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Username: stratos1966
First Name: Rich
Last Name: LeBlanc
Member Since: 07/17/11 07:36 PM
Last Login: 10/11/17 01:09 PM
Profile Views: 29053
City: Walpole
State: Massachusetts
Zip: 02032
Country: USA
Interests: Bass fishing small cartopper ponds, salt water striper and Albie fishing.
About Me: Gave up the tourney scene after almost 20 years. Bought a cartopper and never looked back.
Favorite Fish
to Catch:
Largies, Smallies, Albies and Stripers
Favorite Type
of Fishing:
pitching a dirty jig
Water Type: Freshwater
Favorite Lures: jig and pig
Fishing Rods: Shimano Cumara
St Croix Legend Tournament
Fishing Reels: Shimano Curado
Shimano Stradic
Fishing Techniques: jerkbaiting
pitching jigs
Carolina rig
Favorite Fishing Spot: Oldham pond
Favorite Video:

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Grudge Match at Lake X

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 8
Views: 2050

Won my grudge match today on lake X with 21.2lbs. The guy I fished against had 13.14. Got them fishing pads, wood and docks. Senkos, Senkos and more Senkos..... seriously though. I did get one of the fish in the picture on a senko skipped into a tree. I also got them on jigs and creature baits

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Metro west favorite

Avg. Rating: 4.8571428571429
# Reviews: 7
Views: 2540
Metro west

Hit one of my favorite metro west spots. Baits for the day turned out to be the frog, a texas rigged creature bait and my own home made swimbait. Started off with the frog in the pads and emerging coontail. Caught a few right off the bat then missed a few when the weeds were too thick for the bass to crash through to get the bait. On the 3rd miss I decided to tie on the creature and pitch into where the fish tried to get my frog..... Boom!! fish on. I retraced my steps and hit the spots where the other 2 fish did not get my frog and each time I caught those fish on the creature bait. This would turn out to be the pattern for the day. Fish the frog and catch some and miss some, when they missed I pitched in and more times then not, caught that fish. Most fish were in the 1.5 to 2lb range but I got 4 fish over 3lbs doing this as well. I came across a section of pads that formed a perfect LONG straight line on the drop. I cast parallel to it with my swimbait and on the 3rd cast, I was rewarded with the fish of the day, a chunky 5lb 2 oz bass, to date my biggest on my own swimbait.

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Holiday Bassin

Avg. Rating: 4.9090909090909
# Reviews: 11
Views: 2729
Plymouth area

Canalratt and I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and headed out to a couple familiar places. Place #1 had the pads coming in nicely so we threw the frog..... A few swipes but no serious commitments. Switched over to the jig and pounded the shorelines. We got maybe a dozen bass here with Tony scoring the biggest bass of the day. A nice healthy 5.8lber. The jigs bites at pond 1 were light to say the least. Tony also scored a 4lber and our best 5 was probably 16+ lbs. We tried to get a swimbait bite going but could not get one. My swimbait reel broke about 20 minutes into throwing the big wood so that was the end of that for me.
We moved to pond #2 and stuck with what was working.... The jig. No biguns here but we made up for size with pure numbers. 30+ bass here in about 4 hours. Again the bite was light to start but then about an hour in they started either crushing the jig or picking it up and running out of the cover with it.

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Avg. Rating: 3.3333333333333
# Reviews: 6
Views: 3211
Turner pond

