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Username: sinista
First Name: Neil
Last Name: Dootson
Member Since: 08/07/10 10:55 PM
Last Login: 05/27/16 10:48 PM
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City: Dighton
State: Massachusetts
Zip: 02715
Country: USA
Website: www.darksidereelz.com
Interests: Obviously Bass Fishing. Conspiracy Theories, Ancient History
About Me: Owner of Dark Side Reelz : The Reel Resurrection Specialists.



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Denali Rods
Boag Hog Baits
Solar Bat Sunglasses
Favorite Fish
to Catch:
Large Mouth, Small Mouth
Favorite Type
of Fishing:
Flippin and Pitchin and Froggin
Water Type: Freshwater
Favorite Lures: Havoc Pit Boss, Boag Hog Lead Free Jigs
Fishing Rods: I couldn't possibly fit them all here I'll just list a few of my favorites.

Denali Custom Flipping Stick 7ft 4in Heavy

Denali Jadewood Jig Rod 7ft Heavy

Denali Rosewood Crankbait Rod 7ft Med Heavy

Denali Jadewood Shakey Head Rod 7 ft Med Heavy
Fishing Reels: Shimano Calais
Shimano Chronarch
Abu Garcia Revo STX
Abu Garcia Premier
Shimano Sedona
Shimano Sahara
Fishing Techniques: Love to flip and pitch timber, punching the nastiest matted sh*t you can find , . Soft Plastics that are heavy enough to throw weightless, for largemouth or smallmouth, Froggin the thickest slop I can find for hungry Largemouths! Buzz Baiting the secret Bogs
Favorite Fishing Spot: Old Cranberry Bogs in.....??????

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Eyes Of Red..Starring.. Charles Bronze-Son-Stein LMAO

Avg. Rating: 4.9
# Reviews: 10
Views: 3776


Hit the water this morning at 4:15am we couldnt see 2 feet in front of us, but we could hear the Red Eyes breaking water, 3 rd cast of the Pop R resulted in a 2.5lb Smallie, by the time the clock said 6:30am we already had 20 Smallies landed all in the 2lb class, by 10am we had boated 41 Small Mouth, including a 3.1lb and 3.6lb, not once did we even see a largemouth.

We left and hit a second pond to seek out Larry largemouth, we boated 15 biggest 5 tipping the scales at 17lbs, all in all a great day.

Sorry I cant tell you guys where these places are Ive been sworn to secrecy, besides Im down right selfish when it comes to a honey hole like this!!

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Tuesday Night Cook Pondin'

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 7
Views: 3484
Cook Pond

Just a quick after work trip , boated about 15 bass in a few hours including a few Larrys on the frog, the pics tell the rest

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Afternoon Delight

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 8
Views: 3618
Cook Pond

GOt out of work at 4:30 suited up and headed out to Cook Pond in my Hometown of Fall River (you know!!) Met up with my buddy Jeff at the ramp and off we went, hooked up on a couple of decent fish with in the first 5 or so casts on the wacky rig, spotted some pads and out came the Evolve Frog, 1st cast in GIANT BLOWUP I set the hook and some how the 65 lb Power Pro braid snapped about 20 feet from the frog....?? (maybe it had a nick in it) I realized this about 3 minutes later when the frog resurfaced... lmao with about 20 feet of line still attached to him!! Glad to get the frog back, at 16$ a peice thats a tough loss.. In any event we ended up catching close to 20 Bass of ll different sizes including a few nice small mouths Jeff landed, eventually then rain and wind were too much.. thats all for today boys and girls, see you all at Winthrop!

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Senko De Mayo Wacky Style

Avg. Rating: 4.2
# Reviews: 5
Views: 3869

Great day to be on the water , gonna keep this short, anyway hit a few ponds quick this morning with no luck decided to go to Old Faithful B.... (you thought I was gonna tell you didnt ya!, not a chance! LMAO) any way stumbled upon My buddy Stratos coming off where I was just about to launch (always nice to see you brother) he passed on a few tips as to what was going on on the water and where to find some fish and off we went.
Boated about 20 (mixed bag of large and small mouth), lots of decent size fish on beds, biggest we put in the boat was just shy of 4 lbs the rest between 1.5 and 2 lbs

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Stick Around Folks!

