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Big bass and a bunch of kooks

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Fished a small pond that is basically a swamp this time of year. Thick weeds everywhere! It's hard to throw anything but a frog, so I started with that and picked off a few small bass. I found a few breaks in the weeds, so I decided to cast a spinnerbait in the open areas and burn it back. Caught one bass on the first cast, then a few more in the same general area, the biggest one just over 2 pounds. I paddled around to another open area in a little deeper, cast out the spinner, and it got crushed. A small battle ensued, with the bass diving into the weeds often, but never coming off the hook. I got it to the boat, along with about 20 pounds of weeds, and got it on the scale. It had a big head and a huge stomach, as it must have just ate, but it wasn't that long. Either way it tipped the scale at 5pounds 9ounces, and I just changed the batteries and rechecked the scale the day before. Good stuff!

The rest of the day I caught a few more bass, but nothing big. I spent most of my time observing probably the least intelligent people I've ever seen in my life. I see a group of 3 canoes put in, and they all have 5 gallon buckets in between the rowers. They then proceeded to b-line to about 20 feet away from where I was fishing. They started pulling weeds out of the water and filling the bucket. I figured maybe they were doing a pond study or something, so I just kept fishing. I cast a frog towards shore and one of the women looks up and says "look over there, its a snake!!" and the other woman says "oh yes, there are snakes in here" I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "you've got to be kidding me. Do you not see the 3 fishing poles I have hanging out of my kayak, including one that I've actively been casting next to you for the last 10 minutes?????"

Anyways...I paddled around them, and finally asked what they were doing. This is how the conversation happened:

me: "what are you guys doing with the weeds?"
them: "oh just taking them out and bringing them to shore."
me: "You're trying to clean all the weeds out of the pond?"
them: "yes, do you want to help?"
me: "Hahaha"

I had to get out of there, I'm not sure how they planned on cleaning out the weeds, which you can almost walk across, in a probably close to 50 acre pond with 6 people and a few buckets. I did not even want to know what the logic behind this plan was.

All in all, a good day. probably caught 10 bass, with one big guy, and had some good entertainment!

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Epic Day on the Ice

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After having a pretty tough season so far, we went out this weekend hoping to turn things around. Saturday did not work out so well, but we did crush the 8" pickerel. They didn't stand a chance.

Sunday was another story. Tried a new lake and when we got there it was pretty crowded. We found a spot that wasn't crowded and set up. About an hour later flags started flying...all bass 1-2lbs. The jig bite was on too. About noon, I go over to check a flag, set the hook and felt decent pressure fighting back on me. All of a sudden a giant maw pokes up into the hole. I reach in and grab a 5-3 largemouth!

After a few victory fist pumps, I calm down and start jigging a little. Catch a few panfish, a few more bass on the tip ups..then all of a sudden something big grabbed my tiny jig. It took line, I reeled it back up, it ran, I fought back. 5 minutes later I see another huge jaw appear in the 6" hole. Reach in and grab a 5-2 largemouth! I just about crapped my pants...2 5 pounders in one day?! I've only caught 2 5 pounders in my life, so I just doubled it in one day!

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Salmon River

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Pulaski, NY
10/5/2013 - 10/6/2013

My buddy has been going up to the Salmon River almost every weekend for the salmon run for the past 2-3 years, and always sends me pictures of monster fish he and his dad catch out there. This year I made it a point to save a vacation day ad get out there!

Left MA Friday after work and headed back to my parents house near Albany. Got there loaded up and then headed out to Pulaski with my dad and brother.

Saturday morning wake up call is at 4:30am and we are at the Douglaston Run parking lot by 5:15. The place is a mob scene...all you can hear is burps and farts, and people putting on their waders for a half hour. At 6am the gate opens to go down to the river and a mass of people exit the parking lot...it was almost like when you're waiting to get into an amusement park and the gates finally open, minus the screaming kids. We hike down a path with head lamps and cross the river to get to our spot, where we wait until it is actually bright enough to see.

The fishing was pretty crazy, there are tons of fish in the river and you can see them everywhere-they even bump into you every once in awhile. The bite was tough because the fish have to be hooked in the mouth, or you have to break off your line or immediately release them. Couple this with my lack of fly fishing experience and light leaders, and you get a pretty frustrating day on the water. I must have hooked up close to 20 fish and didn't land one. Our group did well overall, lots of hook ups, and a few fish were landed with 3 being kept.

Next day was a little better. We all started to get the hang of it a little more, and I started to be able to tell when the fish was caught in the mouth, so I don't fight it for 15 minutes and then realize I have to break the line anyway. Everyone landed fish Sunday, and my brother and I each took home 2.

