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Username: riverrat82
First Name: dave
Last Name: from wista
Member Since: 06/23/11 04:11 PM
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City: worcester
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/pittsburghfan820
Interests: we stage EPIC week-end long fishing events canal-side at CAPE COD ---and those are pretty much my "interests"
About Me: LOVE TO FISH... HARDCORE Boston Bruins fan--BLACK & GOLD----
Favorite Fish
to Catch:
striper ! STRIPER ! STRIPA !!!I've also been know to hunt "steel head" in the bigger colder rivers in Massachusetts.
Favorite Type
of Fishing:
Spin Rod.Surf Casting.Down Riggers.bought my first ever baitcaster in 2011(we'll see how it goes)
Water Type: Saltwater and Freshwater
Favorite Lures: DARDEVL™®Gary Yamamotos-berkley power baits
Fishing Rods: 6'6" Pinnacle™® (I customized to 6' from 6/6)

7' Berkley"Blazer"™®
Fishing Reels: 6' Pinnacle w/ a PV40 5:2:1
7' berkley blaster w/ Spider"Turantula" 6:1:1(high speed retrieve)
6'6" Quantum Zircos
Fishing Techniques: I take a fishing pole...tie some kinda bait to it and I huck it into some water...and sometimes under water creatures of all kinds have been known to bite the bait and I reel them in...not real scientific but FUN AS HELL !
Favorite Fishing Spot: ANYWHERE there's a fish

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The MAFF Launch.

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 6
Views: 9281
Webster Lake

As expected . a pleasant experience ! ! !Didn't fish a lick & didn't land a thing.but probably one of my most productive trips of the season and I'm GLAD AS HELL I went !You guys are COOL S*** , ALL OF YA.... let me first say...how'n the hell do I keep missing Johnny and Smoke@ these things ? ! ? !...I was there ! and I know damn well you guys were both there 'cause the guys I did know said ya were ! Secondly there are some teams in this league that have helped me out this season and I figured HELL these guys deserve the respect of me @ least seein' em off on CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY!
after-all this is the best "POOL" of knowledge I've found& it beats reading hours of lines if two well placed qs??? to you guys on MAFF set me up in sometimes LITERALLY minutes---ALL IN ALL I learned more about nailin big fish in a few short months from you guys than I'd learned in my first 40 years and landing fish was something I'd been doing for DECADES---you're never too old to learn !
I can't wait until SPRING 2012---I WILL make it to some stops next year FOR SURE--partnered up or holdin' down a regular spot for a weekend on "mercy" WHAT EVER IT TAKES ! You boys got me INSPIRED AS HELL to fish more and I'm vowing to spend the winter gearin' up like a mad-dog in order to catch up on "Equipment" and BRING ON SPRING !
I can't believe I'm saying this but it was K-Man & ThePocketFisherman-(which I've owned at some point ya know) were the ones who put me over the top---a car topper in the top-15 ! ? I DID NOT expect that ! NOW I'M IN FOR SURE !I hope all the props over the past couple weeks haven't been ENTIRELY CORNY and I get a pass on such a LAME"Trip"CONGRATS to the "TOP15" & CHUCK. . .YOU ARE THE MAN MY FRIEND ! ! ! ! ! !

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Two Tripz-Tonz Of Tipz
Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 3
Views: 3579
local spot

Thank God for "Fallen Timber" if damon's grandfather's tree company ever wants to come by my house and take a big one down so I can get a new truck that'd be great!
I got out earlier in the day to Cherry Valley-nailed my biggest larry of the season.See:(Hmm?Should I even be here")-and heading back to my house I say to myself -OUT LOUD- "these damn tourney guys -always got me OBSESSING over boats now"--I KNOW there's bigger onez out there.
I'd placed a call to Damon(Beaver-Fever) before I set out that morning -figurin' "hey ya never know"-Well...leavin' him a message paid off ! We got out 'local'-not tellin' ya where...and It wasn't the "catch" so much as it was BASS-SCHOOL !
-I've been fishing the ocean my whole life-mainly 'cause my old man LOVED IT down there and it just stuck with me.Not that there's anything wrong "inland" it never really even occured to me -truthfully---ask my team-mate bri-I RARELY ever went 'inland' fishing,it took him about 3 yrs to convince me to even pay for an fishing liscence.Lets face it -"Striper-Fight" or "Larry-Battle"--up until this point-NO BRAINER---That changed a little goin' on this trip.
------I'd guess Damon's got relative experience to some of you tourney guys -but let me tell ya what - for me... the information on baits-gear-and most important TECHNIQUE--is PRICELESS!'could care less I caught a goose egg ...
-----Now next year when I do finally get "in"@ least I won't be a NEWBIE OWNER & TOTALLY CLUELESS @ the same time---Thanks Dude!---totally appreciated !

