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Username: angryjohn
First Name: john
Last Name: cambis
Member Since: 07/03/11 09:31 PM
Last Login: 11/18/17 08:21 PM
Profile Views: 23137
City: Bremerton
State: Washington
Zip: 98311
Country: USA
Interests: Fishing,
Rod building
Reel repair and upgrades

About Me: navy man
Favorite Fish
to Catch:
The one that bites the bait!!!
Favorite Type
of Fishing:
Topwater and frogs all day
Water Type: Freshwater
Favorite Lures: serbert outdoors JIGS
Fishing Rods: Daiwa Steez 7' flexlite M
st croix premier musky
st croix Legend Elite 7' MHF
st croix avid 6'6" MHF
st croix avid 6'6" MF
Dobyns 806H swimbait
Dobyns c743dx full handle
Dobyns s743dx full handle
Dobyns 763cb
Lamiglas Excel 735
Fishing Reels: Daiwa advantage 2000 spin x2
Daiwa advantage 2500 spinning
Daiwa luna 300 L
Daiwa luna 253 L
Daiwa advantage 153htsl X2
Daiwa ito 103Lx2
Daiwa super sol L
Daiwa steez 100hL
Daiwa zillion hlc (L)
Fishing Techniques: Trying to figure out this crystal clear water fishing thing.
Favorite Fishing Spot: quinabuag river

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First time to sandy shores lake
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Views: 1287
Sandy Shores Lake

Had some time to go out fishing and I figured I would continue my search for the best bass lake in my area. Unfortunately this was not it. I saw a bunch of bass fry and saw one 6" and a five or larger pound class bass. With only one good fish seen, and none caught in over 5 hours I would say there are a few bass in the lake. I don't know if it was the day but I had nothing for them and I threw my best stuff. I went even as far as breaking out the old school keitech spider grub and still got nothing. I decided at about 9 to swap to my old faithful 1.0 bluegill square bill and have a trawl at dusk for some trout. I pulled one large bow about 2.6 lbs at nine thirty on the north end of the lake. The fish had beautiful color and once unhooked I let her be free again. I took a risk trying to find the best bass lake around and got to see a new lake and a pair of eagles cruising around. Not a win but not a place I will take the time to return to.

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Winter escape
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Views: 1433
Kitsap lake

Met a new fishing buddy from long lake bass fisherman's club. Bob was a great guy to have out on the water an he had a very nice boat. I did my regular thing and packed up enough snacks and lunch for us all. The wife made some great sandwiches to take out and they worked out well. There were a few boats out on the lake and Bobs son and back deck man joined us for some time out. They tossed swim baits for a while and then moved over to cranks and came up empty. I caught one bow on a crank-bait and Bob got two on regular worms. I was just happy to be out during the weekend and for such a great day out. The sun was up and out and there was no rain and very little wind. Not much fish to show for our time out but it sure helped with the cabin fervor.

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Horseshoe lake by chance

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Views: 2282
Horseshoe lake

I was headed to hicks lake to give it a try as i only had about two and a half hours to fish prior to having to report to dinner with friends and the wife. I did some speed fishing for bass as i was short on time, i ended up landing three with a good one at about three and a half pounds. I was alone here with no other boats to cause problems and only a few bank fishermen. I still see a good fish running along the western shore that i am unable to catch, maybe some day.

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Fall trip to kitsap lake

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Views: 2200
kitsap lake

Got a late start looking for some fall action on kitsap lake. The water is looking very green with a ton of algae and it looks like the lake just went threw turnover. I had a lot of options with me so i started off with a small crankbait. I got one hit but lost the fish almost right away. I had nothing else for a few casts so i went to pitching a ZOOM super hawg. I picked up a nice four pounder almost immediately pitching to docks and the rest of the day nothing. One good fish is not bad, but this lake is very temperamental in my experience. There was only one boat out towing a wake boarder and one guy that raced around the lake once and was done. I have experienced very few days as calm and the water glassed out when the boats were not present.

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Recon trip to spencer lake
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Views: 1558
Spencer Lake

Looking for a place to catch small mouth, as i had yet to get one in this state. I took my daughter on the trip and headed out to the lake about noon. My plan was to use some plastics deep and try some dropshot. My plan was gone the second i arrived at the lake. There were lots of power boats and jet ski's. The good news i thought was i stumbled onto some good looking pad fields. I did have my jig rod with me but not my normal frog rod. I chopped off my leader and commenced beating the pads to death. Hours later i had not a single bite in all the pads across the lake. To say the least i was a little disappointed. The boats here were a little more respectful and slowed as they passed and i only really had issues with the ski's. With all the wake i had to keep with moving baits and i did catch about half a dozen perch between 8-10" and two small LMB. Just about nightfall i caught a half pound small mouth bass, the first i have ever caught in Washington. It was not large but i was happy to get one.

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First round
No Reviews
Views: 1658
benson lake

Left to try a new lake today. I am looking for a place to catch bass and i have yet to score. I observed two fish in the 3-4 lb class in this lake but unfortunately i was unable to catch either one. It was a beautiful hot day and i was very happy to be on the water. Rocked my brand new Berkeley flicker shad and cleaned house. It got 6 of the 9 i caught today but i believe the split rings or hooks are not perfect. The fish shook the hooks loose some of the times and i would have had more but lost 3 which i did not count. I may try some round bend hooks first as i dont have any small split rings on hand. The trout were not huge but i had 3 or so that were respectable and no really small ones so the day was not a total loss.

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