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waltham charles - carp grove

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went out for a cpl of hours sunday morning - test run for the equipment, new hitch, new carpet , new wiring on the electrics - bass was not biting at all - not on plastic not on live bait - clueless - got 3 carp all kids arround 10 lbs

2 got away by our own fault had the break down on one and he bend the rod 180 and line ripped like nothing - well first real trip this year now i am awake

second one the got away just ripped my buddys 20 lbs fire line like paper

well .. we will be back for that 30 lbs pig

also they were fishing a tournament and i was pretty pissed about the 20 boats in "my" hood but hey watchagonna do

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nickerson state park
Avg. Rating: 4.6666666666667
# Reviews: 3
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nickerson state park

short trip for trout to nickerson - caught a 3 lbs bass on trout hook and the sucker was happy the tiny hook was in his lip so he was saved - also found fishing equipment for 20 bucks still originally packaged

4th charles fish fest

Avg. Rating: 4.5
# Reviews: 8
Views: 3577
charles river waltham ramp 2

i saw a lot of guys spent the 4th fishing and like all others we had a blast - must have been a good day for fishermen all over ma

left the house at 4 am to be on the water at 430
first litle hole in the lili pads with a small channel and we got at least 5 - 6 larrys in there all over 2 lbs

non stop action till 1 pm when it started to get real hot and quiet down

we used shiners, frogs and some yamamoto creatures and catched equally all over the baits

15 - 20 keeper fish in total with most of them in a 2 - 3.8 lbs range and i was surprised to see no baby's at all.

all fish after 8am were caught very close to shoreline in the shade, docks or deep in the channels at drop offs

also two nice carp at 7lbs - it was a great day on the water
and probably the best day so far 2011

i used two different types of bread wonderbread and some hot dog buns wich they chewed on once and then spit out immediately - funny they really love wonderbread

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charles river waltham

Avg. Rating: 4.5
# Reviews: 4
Views: 3835
waltham woerd ave

left at 1 am with a buddy from woerd ave boat ramp
we knew weather would suck all week end but what u gonna do - light drizzle all nite but it stopped as soon we were on the water - 62 F with heavy clouds - fished the lilipads and small channels and got some nice top water action with de frog - and got bass going for it non stop but have real problems hooking them up they bite and let go any tips for that ?

got cpl of 1-2 lbs but nothing worth taking a pic - when the sun came up arround 5 we started seeing lots of carp litterally sticking their haeds completely out the water to feed ( funny sight) so we hooked some wonderbread and strawberry pieces on - let me tell ya if you want to go for catfish use strawberry they go for it like craazy

got two nice carp that my buddy made into his delicious dinner - well hope so havent called him to see if hes still alive :)

arround 7 we heared thunder in the background and were thinking will it pass by ? but 5 mins later a big bang and some pretty close lightning told us to get the f@k of the water so we flew back to the boat ramp and barley had time to put boat on trailer when all hell broke loose and we had to hide in the car to not get fried on the ramp

well let me tell ya thunderstorm on the boat - no joke

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cruisin fo carp

Avg. Rating: 4.833333333333299
# Reviews: 6
Views: 7104
mirror lake in norfork

mirror lake in norfork, for a nice sunday trip - first time carp action.

went there early am and instantly got some small bass, also lots of bites and one nice carp.

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waltham charles
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charles river waltham ramp

First test of new engine and all winterized equipment, started at 530 and had to break the ice on the ramp to get boat in.

New 15 hp runs smooth starts right up, so I go as far on charles as I can upward to 95.

Well let me tell ya when your wife says its too cold and then teh ankerrope and the rods freeze over, she might be right ....

but what eves so charles waterlevel is very low and its between 39 and 40 F, all shorelines are free and you can get really close to the broder that are normally are filled with waterplants.

crawled with the boat thru some less than 1ft water channels - nothing - didnt even see a fish

but hey first time out - new engine is a blast
and i got a nice sunburn in the face so it's not a total loss

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