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Hmm?should I even be here ?

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 2
Views: 4474

I found a new spot on google earth not too far from the house and had some time this morning(every other friday off F'N rules! so --"let's check it out"
First of all-if this place turns out to be legit to fish, I'd say I'm going to be hittin' it more often in the future.The problem is, there were some outdated signs for no trespassing--but it's listed on MAFF so I took it as ok-
FOR SURE-tons of bite action-seems like the fish were hitting heavily-probably because it's rarely ever been fished--- as it is a pubic res. with ZERO POPULATION!
first 10 minutes or so,I settled in to my routine,tying s*** off ect...I ALWAYS run a 1minute "conditions" video and I smoke. . . so @ least one last BUTT before I send this thing out there. I couldn't help but notice the sounds of nature...and living in Worcester ---you can imagine I NEED TO FISH if anything,just for this reason ! nibble nibble nibble BOOM-my personal best for the season---hit it and ran and came out off the surface twice--where's my camera man right now?
I ended up with about a half dozen or so on and lost 'em not paying attention---One of which I KNOW was as big as this guy 'cause I got a look at him as he came up--just as I was looking back over my shoulder---I got distracted by someone slammin' a car door up by my truck(out of my eyesight) And paranoia started settin in--- thinkin' "Well my first year back 'inland' why not give the game warden up the hill here my s*** right now and call it a career right?"Turns out it was probably just a local bonin' his ol' lady 'cause when I got back up the hill the silver car was gone...All In All it was just GREAT to get out there alone and just be---2011's largest LARRY was. . .of course. . . An EXCELLENT BONUS! Thank You Poseidon

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5 minute hex - an afternoon at the Quabbin

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 6
Views: 4173
Quabbin Gate43

Hit Gate 43 at 6:00pm-too late to rent (last ticket of the day was already out at that gate) so I thrown mr pumpkin in -larry hits it a half a minute in---now you ALL know what this means right---we got lost twice tryin' to find this gate . . .the pathfinder is 200 yards back in the lot so F*** That I'm goin' back to get that damn camera for this picture after puttin' about 6 miles on my legs takin the wrong turn into the lot !
Bri` respooled right in the office at work today. . .wouldn't you know as I'm standing there tuggin' my S*** outta the weeds thinkin...you gotta be Shi**in me after all this . . . I look over my shoulder ...here comes Bri' "Dude. . .I spooled out" CUT THE SH** is this really happening to us...I'm gonna tell these guys on MAFF what they ALL already know...
If Larry the lunker shows up in the first 5 minutes HANG IT UP for the day---I used think this BULLSH** only happened to me... But I bet NOT
ALL IN ALL I'll take a bad day at The Quabbin over a good day back in the office or whatever hell we all report to nowadays. . .AGREED?

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Hamilton Res. Route9 POWERLOOP
Avg. Rating: 2.5
# Reviews: 4
Views: 3702

