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My first Cat
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Added by: missmonsterfish
07/21/13 02:31 AM
My first Cat
He was tiny and rather silly. I caught him twice. He was about 8 inches and cute as anything.
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04/08/14 09:33 PM
And yeah@bassinbroo.sy I used to be a monster fishkeeper and we had cats and freshwater stingrays. I was terrified of cleaning the ray tank.
04/08/14 09:31 PM
It sure was. I think I actually caught the same one twice. He wasn't very bright.
04/08/14 03:41 PM
was this at turtle pond?
07/26/13 10:09 PM
2 lbs is a pin fish lol so anything a pound or more is a pretty respectable size hornpout. State record is only about 6 lbs.
07/25/13 07:13 PM
So technically for the type of catfish he is I caught a rather large one. lol
07/24/13 05:00 PM
Looks like a horn pout ( yellow bullhead) which according to the internet are catfish but according to all my weirdo friends they are not catfish cause they don't have a forked tail lol. Be careful when handeling themthe dorsal and pectoral fins have a sharp boney barb covered in a mild venom that hurts like a mother if u get stung. I hate catching them ever since I was stung in the finger I'm afraid of holding them lol

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