and shakedown run!! Went out for about 2 hours between 6 and 8 pm after work. Spent some time trying to start the motor and make sure all the gear was ship shape before settling down to fishing. All in all a great night, took 6 fish total, all over 2lbs, all largemouth the biggest being 4.5lbs (picture). Water temps were consistently 49-50 with pockets of 52.

1. 2.1lb 4-6' of water Rapala DT-6 bluegill pattern off of tapering point
2. 2.4lb Same as above
3. 2.2lb 1-2' of water Ribbit topwater frog with belly weight 1/4oz 5/0 hook
4. 4.5lb 2-3' of water, Reaction Innovations soft swimbait same hook set as above (broke my rod on this fish thank god for extended warranties!!)
5. 3.0lb Same as above
6. 2.1lb Tight to cover flipping a 1/2 oz brush jig in green pumpkin with BangBang's custom trailer!!

Had a great night on the water and the perfect way to end the work day!! Good luck to everyone!!!

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Team Beaver Fever First Outing and Shakedown
Avg. Rating: 4
# Reviews: 1
Views: 3622

Team Beaver Fever had their first outing this past Sunday at Nippenicket. Got to the ramp around 7:30 to do a quick shakedown and gear check. Ended up spending about 5 hours on the water total, water temps were running 41.9 to 42.6 on the surface, water clarity was around 1-2 ft with some residual icebergs floating around in the back of coves. Spent the first 2 hours shaking off the boat's and gears cobwebs and marking structure, rock piles and the old shoreline with the HDS, as neither BangBang nor I have ever been there before. Ohh and if anyone is missing a 14' V-Hull we can show you where it is, bring your scuba gear!! Needless to say water was also 2-3' high it seemed, and not alot of activity, we did get one keeper (BARELY) in the boat. Came on a Bomber 4A crank in crawfish pattern off of the edge of an iceberg in approx 4' of water. Has several followers and a handful of missed strikes just couldn't get any others to commit! All in all thou a perfect first day, sun came out for awhile after a brief passing shower, and just being on the water was enough!!! Ill post a few shots as soon as I can!! Problem now is I'm already wanting to go again, see you all on the water!!

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06/07/13 12:35 PM

Looking for some new info please. Can anyone tell me some good places on Lake Champlain to fish for Largemouth/Smallmouth bass? Going up for a week starting next Friday morning for the LCI and then vaca. I will be staying on Isle La Motte for the week.


12/27/12 07:43 PM

having my surgery on monday and will be a while before i can work on the boat it is fiberglass and i need to have it painted i did a lot of work on it and need to paint it before i carpet it but will be down and out for a few months looking for a painter at a good price please let me know if you or someone you know does this or can do it thanks

09/08/12 01:40 PM

does anyone know were i can find a list of team names don't want to use someone else's name

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