Overall, it was a great trip and I could not believe the power of these fish, never felt anything like it, which made it so satisfying to land a 25-30 pound fish on 14 pound leader on a fly that I tied.

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November Bass Blitz

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I've been super busy lately, and my schedule coming up isn't looking too good either, so I had to take advantage of a free day to get on the water!

We got up early Saturday and were on the lake by 730. Having heard stories of solid largemouth fishing at this lake, we tied on some fall favorites: jigs, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits. We could have just brought 1 rod on this trip though, because all they were hitting were the jigs. I used a green pumpkin with a green trailer and my buddy used a white chatterbait, and that got the job done all day.

The bite started out hot, and I boated a 4-2, 3-11 and a 1-9 all within the first hour. My buddy then caught up with a 3-0, a 4-13 and 2-4. The bite slowed a little and we picked off a few more in the 1-2 pound range, and then I ended up with a nice 3-4 to end the day. We only caught 9 fish, but the quality was pretty high, smallest was 1-9, lunker at 4-13, and best 5 going 18 lbs 14oz. Can't complain about that!

As I mentioned, all bass we caught were on jigs and they were all off windy points. We found the pattern early and it stuck for the rest of the day, which led us to our best day on the water.

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July 4th Fireworks

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I'd like to preface this by stating up front, that I got that ounce I was looking for last time out...

I decided to sleep in and when I woke up, it was dumping rain anyway, so I wasn't really in any rush to get out on the water, plus the fish I have been catching lately haven't been first thing. Loaded up the boat and hit the water by 7:45am. It was raining really hard, and my kayak ended up getting a good amount of water in the bottom of it. At one point you could barely see across the lake! Wearing a bathing suit was a good move on my part.

The bite was pretty slow to start, a few bumps, but nothing much going on. At 8:30 I felt that familiar tap tap that I've been feeling lately. I reeled in the slack, felt some weight and set the hook. The fish felt pretty decent, but I didn't think it was anything crazy. Once it got close to the boat I realized I was pretty far off on that assumption, and when the beast saw the boat, I felt his full strength as he took off for the weeds. A short battle ensued, with me ending up winning and catching my PB bass, weighing in at 5lbs 10 oz!!

After that, I felt like it didn't matter if I catch anything at all. I crossed the lake to where I missed a good one the Sunday prior. Cast the jig out, felt the tap tap, set the hook on another beast. This battle panned out almost exactly the same as the one over the weekend! Tap tap, set hook, fight fish for 30 seconds, fish jumps out of the water, then spits the hook after it lands. It was in the same area and almost identical battle; it was probably the same damn fish and now he's just sitting there laughing at me!

The rain slowed, and then the sun actually came out and it got hot. I ended up catching another nice bass, which came in at 3lbs 10 oz. This is a good fish no doubt, but pales in comparison when your first fish was 2lbs heavier! After that I made my way back to the launch and headed home. Not bad for two hours on the water! Both big bass, and Sunday's lunker, were caught on Boag Hog Baits brush jigs, green pumpkin (Thanks Jay!!)

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Can I get an ounce??

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Lincoln, MA

Got out this morning early...on the water by 5:45. Bit was slow, as was the wind, until about 8. The wind picked up and I finally caught a bass, and a few other non-target species. 10am comes around and I miss 2 big bass back to back on the jig. Not sure what the deal was, but the hook wasn't holding solid. One was a good one, probably 4-5lbs, and the other probably low 3's, as I saw them both before they spit my jig back into my face.

I trimmed the weed guard back a little, and started getting some solid hook ups. A few in the 2lb range within a half hour had me wondering why I woke up so early and rushed out to the lake, but anyways, kept fishing and battling the wind that decided to get pretty strong. I cast towards a thick patch of weeds and landed the jig just before them. Felt a litttle tap tap and set the hook on something heavy. The battle ensued for a few minutes, and I could tell it was a decent fish. I finally landed it, snapped a pic or 2, and weighed it in at 4lbs 15oz. The 5 pound club has eluded me so far this year, but only by a single ounce!!

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April 11

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Fished yesterday in the Metrowest area. Zipped home from work and loaded the kayak as soon as possible. Made it to the lake shortly thereafter and was on the water by 4:30pm. Weather was off and on rain, but mostly cloudy and calm wind. Water temps in the mid 50s - my thermometer was reading 56 the whole time.

The bite was pretty slow overall. Caught two decent bass, one in the low 2lb range and one that the scale called 3lbs even and a few slime darts; one being of the skinniest looking pickerel I've ever seen.

