"Get Hooked on New York"

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2017 PIG
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Added by: mab1212
09/27/17 09:25 PM
2017 PIG
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10/14/17 10:53 PM
Like I said... I do my best to take a good pic... my main goal is to get the fish back in the water ASAP... thats why I'm not taking photos of scales and fish... takes to much time and isn't good for the bass.... I have no need to prove the weight.. personally, I hate seeing those pics cause that tells me the fish was out of the water way to long...
10/14/17 12:36 AM
Offended , Hardly . I just Wana See ! Lol I Get It tho . Hey , I honestly js Wana See these Monsters in all their Glory . Releasing A Bass is not showing it Respect , It's Honoring the Code ! C'mon Now , We All Know that .. By Respect for the Fish I mean Showing It's Size and Colorful Design or Bug Eyes .. Either way Nice Catch n I fish alone also , I js use the Timer n a Rock or Log to lean the phone or camera on .. I would Enjoy them pics more if there was a Scale involved ...lmao ???
10/12/17 10:04 PM
sorry bassassn by myself... can't hold it far enough away... best I can do...I show the fish respect by releasing them... photos are just for those who want to enjoy them.. if they offend you... don't look
10/12/17 06:31 PM
Bro No Offense , Nice Fish but You Gota back up from that Camera Man..lol Almost seems counter productive , if You infact Catch " A 5 lber " You Gota Show That Fish some Respect and Perspective of how Big it Truly is . Again , I can't reiterate enough I do NOT mean any harsh feelings or offense to You or Your Catches which are All Nice . %uD83D%uDC4D
09/29/17 07:27 AM
nice man
09/28/17 08:33 AM
Nice pig.

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