"Get Hooked on New York"

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Added by: andyd
06/05/15 10:41 AM
I decided to go out on the lake this morning and I'm glad I did even though it was breezy. It started out slow with a few one pound bass caught right up against the shoreline. I worked several areas that normally produce results and then headed for to spatter docks. I worked one side with no luck and decided to move down the line. I stayed about 30 feet out from the spatter docks and was casting into the very edge. The first cast brought a strike. I casted a few more times in the same area and then B A N G!!! hooked one. I knew it had some size to it so I slowly tired it out. When I got him next to the kayak I pulled him onboard. Made my day :-) He measured in at 20.5 inches.
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06/09/15 02:51 PM
WOO!! nice one!!
06/07/15 09:10 PM
I hate ( I don't throw that word around often ) but I Hate seeing garbage and the people that leave the garbage .. I have to manage my emotions n really get a hold on it , cs I have no need in getting arrested for kicking some JackWads A$$ cs he is a Lazy inconsiderate piece of "garbage"..lol
06/07/15 08:00 AM
We think a lot alike. There's one pond I fish in that looked like a dump on the shoreline. A month ago I took to large leaf bags and filled them with trash. Thought maybe people would get the idea that they should not leave their garbage. Didn't work. I went back to the pond two weeks later and there was trash everywhere.
06/06/15 09:16 PM
Wish we all had the same mentality as far as Catch n Release goes . I always do too . Not.even if it ws a Whopper n Mount worthy , Snap a few shots get some measurements n let em go . I don't fish for the record books I fish for the Love of the sport and the Beauty of all that comes with it . I clean up too , take my butts if I have a smoke , I always try n make it a little nicer then how I found it .
06/06/15 12:15 PM
DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!! Nice fish, WTG
06/05/15 08:42 PM
Thanks bassassin201!! I know it's catch and release right now but catch and release is my policy all the time :-)
06/05/15 04:55 PM
Awesome dude ! Kudos on the C R too always .. Pretty sure u can't keep em this time a year anyway cs of the spawn , but all the same Great Fish n they will get bigger when u keep letting em go .
06/05/15 02:23 PM
Thanks folks! Seems like the fish gods have been looking down at me lately! I've always been used to catching the little guys so lately this has been a tone of fun!! All catch and release. Let 'em get bigger!!!
06/05/15 12:23 PM
What a bucketmouth! Good catch andyd
06/05/15 12:03 PM
Congrats !!!! Now thats a -----Bass!!!!

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