When the fish weren't biting, I made friends with an enormous snapper...check the pics, I was a little scared to stick my hand in the water to take the pictures!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011. Metro west.

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The party started out when my alarm rang at 5:15 in the morning. I had my gear loaded the night before, so just grabbed a few bananas for breakfast and stopped at Dunkin' D's for a coffee. There is no traffic at that time of day, so I got to the boat launch around 6 am, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Captain Kman, of the USS Northshore.

The captain arrived shortly thereafter and we packed up our vessel, and hit the lake. We had a slow start, trying to figure out what the fish were after on this particular day. The weather called for cloudy skies and possibly some rain, but as the sun rose, we found ourselves looking at a blue bird sky. This pond seems to be much better when the weather is cloudy, and even better when it is raining. The bite was slow to begin with, and we had our initial doubts, but within an hour, Kman boated a solid 3 lb 4 oz largemouth on a jig. Game on.

We continued fishing, getting bites here and there, boating a few fish in the 1-2 lb range. The worm bite was slow, so I switched over to a white spinnerbait. Shortly thereafter I had my first hit, and it was a good one. I could tell it was a good fish, but I couldn't see it and it wasn't surfacing. A few seconds later, we saw a flash of green pop out of the water; it was long and skinny. I thought it might be a monster pickerel, which is bittersweet; a huge fish on one hand, but a pain in the ass pickerel on the other. As I got the fish closer to the boat, we realized it was a big bass, as it took off away from us. I told the Captain to get the net, and he told me to shut up because we never bring a net. I remembered he was right and told him he better be ready to lip that pig, and he was. I got him close, Kman grabbed him and we weighed him in at 3 lbs 6 oz. Shortly after, another cast yielded a 2 lb 6 oz largemouth, also victim to the white spinnerbait.

The Captain was dead set on catching fish on Bitsy Bug jigs, and he was working them hard. I, myself, have never had much luck with jigs, but had been wanting to figure out how they work. Today turned out to be the perfect day to do so. Kman hit another 3 pounder on the jig, but refused a picture, because he is sneaky like that that and he said that 3 pounders weren't worth taking pictures of. He taught me the ways of the jig, and I worked on my technique, catching a few bass in the meantime, trying to keep up with the Captain's success on the jig.

After all these fish, I tired, and took a break around 11:35. At this point I made good friends with a dragonfly that landed on my hand and caused me stare at him for 5 minutes straight, very cool bug. After that, I caught a few more jig bass, and we saw a swimming squirrel. Who knew that squirrels swam?? Certainly not the two passengers on the USS Northshore! I had to take a picture to document the situation, and so that I could include it in the detailz of this trip.

We had a few more successful drifts through the lily pads that yielded my best largemouth on a jig, 3lbs 7 oz, and another solid one from Kman, in the mid 2 lb range. He didn't want a picture of it, but I took one anyway, so that trip wasn't all about the first mate (it's the one with a fish being held and no person in the background).

Got off the water around 1:30 and all in all, it was a successful day. USS Northshore ended up boating at least 30 bass, along with another 10-15 pickerel; the top 5 bass going in the 16 pound range, despite the fact that the weather wasn't what we've had our our best days in. After a long day of a slamming hogs, I went home and iced my joints and wrists and relaxed with a well earned cold beer.

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Rain Day Slug Fest

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Lincoln, MA

Got the call at 6:15 that we weren't working today because of the rain...tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't stop thinking about hitting my local spot. I always seem to do pretty well when its rainy there. Took my time and got my stuff together, had some breakfast and a coffee, threw my kayak on the car and I was on my way. On the water by 8:30 and it was raining so hard I couldn't make out any of the patches of lily pads that are usually all over the lake.

Fished the usual start out spots and landed 2 small keepers and moved on. I've never had much luck fishing the downed trees in this spot, but this have never stopped me from fishing them anyway. I noticed a tree that looked to be recently down, as I haven't noticed it before. Cast toward one side and hook up with a 3 lb 1oz largemouth. Document and release it, then cast to the other side of the small tree and hook up with a 2lb 5 oz. Bout time I get something out of the trees here!

I then moved along the different sections of pads heading down the lake, picking up some small keepers in the 1 pound range here and there. I got to another downed tree where I've caught a nice bass at before, and end up hooking up with another one, this one at 3 lbs 7 oz. The head on this fish was enormous, but the rest of the body wasn't quite as filled out...still a solid fish.

