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09/23/09 05:15 PM

Nice..Tuesday will be rocking. Checked the weather on Sunday 50% chance o the rain..best to bring an umbrella!

got another vid up you will like..lost footage sort of thing..stuff that didn't fit in other vids

09/22/09 07:06 PM

Episode 18 is up btw.

Think you'll like the music! By the power of Greyskull!

09/10/09 10:15 AM


Thought you'd get a kick out of this. Was talking to Popo on here and he asked about my set-up again and that led to my old one.

I mentioned it to you before that I made out of PVC years ago. Finally put a picture up heh

09/02/09 07:01 PM

Nah Haverhill is fine, good fish, nice place. Liz will be happy to hear that, she was sad she missed out last week!

Interview went good, 23 minutes of footage including 1 common on camera, just under 8 pounds.

08/04/09 12:13 PM


Meh no worries right? Think it was just a frustrating day all around. We went back on Sunday and the sticks were down and it was fishable but there was still a bit of junk floating. We ended up with 5 fish, Ezra had 3 himself in my spot, I took your usual position. Nate had one and I got one. Biggest in the 15 range.

We are thinking this weekend either echo lake, which we are still scouting, Possibly more toward Methuan, maybe that parking lot we talked about the other day at 1122 riverside drive( I like this idea since they claim that most of the fish caught below the essex dam in lawrence are 20+), or maybe Lake ripple if I can make some good pop-ups..or whatever. Looking at a few spots and want to make it a fun, lazy, good fish day where we can get away from people a bit.

Sunday I have to be at the farm for Smokey's birthday. Which I am hoping will be fun but am thinking it will be busy so..

Anyway I'm glad your still talking to me Razz, I haven't had a bad day in a while but what can you do, ya know. Glad work is going good..get to making that money! Smile

Going to watch a movie, make some boilies and what not. Restocked on some ingredients so should make some good ones. Talk at you soon,


07/13/09 12:48 PM

Hey Simon..... I almost forgot to send you the invite to my group. When you get this message make sure you check out my group Carp Hunters. Just go to the anglers tab and click on find groups. It'll bring you to the list of groups on the site and just click on the Carp Hunters group. Once you get there just click on the join this group icon and you're in! You seem like a guy that's really into carp so you're more than welcome to join us. Talk to you soon and tight lines!

07/09/09 06:23 PM

Yeah does stink about the ride..we will have to find places in between heh Smile

As far as this Sunday, I'm thinking the pond area of the canal should work. The location is River Bend Farm also known as the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State park, 287 oak street Uxbridge, Ma
(linky http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/central/blst.htm )

8 am is fine, we normally get there round 7 am as is, I like early starts too..but getting the girlfriend and roomate up and outta bed before 6 is..well tough Wink

Anything else you need feel free to gimme a call or what not..on Sunday just gimme a call when you arrive , we won't be far from the visitors center.

07/09/09 04:09 PM

As far as bait goes, I'll have feed corn and some boilies that we have been feeding in the canal which have been working well. I'd be interested in your pack bait, I have a few that I use and they tend to work well along the Blackstone. Mine are mostly grits based or dog food so if you want to bring yours I would be interested to see what kind of results it has here. I've tried chick peas many times but haven't had much success on the canal. Lunch meat is good..but we have some big snapping turtles that may go after it..we have caught a few in the 80+ pound range so yikes, course those were on chicken liver.

On a side note, are you partial to anything for lunch? We tend to bring a grill and such, also my Liz will be around, she likes to go for walks and such at the park so if your Liz wants to she is more then welcome to come and hang out.


07/09/09 02:12 PM

Aye Sunday sounds like a plan. I will have to put some thought into where, I'm figuring keeping this weekend easy. The river has been running high, the canal has been good though. Many good fish with an average of 8-10 pounds..though there are fish in the canal hitting the 30 mark as well, but they are a rare catch.

I figure it would be a good place to meet and get to know each other. I had a good laugh this morning as I read your message..Liz ( not the same one of course ) is my better half as well Smile She tends to video much of the Youtube stuff.

Anyway I'm making some bait as we speak so I'll keep this short. I'll talk to you Saturday and I look forward to Sunday.


07/07/09 01:40 PM

Hey, glad to see you getting into some nice fish. Reminds me that I need to hit the Merrimac a bit more heh. I primarily fish the Blackstone due to its proximity to my home, and my relationship with staff at River Bend Farm, but the CT river and the Merrimac tend to have some larger fish over all.

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