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 10
Views: 4083
Lovells Pond

Got out this weekend with my Buddy Dave conditions were pleasant , 60 degrees, 10 MPH wind, water temp at launch 44 degrees, reaching a max of 47 by 2pm when we left.
Fished a smaller pond on Cape Cod hoping to find some decent water temps and possibly some fish moving up into the shallow brush, after making the mistake of searching shallow early we moved to deeper water and switched to Ole' Faithfull, The Boag Hog Drop Shot.

Found a sandy flat that stretched from 6 to 20 feet with a nice hump located in the middle of it.

Heres where things get amusing and the "Stick Around Folks" Title of this trip comes from.. A few people walked out on the beach and asked " You guys catching anything" Right at that moment I felt THUMP THUMP and set the hook , this fish put her head down and took off running, 7ft 2in Crucial Drop Shot Rod doubled over and the drag on the Shimano Sahara started singing, 6lb test whipping through the guides the fight was on!

Big Fish I yell then proceed to tell the people on shore to "Stick Around Folks If you want to see a Giant!" however this fish had different plans, apparently she swam into a brush pile and shook the hook (unknown to me at the time) I kept pressure on the rod in hopes she would shake free, slowly but surely a large section of the brush pile began to come off the bottom little by slow I brought it up to the surface, certain (in my mind) the fish was coming with it......

When it reached the surface it was just the brush, man did I feel like an idiot! The people on shore , who watched the whole time, must have been like "What a retard!"

Disapointed I retied and cast back out, within 2 minutes I landed the beauty in the photo, as well as 4 more, a 5 fish day in March totaling a little over 14 lbs for the day

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DAY 3 Okeechobee

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 15
Views: 4994
Lake Okeechobee Clewiston Florida
1/6/0 - 1/8/0

Much better conditions today, bite was considerably better, we caught a decent amount of fish, but still didnt find the giants we were looking for, but did manage to land the Bucketmouth in the Picture, none the less The Guide Mark King and The Accomodations at Roland Martins Marina all deserve an A+++

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Lake Okeechobee Day 2 Clewiston Florida

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 9
Views: 3744
Lake Okeechobee Clewiston Florida
1/5/2012 - 1/7/2012



(I shot the video) it will give you a very small idea of how much flippable grass this place has (about 35 MILES OF IT!)

Myself and buddies Dave and Weston finally made it to Okeecchobee , we arrived Thursday afternoon, took in the sights and woke early Friday morning for Day 1

Our giude for the 3 day trip was Mark King a very knowledgeable, friendly, overall Awesome Guy and one hell of a guide! (heres the link to his websight should any of you guys wanna plan a trip)


Day one was really slow due to a bad cold front the day before, only boated 1 Bass, believe it or not.

Day 2 (today)
65 degrees, water temp 53- 62, Sunny 5 to 10 mph winds

today was much better, the grass down here is not like the grass at home, we were flipping in 4 to 8 foot Eel Grass and let me tell you when they bite you better have the power to wrench them out!

We must have lost a good 10 Big Bass Today that got balled up in the grass and popped off, when they just about rip the rod out of your hand you know there BIG!

Anyway we ended up boating about 7 with the days Biggest in the attaced photo 6 lbs and change

Final day tomorrow, Ill keep you guys posted, its suppose to be the best day according to our guide

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January 1st 2012 New Years Day Bassin'

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 12
Views: 3846
Johns POnd

Location : Johns Pond Mashpee
Conditions : Absolutely Gorgeous
Temp (low) 35 (high) 51
Water Temp 41 to 43 degrees
Wind SW 5 Mph Max

First and foremost I'd like to thank my Guide and Camera Man for the Day, Kenny, Lol.