These fish were all caught on 5" green swimsenkos t-rigged weightless. I caught a few more on this pattern, but then the wind picked up, so I switched over to a gray/black/gold spinnerbait with gold blades and caught a few more right off the bat. Once I got to the far end of the lake, I had one jump at the lure about 2 feet away from the boat and completely miss the lure. I thought it was going to jump right in the boat and scared the crap out of me. It looked to be another solid fish, probably in the 3 pound range, but he disappeared after his acrobatics display. I then missed another smaller fish that spit the hook. Next cast landed right next to the weedline and something exploded on the lure...3 lb 12 oz hog.

I was thinking that the day was going pretty well, and now I just needed that nice 5 pounded to finish it off. I cast toward another weed line just a few minutes later and had another explosion. This one was big. Battled it for several minutes and then got it in the boat. It was big, and I was hoping it would make the 5 pound mark, which I haven't hit this year, but it came up just short at 4lbs 12 oz. Who can complain with that though? At least I know my visual scale is somewhat close to my actual scale...

The wind was blowing me back towards the other side of the lake, where I put in, so I continued casting the spinnerbait towards the weedbeds and this produced several more bass in the 1 1/2-2lb range, with the largest of the drift being 2lbs 5 oz. I tried fishing around some other spots near the launch, but by this time I was completely soaked through, and the wind was blowing pretty good, so I decided to call it a day.

I ended up with 24 bass, best 5 going 17lbs 5 oz, and lunker at 4 lbs 12oz. Not bad! Today proved 2 things: The fish are definitely more active in the rain at this spot, and that my rain gear needs fresh coat of waterproofer on it!

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Sebago Lake

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Sebago Lake, ME

Went camping up to Sebago Lake in Maine this weekend. Friday night I realized that I should probably have a boat somewhat larger than my 9' kayak. The lake is absolutely huge. The water is crystal clear, and it gets very deep. No luck Friday evening, so got up early on Saturday. Got down to the water about ten minutes to 6 and caught the sunrise as I paddled out. I paddled to an island and fished around there without any luck, and set off for a smaller part of the lake. I had the sinking feeling that I was going to get skunked this weekend. For whatever reason, I decided to troll a spinner as I headed towards the next spot. There aren't any weeds in the area, it was pretty deep, so I wouldn't get snagged, and I know there are lots of salmon and trout in the lake, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

As I got about 50 yards from an island, my boat started shaking, and it felt like I was running over a tree in the water or something. I looked down and couldn't see bottom and said "what the hell is going on?" I looked behind me and my rod is bent over and tugging. A second later I see a fish jump out. I grabbed the rod and commenced battling the fish. At first I thought it was a salmon because of where I caught it, and it was jumping. I didn't get a good look at it because of where the sun was until I got it close to the boat and realized it was a smallmouth. It was 2 lbs 4 oz and 16.5". I was pumped because I had not faith in my trolling idea, and this fish fought like crazy.

I figured lightning doesn't strike twice, and there was no way this would work again, but I couldn't resist. I cast the lure out again and paddled bag to the general area I was in, turned and headed back towards the island again along a similar path. A minute later, I got that same feeling of the boat jerking around, looked back, and the pole was bent over again! Are you kidding me? Another solid fight and I got another smallie in the boat, this one clocking in at 2 lbs 14 oz and 19". I was pumped, and even more so later that day, when I realized that was my biggest smallmouth to date! Both were caught on a #4 Mepps Aglia.

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12/27/12 07:43 PM

having my surgery on monday and will be a while before i can work on the boat it is fiberglass and i need to have it painted i did a lot of work on it and need to paint it before i carpet it but will be down and out for a few months looking for a painter at a good price please let me know if you or someone you know does this or can do it thanks

09/08/12 01:40 PM

does anyone know were i can find a list of team names don't want to use someone else's name

06/19/10 12:06 PM

thanks for the trip review

05/31/10 07:23 PM

Hey man that review was supposed to be a 5 star. I,m sorry man I think I must have move3d the mouse without realizing it. I'm sorry bro about the reveiw and the hook job.

05/19/10 11:29 PM

Very nice, thats what I like to hear! I will be there bright and early on Sunday. That back area is holding all the pigs right now, I really would have thought they would have started to move towards the islands to spawn. When the water was really high a month or two ago gettin back there was no problem but now its about a foot or two in most places. Anyhoot, glad it worked it!

09/02/09 10:21 PM

Hey Ted, you can just add it in a message to the "Picture of the Month" forum. Ill grab it out of there in a week or so and start a new poll for next month.

08/22/09 10:27 PM

Hi Ted,

I have fished Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire for many years, but that's the bulk of my experience there; never been to Pawtuckaway. My general advice for NH is to expect clearer water than you might normally find here in MA, and less vegetation. You might need to fish deeper water or wait until night to fish shallows. Not sure I can be of much help beyond that, but have a balst, there are lots of fish up there!


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