They live in this lake

Cape and plymouth area

Avg. Rating: 4.9090909090909
# Reviews: 11
Views: 4041
Cape and plymouth

Took the day off today and headed to the Cape 1st then moved to Plymouth in the afternoon. We arrived at 8am at our #1 spot with high hopes. My buddy had fished here the week before and caught 18 bass in a half day with a 5 and three 4's in the mix. Flat, mirror like conditions greeted us. Not good!! We fished for 2 hours with only a couple HUGE pickerel for our efforts. Finally about 10:00 the wind started to come up. WE picked up our swimbaits and started chucking them on the drops..... still nothing. I decided to throw up super shallow and as soon as the bait crashed down it was crushed by a 4lber. AS I brought her to the both we look down and see a 6+ following behind the 4.... DOH!!! After a quick pic and release we dicided to check out the shallows. The wind was iffy at best. It would come and go. We make our way down this one shoreline and we see 8-10 bass all between 4 lbs and 6lbs just either sitting there or slowly cruising. We backed off the threw the kitchen sink at them...... Nothing We move around a point and my buddies spinnerbait gets slammed..... another HUGE pickerel......... nope an 8lb Pike!!!! What???? there are not supposed to be Pike in this pond. After we snap a few pics we continue fishing for another couple hours with only a few small keeper bass to show for our efforts.
At about 12 we decide to move off Cape to a Plymouth area puddle. this place is about 50 or 60 acres max. It has a mix of boulders and overhangs. Jigs were the bait of choice here. The wood was void of live but the boulders were holding some nice fish. I got a 5.25 and a 4.1 off the same boulder, just on opposite sides. My friend got a 3+ on another group of rocks and we caught 4-5 smaller bass all on jigs in the rocks before it started to get dark and we left. Total bass for the day was around a dozen with a 5+ two 4's and a couple of 3's in the mix..... Not bad at all!!! My budy has the pic of the Pike along with another bass pic on his phone. I will add them when I get them

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South shore HOG pond

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 6
Views: 3400
South Shore

Got out again with Jbiguns. We hit up a SS weed infested pond. Warm with a milky clear sky and 15mph winds SCREAMED swimbaits. Who are we to argue. Waking and cranking Slammers was the ticket today. Joe was throwing the 9" 1x Perch and I was throwing the 7" 2x dark trout. Caught a handfull of 1-2 lb bass early before the wind came up. As soon as it did I got my big fish. 5 3/4 lbs. She crushed it as soon as i started my retrieve. BIG head on her. We went shallow for a while thinking the fish might be under the pads but it was a no go. We were heading back tot he ramp ready to bail for pond #2 Joe was sitting and I stood up and started cranking the slammer. Joe says. Well if you are going to fish... so am I. He made one cast, the rod bent in half and he started to sing "I got lunker, I got lunker" and sure enough he did. but not before it burried him up in the coonage. Thought for sure she was goon either pull off of get off but Joe being the hog hunter that he is, got her free and into the waiting net. She was put on the scale and it was bouncing between 6.15 and 7.1 ended up settling on 7 even. Thats two 7's for Joeybiguns in 3 days. I know for a fact he has a couple of 6's and a 5 too just in this past week. The boy is on FIRE!!! Good job Joe and thanks again for the company. good times!!!

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Metro west pond hoping

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 14
Views: 4017
4 different ponds

Got out with Jbiguns today for a 13 hour marathon recon mission. 4 ponds in all none of which either of us had ever fished. Fished Jigs, frogs and creature baits. Day started slow with absolutly NO wind at all, but we eventually got into them on frogs in pads. Missed more then we landed because the pads were SO thick but we connected with a bunch up to 3lbs. Moved to Pond #2. More pads, more fish on frogs and some on Jigs including the 5.8 on a frog in some pads near a downed tree. Pond #3 was a weed infested swill hole, but we hit it anyway. Joe's 1st flip to a weed edge with the creature bait and he sets the hook on a massive 7.2 lbs. I sa the fish come up and turn sideways and I told Joe...... BIG FISH!!! A few more fish here before we moved on to Pond #4 We frogged and jigged and threw creature baits. We get to one corner and Joe was working a weedline for what seemed like 5 minutes. I make a pitch in when he was moving on and I was rewarded with A solid 6.1lb beast of my own. 3 fish 18 3/4 lbs. Top 5 was 25lbs. Must have caught 30 between us Thanks Joe. Lots of laughs and 3 great fish!!