Kenny by far is one of the most easy going guys I know and a great guy to be around on and off the water.
WE decided to hit up Johns Pond in Mashpee for a little New Years Day Bassin, with in 5 minutes of launching Kenny picked up two perch on the drop shot, first a YELLOW perch then his cousin the WHITE perch showed up, shortly after that I landed my first Bass of 2012 a 3lb fattie. As luck would have it kenny did not see another bite the rest of the day but did one hell of a job driving the boat, netting fish and snapping pics, lol, and never once did he complain, he's outfished me more than once I suppose today was just my day.
I went on to land 3 more Larrys including the 4lb 11oz beauty in the photo attached, all and all a great day!

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Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 10
Views: 4056
Great Herring Pond Plymouth Mass

Partly Sunny Temp, 55 Degrees
Water Temp 49-50 Degrees
Wind SSW 25 MPH Plus

1st Place Team Halo 5 fish 9lb 12oz
2nd Place Team Sinista 5 fish 8lb 13oz
3rd Place Team Beaver Fever 2 fish 6lb 8oz
4th Place Team Why Not Now 1 fish 1lb 8oz
LUNKER Damon (Beaver Fever) 3lb 5oz Smallmouth
Honerable mentions:

Team Shaw
Team Sardine Hunter
Team Rusty Hookers

Todays Entertainment Provided By Bang Bang from Team Beaver Fever (See Pictures Below)

Tough day no matter how you cut it, the wind was brutal and non-stop, BIG PROPS to everyone who showed up and braved the conditions, your all winners in my book

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Lake Winthrop Car Topper 10-9-11

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 10
Views: 3723
Lake Winthrop

All I can say is what a day! Tough place to fish, bluebird skies, bright and sunny and unseasonably HOT!
To be honest we really didnt think the 3 fish we had were gonna take 1st, especially with the field we were up against.
We kept our heads down and flipped and flipped and flipped some more, just couldnt find fish 4 & 5, luck would have it all we would need was 3.

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08/17/15 06:30 AM

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Diawa Tatula Rebuild and Upgrade
Diawa Tatula Rebuild and Upgrade
Completed a full cleaning and bearing upgrade on this beauty
08/17/15 06:20 AM

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07/21/13 06:51 PM

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05/06/13 08:08 PM

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05/06/13 08:07 PM
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12/27/12 09:07 PM

Friend of mine on here is getting ready to have surgery and has done most of the work himself on his boat as far as sanding, etc. Need to find someone that is able to paint it at a good price? If you know of anyone or a good place, please let me know. Lives in Fall River, Ma. so anything close would be great but if not, something can be worked out, Thanks, Dale

12/27/12 07:43 PM

having my surgery on monday and will be a while before i can work on the boat it is fiberglass and i need to have it painted i did a lot of work on it and need to paint it before i carpet it but will be down and out for a few months looking for a painter at a good price please let me know if you or someone you know does this or can do it thanks

11/26/12 10:03 PM

If anyone is interested in Bass Angler Magazines, contact me wether it be a subscription for yourself or for christmas or a display for your tackle shop or one you may know of. Message me here or malibupower62@yahoo.com or if tackle shop you can call me at 978-237-1469. Also I will have a Bass Angler Booth up at the Rockingham Hunting and Fishing Expo on the 5th & 6th of Jan at the Rockingham Park in Salem,NH Great deals and mags, gonna be a great time and huge crowd. Thanks, Dale Adams

11/15/12 08:08 PM

what were some of the baits that the fish were caight on

11/06/12 06:56 PM

New video updated of Mark Lassagne...editor in chief of Bass Angler Magazine...hell of a guy

11/06/12 02:30 PM

Anyone interested in subscribing or know of any tackle shops that would like to have a Bass Angler Magazine display, please let me know. Thanks, Dale...booyah62

Best bass fishing mag out, no ads, all the top pro's and info from them and more....Contact me at malibupower62@yahoo.com or 978-237-1469

09/08/12 01:40 PM

does anyone know were i can find a list of team names don't want to use someone else's name

08/12/12 09:40 PM

Congrats on the win,awsome bag man

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