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06/05/12 08:35 PM

Hi Justin I'm new to site but I fished Lake Attitash with Mike on team Morefish, I'm not sure if you captured our lunker weight. It was a bit crazy at the weighin. Our lunker was 3.41 lbs. I saw the other top ten listed and was not sure if you had the weight.

Thank you and everyone for your time to keep everyone posted. Hope to make another tourny soon.

John N.

06/03/12 04:36 PM

Looking for some good smallmouth bass waters in Mass.

01/13/12 04:36 PM

p.s. in april we can use the other parking lot too.

01/13/12 04:34 PM

reguarding billington sea.we had 20 boats in the cran bog hawg tourney.if you post that many we may want to draw numbers for take off.

10/12/11 10:26 AM

Most definite bring your BIG guns!! located in sandwich.don't pass up boat ramp area, hump stright across in cove off shore. hit all docks from all sides any and all bouys. tend to hold to weights on bottom! low vis line very clear water! early and later eving best lots of boat trafic!but ban be caught.
Good luck!

05/26/11 07:26 PM

If you want I can put you right on top of those Pike. I have a spot where I can pull 'em out every 5 or 6 casts.

05/24/11 08:33 AM

Hello Justin,
My name is Paul.BassStinger.Was wondering how i can check for open bass tournaments here.

03/03/11 12:58 PM

Hey Justin - that spot behind the Old Irish Alehouse - how has that been for you? I drive past there every morning and always wondered. In summer always see a guy with his car parked and a couple of rods in the water beside Mosleys. Tried it once right there but got skunked. Even got on to the boat dock further up river, and still nada. Is there Bass in there? In general I hate the Charles.

10/27/10 09:47 PM

hi there, I got a 5+lber out of theNW area of your lake. Thanks for the advice. I'll post a picture. He was about 21 + inches on a worm and fat. Got him off the large island in the NW area in about 6ft of water. Only 1 fish but only fished for a couple hours on Sunday NO WIND>. THanks gain for the info on the spot. (he's back in the lake ).

08/02/10 04:09 PM

I meant to put more stars on that trip I reviewed but it made me put three, I guess that's the default or something... anyways sorry if it says three stars. Your last trip was a 5!

03/08/10 09:37 AM

you can count me in,If I watch one more fishin show on cable tv, I think I will go nuts!!!
and a big booyahh to you for the work to make it happin!!! fish on!!!

11/09/09 02:53 PM

Hell of a November Larry Justin, nice work !

10/26/09 08:53 AM

Same hear buddy! Great bunch of guys to fish with,
can not wait till the next one!
Glade to see you got some cash for your fish,
nice catch !!!!!

09/21/09 04:56 PM

hell ya. bout 2 weeks I am hitting canton res. always tear it up end of the season there as weeds die down. I'll call ya. they have the dam open so water lvl is low. maybe get a few guys with canoes and boats like yours in there

09/21/09 03:02 PM


The website belongs to my neighbor Ed George who lives across the street from me. Six of the guys on that list including me used to work together in Marlboro in the early 90's.

Check out the site, there are some cool pictures.

Everyone who particiapates is automatically listed on the Almost Bassmasters Classic wall of shame!

The key to winning the abc, as we call it, is to stay sober all weekend. lol

09/08/09 12:02 PM

count me in, I can not think of a better way to spend my sunday,trying to get my son and another friend to go in his boat.

08/30/09 01:06 PM

my company changed the dates of my trip and i have to fly to new orleans sunday morning the 20th. we will not be able to make this tourney. good luck to everyone and we will plan to attend the next one.

08/30/09 01:04 PM

my company changed the dates of my trip and i have to fly to new orleans sunday morning the 20th. we will not be able to make this tourney. good luck to everyone and we will plan to attend the next one.

08/27/09 06:50 PM

as of now, count us in for the 20th. i may have to cancel due to a business trip. supposed to go the following week, but they may move it up to the 20th. hopefully not.

08/24/09 10:06 PM

In for sure. Trying to get at least 1 more team, a couple buddies of mine. How did you make out at the 3rd?

08/23/09 02:14 PM

I'm in with KMAN! Looking forward to it and NOT having fish jump out of my cooler this time! Smile

08/21/09 10:05 PM

Hey justin
You hot ticket thanks for putting the video on your page man.....I will check with Brian for the 20th we gotta make this one.. great job on the last tourny.been busy with work and havent been on latley but i'm back
Keep on Bassin

08/20/09 10:57 AM

I would love to go but distance is a hike...its like 1hr and 40min from my house...maybe...I will see...thanks for the update...

08/20/09 10:32 AM

I would like to invite you to join in the Canoe and kayak bass tournament big fish takes all. $20.00 per person. Rules are simple. You most paddle your boat, No live bait, You most have a digital camera with a view screen. I will supply an official ruler, you will lay fish on ruler take a picture and at weigh in I will compare pictures and prize will be awarded to the longest large or small mouth bass. This will eliminate having to have a live well. I can be contacted at dcoffin@rayginn.com or 860-818-3270 to get a spot. The field will be limited to 20 boats.

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