let me start by saying we got skunked everywhere we went.So if you're only interested in 'the fish story'and the trophy photoz™ click1* now and call it a day.But,if you want conditionz,detailz,& our scouting reportz STAY TUNED!
we arrived at Hamilton Res. in holland @ 8am on the dot(by design) Quickly discovered 2 things.1 "you" need a boat. 2.This place is HARDLY a reservoir."They" can call it that,but,I'd say it was close to 90% populated on the water line and that which is "public" is STILL FREAKING PRIVATE! or by invitation or whatever.
we kicked rocks up to White's landing on 148 for a bit. . .place was great to us 2 weeks ago.Place was craft quiet,but,for anyone who's been there during the day...there's no cover and it was BLAZIN' this day.
We kicked up rocks AGAIN at 10am--shot over to the "67" landing on the Quaboag River...let me just say A GREAT small craft launch with enormous possiblities for fisherman.While we were so close we took some mental notes on Wickagoag Lake And moved further down 67 in hopes of some more river exposure.( I don't think we went far enough,we turned back toward rt9 in warren and headed back.
we eventually sold out to our local "chestnut" Champeaux Rd.(fishing area) on 148.Turns out after a little more walking around that area that there's quite a nice fishing area on the side of the park we hadn't even explored yet the previous 3 times we were there...and for sure now they'll be a fifth or more times now that we know what we know.
this trip ended at 3pm on the dot.My team-mate works 3rd shift the night before some of these tripz and should be given props for even being able to pull that S**T off every time he does it. Way t' go Bri-Man! ! !
Sorry no fish...but I hope some of our info and pictures help you all out.

Brimfield II slight return---Quaboag River Redemtion

Avg. Rating: 5
# Reviews: 3
Views: 4694
Quaboag River @ 148

-----Got skunked here last week(my first time out in years)inland anyways,I prefer the Ocean,but,I digress.We get there at 1pm...place is stone cold so we decide at 330 we'll try the river at 4pm if we stay cold--skunked twice...& and be wonderin' about this pond.anyways between 330-and 345 we started haulin' the gear back to the truck and Bri says.hey your bobberz under...ya want me t' get it for you...yeah sure...place is so weedy though that I figured my baiter was weedin' up and was ready to leave. He reels it in and it's a 17in pickerel.---Change in luck...Cool.
We get up to the 148(White's Landing rental launcher and the place is still buzzin w/ a million kayakers & we're fishin the bridge around launches..here's where it goes redemption . . .between 6-7pm between us we caught 7 great semi-keeper large mouth bass( my personal inland favorite) Bri-Man w/ 5 and happily second with that much action in such a short time myself w/ 2
---Not bad for zeroing out last week in the same area. Scouting a little seriously paid off and we learn more about these lakes and rivers every time we go out there and will happily share our knowledge through our trips

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Avg. Rating: 4.5
# Reviews: 2
Views: 4256
Wachusett Res.

45 minute drive -live bait last week. . . SKUNKED
10 minute dr - rubber worm. . .1st largie of the season
Who'd a thunk it . . .

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we got skunked !
No Reviews
Views: 3646
east brimfield lake/long pond

Champeaux rd @ RT148 (sturbridge)divides the the lake almost in 1/2. great access ! -don't be fooled by local signage though."champeaux rd" IS East Brimfield Lake/Long pond.
We used the point just over the bridge and to the left for a good part of the day. Getting virtually skunked by technique.Bobber style or jigging didn't do the job.a few of the local anglers had the right idea.(Small boat your way beyond the reeds and cast inward toward the shorlines. 0-fish or not,We're going back -with a BETTER GAMEPLAN!

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Connecticut River ACCESS
Connecticut River ACCESS
05/10/12 08:14 PM
our front yard 2011
our front yard 2011
I think it's an ICE FISHERMAN'S winter...because last year this same time this is what it looked like
01/14/12 09:34 AM
Not quite a "V"
Not quite a "V"
I liked it...I posted it...it was a somewhat lucky shot ...
01/14/12 09:28 AM
on fire this morning
on fire this morning
nice one?disregard the time stamp
11/26 7am is accurate
11/26/11 10:18 AM
hope you guys like these
hope you guys like these
and I haven't touched up any of these ...yet 11/26/11 7am
11/26/11 10:15 AM
like I said...second to second lighting changes
11/26/11 10:13 AM
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12/27/12 07:43 PM

having my surgery on monday and will be a while before i can work on the boat it is fiberglass and i need to have it painted i did a lot of work on it and need to paint it before i carpet it but will be down and out for a few months looking for a painter at a good price please let me know if you or someone you know does this or can do it thanks

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