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Peacock Bass
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I like it on top!
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Favorite Lures: Love Japanese topwater baits! Just like the best swimbaits come out of California, the best top water baits come out of Japan.
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Fishing Reels: shimano and abu garcia
Fishing Techniques: Topwater and dragging something on the bottom!
Favorite Fishing Spot: Love the Lower Basin!

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First cast of 2013

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 12
Views: 2205
Charles River

I have been sick for the last couple days and have been going stir crazy. Woke up feeling better and hit the Lower Basin for 2 hours.

First cast and I caught a bass! It hit a Swithwick Rattling Rogue. Ended up with 10 bass and 1 crappie on the Rogue. Also did catch my first float n fly fish today, it was a crappie. Most of the bass were about 1.5lbs, and I caught 3 in consecutive cast which kept me warm for a bit.

Would have liked to have fished longer but the wind was right in my face and was not helping out my cold. It was a good start and hopefully bigger things to come!

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Froggin of Forge

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 10
Views: 2732
Forge Pond

Haven't fished Forge Pond since high school. Back then it was one of my favorite lakes. Got on the water at 8 and headed to my old fishing spot, the grass flats right off the creek channel.

Started to junk fish, until I found they wanted a frog. Missed probably my first 8 strikes, some were my fault by the fish were mostly just swiping at the frog. Started to switch colors on the frog, went from black to green then to white. Once I switched to a white frog with a rattle they really started to inhale it. Caught 6 total, with the largest being 4.5. By 10:30 the wind started wiping and killed the frog bite. Was it suppose to be really windy today?

I wanted to get out of the wind so I decided to go to a cove on the other side of the lake. As I was going over I was eating a sandwich and some how I dropped my frog rod into the lake. As I see my rod sink I threw a buoy on top of it. I thought I could just drag the anchor over it and bring it up, but I left the anchor in the car. So back to the car then back to the spot. After about 30 minutes of rod fishing I finally bought it up. Catching a 4lb was fun today but bringing up your $350 setup from the bottom of the lake was awesome!

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Haven't posted a trip in awhile

Avg. Rating: 4.75
# Reviews: 4
Views: 3129
Charles River

Charles River lower basin. Got 1 on a texas rigged stick bait, but got the rest on a 1/4oz green jig. Largest was a 3.75, and another the same size get off when I was trying decide if I could pull the fish up a 10' wall. Either way happy how they day worked out. Fished from 7:30 to 9:30 there was a bike race that closed off the Storrow Dr for the morning, pretty cool watching all the riders go by.

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Lots of fish, just none of them big

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 5
Views: 2312
Charles River

Hit the community hole this morning on the Charles past Mass Ave bridge. Figured to see some people carp fishing but had the spot to myself. There was fish everywhere. Just not any big ones. At one point I threw the same senko in the the same spot and caught a fish 16 out of 17 casts. All small bass, between 8-12inches. The whole day was a good mix between smallies and largemouths. It was fun, usually you can find some bigger ones once you weed out the small ones but the small ones were never ending. Probably thousands of bass all in one spot. Got some on poppers, sqaurebill crankbaits, and jigs, but it was just about every cast with a worm. No idea how many I caught, but the largest weighed 1.75lb.

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Spot Pond

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 4
Views: 2694
Spot Pond

Being a city slicker I haven't had a vehicle for the last 8 years, finally got one and decided I needed to try some place new. Always heard of rumors of monsters in Spot Pond so I decided to check it out in the morning.

Headed out early with only a pocket full worth of lures, was planning on throwing the slammer (which I did) but that didn't work. Hooked up with 3lb smallmouth on a jig, but didn't get another bite on it after that. Threw every lure I brought, but I wasn't planning on the water being that deep and clear. Plus just from the 2 hours I was there I could tell there is heavy fishing pressure. 12 inch bass wouldnt even flinch when I threw a senko in front of them. Went old school and flipped over some rocks and found some crayfish. Got 2 more smallies about 1.5 each.

But I have to say there are giant fish in there. I saw a 5lb smally swimming with about 5 largemouths that were all in the 3-5lb range. They were just cruising around, minding there own business. Thinking about going back tomorrow with a better game plan.

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1st slammer trip....bizarre

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 9
Views: 2637
Charles River

Went out after work to fish downtown, wanted to try out my new slammers. Decided before hand I was only going to throw the slammer, which was a nice change because I always bring way too much tackle.

Got to the spot and after a few cast got my first slammer fish a 1.75. Very next cast I give a quick retrieve then stop to log the fish on my phone. As I was playing on my phone my rod almost gets yanked out of my other hand. Cast back out and get a 2.75.

A few cast later I cast out to the middle of the river and a freaking seagull swoops down from out of no where and eats my slammer! I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I thought I could shake it out of its beak, but that didn't work the stupid bird then got the other hook stuck in its foot. With a hook in its beak and foot I knew I couldnt cut the line. After struggling around with it for a little awhile a passerby offered to help. He was able to keep tension on the line for me to grab the bird and remove the hooks, the bird few off but what a serious pain. Got one more small fish on the night, so overall not bad for a first slammer trip. 3 fish and 1 bird.

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Good day on the river

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 11
Views: 3554
Charles River

Started off slow but had a productive day. Caught fish on senkos, jigs, swimbaits, but the jerkbait bite was on! Probably got about 40 total. Most of them were around 2lbers. The biggest one just over 4 and another one that was a 3. Was a lot of fun.

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Chestnut hill reservoir

Avg. Rating: 3
# Reviews: 1
Views: 3041
chestnut hill reservoir

Made the second trip of the year and ever to Chestnut Hill Reserviour. Nice little pond that's close to the Green Line. Weather was hot and the lake weedy, but snagged two pickerel and lost a couple more. Unique pond in which pickerel and crappie (not bass) are the top predator. Yet to catch a crappie, but everyone has told me their huge there.

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Charles River
Avg. Rating: 3
# Reviews: 1
Views: 2422

Not bad. Got some nice fish in the main river and a few in the backward. 12-14 total with a couple of 2's.

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