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Username: timmeh
First Name: Tim
Last Name: W.
Member Since: 07/20/11 10:48 PM
Last Login: 09/22/17 03:03 PM
Profile Views: 19292
City: Oxford
State: Connecticut
Zip: 06478
Country: USA
Website: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYfPzEqxdltE8JB2A7j9OfA
Interests: Some of my hobbies include fishing (duh), woodworking, playing basketball and other sports, computers, fly tying, archery, YouTube video making, and playing guitar.
About Me: I started fishing in summer 2011 and know some stuff but will always have more to learn. Like in summer 2012 I learned to fly fish.
I love learning new hobbies and
I also like to be outdoors.
Favorite Fish
to Catch:
I love to catch largemouth, and trout.
Favorite Type
of Fishing:
Spin rod, and will occasionally fly fish
Water Type: Freshwater
Favorite Lures: My favorite lures would have to be pretty much anything topwater.
Fishing Rods: My Fishing Rods:

Durango baitcast rod - (freshwater 5' 6" medium action)

Pflueger fly rod -
(freshwater 8' )

Bass Pro Shops Series 200 Spinning Rod -
(freshwater 5' 8" medium action)

Shakespeare Conquest Spinning Rod -
(freshwater 6' medium action)

Southbend Bass fishing Rod
Spinning Rod-
(freshwater 6' medium action)

Shakespeare Durango Baitcasting Rod
(freshwater 5'6" medium action)
Fishing Reels: My Fishing Reels:

Shakespeare 1bb Durango Spinning Reel

Pflueger fly reel

Shakespeare Conquest Spinning Reel 1bb

Southbend Bass Fishing Reel
Spinning Reel 1bb

Pfleuger Purist Baitcasting Reel
Fishing Techniques: My technique involves just throwing a top-water lure, preferably a Scum Frog, onto a weed bed or the edge of one if I can find one, and just reeling it in a stop-and-go style across the water.
Favorite Fishing Spot: Baummer Pond, Southford Falls, and my Backyard Pond

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Fishing Top-Water
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my backyard

Today I went fishing right smack in the heat of the day (2:30-4:30 p.m.) smart me. But besides the 86 degree weather I caught a decent fish. It was a 15" chain pickerel on a Scum Frog lure that I modified. I have pics of both the fish and the lure on my account. Pretty good day, but only one fish unfortunately...

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my backyard

I went night-fishing for the first time ever and honestly I don't think it lives up to the hype. I actually had a great time though... sight-seeing. I saw a lot of bats, a cool walking-stick type bug, crayfish, (which I have a pic of on my profile) minnows, and a lot of frogs! Still anyways, after having caught a crayfish in a bucket, I had a great time.

Fishing on the Good Old Lake

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my backyard

Went fishing on my backyard pond and caught two fish which I have some pics of. Brought my neighbor along he caught two fish as well. Had a good time. At first tried fishing frogs on the top-water, that didn't work so we went to fishing live worms which did work.

Map It

Another Day Fishing
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my backyard
Today I went fishing with my neighbor in my backyard pond. Caught only one fish but noticed that they were really biting on the top-water lures. My neighbor had a strike on a Scum Frog lure. And I caught a fish using a Rapala Skitter Walk lure. But all in all had a good time. Oh the fish was a pickerel.

Another Day Fishin'
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Baummer Pond

Today I just went out fishing with my dad hoping to catch a few fish. Which I did, and unfortunately my dad didn't. I caught 6 fish, nothing special, just a few sunnies.

Testing The New Gear
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my backyard

Went Fishing in my backyard pond and brought my uncle along. Figured I would go today to test out my new gear, see how it looked in the water, and it's action, and especially how it catches fish! I caught one fish, but unfortunately my uncle didn't catch anything, he hasn't had much luck lately....
Oh by the way I caught the fish on a bass pro shops XPS spoon.

Fishing with my Dad
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my backyard

Yesterday I went fishing with my dad and uncle. We were fishing in my backyard pond and caught soooo many fish! My dad caught seven my uncle zero sadly and me thirteen. It was awesome! My dad caught four bass and three pickerel. I caught four pickerel and nine bass. Oh by the way the bass were largemouths. We all had a great time.

Backyard Pond Fishin' With My Dad
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Views: 2382
my backyard

I went fishing in my backyard pond with my dad and caught 5 fish. Unfortunately my dad was out of luck... again. Three of the fish were chain pickerel and 2 were largemouth bass, I seem to be catching those kinds of fish lately. Even though my dad didn't catch anything he still said he had a good time just being out there and so did I. And, in my opinion, that is really the best part, just being out there and having fun with friends/family.

backyard pond fishing
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Views: 2108
my backyard

Today went out fiishing with my dad in the pond in my backyard. I caught one fish and unfortunately my dad didn't catch any. But we still had a great time I was also lucky enough to see four herons.

1st Fishes of 2013!
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Views: 2079
my backyard

Today i went fishing in my backyard pond equipped with all of my lures when it turned out that only two ended up working! On this trip I caught six largemouth bass, and two chain pickerel. One of the bass was of decent size, the others... eh.

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Caught my new personal best
Caught my new personal best
Avg. Rating: 5
# of Ratings: 1
08/19/16 04:57 PM
Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass
Caught this on a topwater frog lure in the late evening on what was going to be my last cast.
07/19/16 03:04 PM
Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass
Caught this one out of my backyard pond in the late evening
07/19/16 02:59 PM
Chain Pickerel
Chain Pickerel
This is a pic of a big (15") chain pickerel. I caught the fish using a modified Scum Frog lure which i think I've got another pic of on my profile somewhere.
Avg. Rating: 4
# of Ratings: 2
# of Comments: 3
07/04/13 07:07 PM
I went night-fishing with no success for catching any fish except for this crayfish which I caught in a bucket.
Avg. Rating: 3
# of Ratings: 1
# of Comments: 1
07/04/13 09:22 AM
Yellow Perch
Yellow Perch
This is a yellow perch caught on a live worm

P.S. Where I have the pic tagged on the map is not where I was, I couldn't find it on the map
07/03/13 09:46 AM
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