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Sunday slobs

Avg. Rating: 4.9375
# Reviews: 16
Views: 3599
south shore slob shop

My buddy and I headed to one of our super secret south shore slob shops. It did not dissapoint...... Well for my buddy. He best 3 fish went 18.1lbs including a 5.8 a 6 and a 6.9lber. The 6 was caught on a buzzbait on a weedline. The 5.8 and 6.9 were caught on texas rigged soft plastics. IN all we had a 25-30 fish day ( did not really count but thats a safe guess. Lots of 2-3 lb fish. Our best 5 was approaching 25lbs.

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Down by the river charles

Avg. Rating: 4.933333333333299
# Reviews: 15
Views: 3869
Charles River

Hit up another section of the Charles for some afternoon frogging and jigging. Fished from 2pm till 6pm The fish were VERY active. They were again attacking the frog like there was no tomorrow. Got a few good ones on jigs in the trees as well. 25 fish in all most were in the 2-3lb ranger with a couple high 3's and a 4 + as the big fish. If you put the frog near a fish thy crushed it either on the cast or the 1st pop.

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Plymouth area

Avg. Rating: 4.6666666666667
# Reviews: 3
Views: 3699
Plymouth Ma

Hit up 2 different plymouth area ponds today. on the water at 6am and off at 2pm . Slow at Pond #1 (Island Pond) Got one small bass on the MS Slammer right off the bat and I thought it was going to be on. Went fishless for an hour then got a 2nd small slammer fish and one on the jig. Another fishless 45 mins and my final fish cam on a frog in some pads. That was it for Pond one. 4 fish in 4 hours... not good. Packed up and went to pond #2 Little Long Pond. Got a fish in the pads by the ramp right away on a jig then proceeded to pound the bushes with jig and toss the slammer out off shore. Picked up a few fish up tight on the jig and a couple more on a senko just off the bank. Came across a main lake point and threw the slammer out over it. 2 cranks of the handle and it got crushed by a 3lber. Tried to repete that on another point with no success so I went out deeper and threw the carolina rig. picked up a few small keepers before calling it a day at 2. ten fish at pond 2 in a little under 4 hours

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07/29/17 04:25 PM

any suggestions to which way to get into Federal Pond in plymouth and where to park?

02/21/14 08:34 PM

Trying to understand how these car topper tournaments work?

Kayaks and canoes?
Motors, electric motors, no motors
livewell or camera scale and measure?
pre-sign up or shown up paya nd fish?
Entrance fee?

Saw some detail on the main page with the schedule but just trying to understand how if all works have a canoe and would like to try a couple of these tournaments.

10/22/13 01:13 PM

thanks for the welcome Rich

Hey i noticed you fish for false Albie's....Probaly one few / last fish i havnt caught yet native to this area.. i think they are in season now ?

any tips or where to launch? you have my wheels spinning

08/10/13 11:43 AM
Quote: "Where do you get info on who has tournies out of the town ramp at Webster?"

After labor day most tournys on Webster are at the town ramp cause of parking availability. There shouldn't be another tourny at the state ramp on our toc. I think with the size of Webster we should be fine with other tourneys being there the same day.

05/29/13 09:14 AM

I really don't know if adding you as a friend is a good idea...I really rather not have many people know that i know you..LOL

12/27/12 09:07 PM

Friend of mine on here is getting ready to have surgery and has done most of the work himself on his boat as far as sanding, etc. Need to find someone that is able to paint it at a good price? If you know of anyone or a good place, please let me know. Lives in Fall River, Ma. so anything close would be great but if not, something can be worked out, Thanks, Dale

11/26/12 10:03 PM

If anyone is interested in Bass Angler Magazines, contact me wether it be a subscription for yourself or for christmas or a display for your tackle shop or one you may know of. Message me here or malibupower62@yahoo.com or if tackle shop you can call me at 978-237-1469. Also I will have a Bass Angler Booth up at the Rockingham Hunting and Fishing Expo on the 5th & 6th of Jan at the Rockingham Park in Salem,NH Great deals and mags, gonna be a great time and huge crowd. Thanks, Dale Adams

11/06/12 06:56 PM

New video updated of Mark Lassagne...editor in chief of Bass Angler Magazine...hell of a guy

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